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Ashley Winchester Dec 16, 2013

I just re-acquired this album (please don't ask me why I got rid of it in the first place... I don't have a good answer) and I think I have much more appreciation for it this time around. Well, it's not like I failed to like it last time but I tend to be forging more of a relationship with it as some tracks have jumped out.

While I think I'll always like "Get Through the Dark ~Tunnel Stage~" as it's the most conservative arrangement when it comes to sticking to the original so that kind of disqualifies it my personal hierarchy a bit. Personally "Night in the White ~Iceberg Stage~" has really jumped out at me and may now be my favorite which is awesome as I didn't really have a favorite last time.

Also, can anyone tell me is the last track "Epilogue - The Transient Silence ~Ending Stage~" based on anything in the game? I can't really detect anything from the game in it so I can't help but wonder if it's original or not.

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