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Ashley Winchester Mar 26, 2017

Silly question. I got my tax refund and picked up a few soundtracks. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X (I had VII but I gave it to a friend who really loves VII a while back) but I was surprised to find the first three Rockman Zero albums for sale (new) in the $24-$26 range.

I've been wanting to grab these again (I only have Physis right now and love it) but I guess I was waiting for someone to put up some second hand copies because I guess I had that thought they were out of print since I hadn't seen anyone post copies for sale for eons.

Does anyone know if these got a recent reprint? I know Physis did (in the slimmer case) and I still paid a pretty penny for it. Still, I can help but remember seeing these albums for sale on sites used with the prices pretty high, or am I just mis-remembering?

jb Mar 27, 2017

Not really a Rockman Zero person but weren't they reissued as REMASTERED TRACKS ROCKMAN ZERO <...>? Those are probably easier and cheaper to find than the earlier ones, and also maybe better (I don't know the difference other than "Remastered")

Ashley Winchester Mar 27, 2017 (edited Mar 27, 2017)

Sorry, I should have put this in the title, but I am talking about the "remastered" albums. I mean, it's been quite a while since these albums initially came out. I think the first three were 04' and Physis was 05'.

The original GBA music is on disc:
However, they didn't know they were going to make Zero 4 and there's no official version the GBA music on disc.

That said, given what they did with the reprint of Physis they probably wouldn't change the catalog number if they were reprinted. Again, Physis comes in a different case and doesn't have the various extras the original had but Physis went crazy with the extras.

Furthermore, the first run had slipcases that made a complete picture when put together.

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