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avatar! May 30, 2014 … 1583376655

Sure, they never released a game I actually played. However, they had potential. I admit that I really liked the music to Dark Age of Camelot although I never played the game. Of course, since Mythic was in a Faustian pact with EA, it was inevitable that eventually they would follow the path of other publishers that had been touched by EA.

Chris May 31, 2014 (edited May 31, 2014)

Doesn't surprise me, especially after Phenomic was killed last year. But it always saddens and angers me when I see a competent developer shut down because of mismanagement from their parent company.  Whether Command & Conquer, Dead Space, Army of Two, SimCity, Medal of Honor, or Need For Speed, EA have managed to kill or stall pretty much all of their non-sport franchises in the past five years through terrible decisions. Their studios are a mess and there continue to be way too many closures. That said, Activision isn't much better.

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