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Rrolack Jan 1, 2016

With slightly over 200 albums on my wish list, I figured I'd advertise the list here, in case anyone owns one of these albums and is looking to sell.  More than half of these albums are doujins, but there are a good number of ordinary releases as well: … erid=18272

If you have one of these in nice physical condition (with obi), and are interested in selling, feel free to message me.

avatar! Jan 1, 2016

I have a few of those I'm willing to part with. They won't be cheap. PM sent.

Rrolack Jul 30, 2016 (edited Jul 30, 2016)

Bumping this, as there are a lot more albums I'm now looking to purchase (around 400 total): … erid=18272

I don't expect anyone to read through the full list, but some of the harder-to-find albums are these below.  If you have one of these complete in really nice condition, and would rather have cash than the album, drop me a PM.

1080° Snow Boarding (JP)
Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest
From Famicom Ganbare Goemon 2
Game Boy Music -G.S.M. Nintendo 2-
Ganbare Goemon ~Deroderodochu Obake Tenkomori~ Original Game Soundtrack
Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki
Namcot Game a la Mode I and II
Super Donkey Kong 1, 2, 3
Super Mario RPG
Yoshi's Island

avatar! Nov 25, 2016

Sent you an email. I have a number of those. Again, most are not cheap. Don't remember if we haggled last time? In the end, you get what you pay for smile

The_Paladin Nov 25, 2016

Doing a quick once over of your large list, I have Konami Shooting Battle if you're interested.  Send me a PM.

The_Paladin May 7, 2017

Well, I still have the Konami Shooting Battle plus several other albums on your list that I'd be willing to sell, but you never contacted me before.

The_Paladin May 10, 2017

I mean it is a bit strange to advertise a huge list and then when someone has stuff on the list offering to sell not to reply at least.

Rrolack May 10, 2017

Hi The_Paladin,

For KICA-1136, your sale thread mentioned that the album includes the obi, but didn't mention the other extras (slipcase and registration card).  I assumed these weren't included as a result, which is why I didn't reach out.

Of the other albums you have, I don't think any of them are in my wish list, but I could have missed one or two.

The_Paladin May 11, 2017

Shooting Battle does have the reg card actually, but not the first print slipcase.  A number of the other ones are not complete by those standards so I will not bother to list them.  That post is a bit out of date now though, I know Soul Blader and a few other albums from that post have since sold.

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