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Pedrith Feb 17, 2018

Hi.  I discovered a new rock band, Robert Hazzard by accident on youtube and love his music.  Unfortunately the only place that currently sell the cds do not ship outside the united states and youtube only has a few songs.  I was hoping one of you would be kind enough to act as a middle man for me.  I have never used this service before so I'm not sure what the fee would be, but I have paypal and can send the money immediately.

The webpage is here: … /store.htm

I am interested in all four albums:

Out of the Blue
Seventh lake
Blue mountain

I live in Canada.

if you are interested please email me at my home email:



XISMZERO Feb 21, 2018

Let the forum know if anybody has reached out to you. I live in the US Northeast.

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