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Ashley Winchester May 6, 2017

I kind of wanted to talk about some of the earlier RE soundtracks since I'm interested in them.

I've had RE2 for years (the one disc version) and I felt it was a pretty big leap over the original. I don't think it's a leap in the compositional sense as it is in audio fidelity sense, but I generally prefer RE2 because it's the one I grew up with. Additionally, I can't pass too much judgment on the original RE soundtrack because I've never experienced it in context because...

...I never played the original RE, but I did play RE: DC and no offense, I like some tracks on in RE: DC but I don't think I should. Here are the two tracks always reflect back on: … 0&index=15 … 47904C22E0

I'm pretty sure those tracks are skating by on nostalgia in my head.

However, when it comes to the original score, I got to go with: (that intro is bloody brilliant) (Richard, what happened?)

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