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Rrolack May 13, 2017

There is an album I'm trying to buy from Mandarake.  To do so, I need to register with them.  However, when attempting to register, I get a generic error:


which translates to:

Member registration failed due to the system's circumstances

This is a shot in the dark, but has anyone else who's registered with Mandarake had issues like this?  If so, do you remember how you got around them?

I'll mention that the information I'm registering with is my Tenso address and phone number, if that's relevant.

LuxKiller65 May 14, 2017

Yeah they've got nice stuff from time to time, although they have terrible pics that never show the whole item (usually just the front cover, with obi you're lucky). Description is also generic to the maximum.

I just use my Japan agent to order there, I didn't know you could do it yourself from overseas.

Rrolack May 14, 2017

FWIW, the shipping cost by SAL to the USA was 680 yen for one album.  If that's less than you're paying your Japan agent, it might be worth signing up and buying direct.

I actually think Mandarake's descriptions are pretty good relative to some other stores.  As an example, suruga-ya has a big VGM inventory (9000+ albums), but the albums have no description or picture at all: … C%E3%83%A0

In situations where the description is either hazy or missing completely, you can still often score a good deal.  For example, if you only buy albums which are priced low, so that even the album is a little beat up, you can sell it on eBay and break even, then it's pretty win-win.  I do this pretty often, and sometimes make a good score when an album includes extras or is complete.

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