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vert1 Sep 2, 2011 (edited Mar 30, 2014)

Brutal business: Infiltrate and Destroy.

Jackhammering machine-gun fire forces you to dive for cover through exploding grenades and spent shell casings. Wiping off powder burns, choking on smoky air; It's now or never. Take aim, and empty your magazine, spinning to drop that last terrorist creep behind you. Fingers numb from recoil you slam your last clip into your pistol...time to move on.
As super agent Leila or Albatross, only you command the street smarts and weapons expertise to thwart Geldra's plan for world domination.
In ROLLING THUNDER 2, you'll infiltrate an evil empire that spans the globe from Miami's palm trees to Giza's towering pyramids.
-Eight smoking megabits.
-Team up with a fellow agent for killer two player simultaneous action.
-Infinite continues with password.

Oh yea. Got this game cib today. It's part of my research on cover shooters vs shooters. I just love reading backcover game descriptions on Genesis games. I will comment on the game once I've beaten it.

Zigfried Sep 3, 2011

It's a cool game, but I won't say too much since you've yet to play.   For the research bit, be sure to play the two-player mode -- if a cover shooter is different from a shooter, then the two-player mode is another world.

vert1 Sep 24, 2011

I did play two player with a friend up to stage 5. It seems better to just go solo. I was trying to beat the game without using the password saves, but when round 8 rolls around the game stops playing fair. Thats the thing with this game: you can be breezing through stages no problems, but something always comes along and screws up your gamerun.

Review will be up next week.

vert1 Oct 2, 2011 (edited Jul 2, 2020)

I still need a little more time with a full review. This is something GamePro and IGN do so I will just use this as a compressed look at what my review will cover.

Rolling Thunder 2

Rating: 4/5

+ Great presentation
+ Great music
+ Great animations
+ Fun and creative boss fights
+ Fairly challenging

- Normal enemies cannot hit you when your character is crouching
- Game relies on cheap or inescapable ways to kill you
- Underutilized going into the background/layer mechanic

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