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SquareTex Feb 2, 2006 (edited Feb 2, 2006)

Someone was kind enough to post this over at GameFAQS. If I remember correctly, they said it was 18 tracks from the game, including that really cool jazz vocal you see in the trailer.

Since I've used rapidshare already today, it'll be 1/2 an hour before I can get it myself and see what it's like. So I'll let some others jump on it. smile

Once I CAN get it, I'll come back and post my thoughts. …

(later on...)

Alright, just listened to it.

With the exception of the vocal song (whic oddly enough is in the rip TWICE), and a "phonograph song" at the end, the rest of the music is written for string quartet and piano. And as such, I think it's pretty nice. The way the main theme is weaved throughout is tastefully done. Of course, being a horror game, a few of the pieces are necesarily creepy.

I can't help but wonder if this is only half the audio experience, though. The trailers hinted at some creepy ambient pieces. Another fellow was looking at doing a rip of this, so we'll see what turns up.

What do you think?

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