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.59 Jul 15, 2006 (edited Jul 15, 2006)

I shamelessly ripped this bit of news from the gamingforce forums from a poster named Drakken. It seems Atlus USA is giving away copies of the Rule of Rose soundtrack as a preorder bonus. It's kind of a remarkable move, since the game did not get an official soundtrack release (or any other related merchandice whatsoever, for that matter) in Japan. It's sort of strange it's not complete though, as the entire thing would fit on one CD easily.

The music fits the game quite nicely and, while a bit repetitive, makes for a nice listen on its own too. It's certainly a more original approach to a horror game soundtrack than what you usually get, but then again, it's a pretty unusual game.


Carl Jul 16, 2006

My guess is they would be purposely leaving it incomplete, to save something for later if they would ever eventually make an official album for it, way down the road sometime...

.59 Jul 16, 2006

Well, there's always a chance at a complete soundtrack being published to coincide with a budget release in Japan or something. Since the game didn't even get a guidebook released, though, I guess there's not too big a chance of that (although that sort of thing probably happens from time to time). If they do release a complete album they'd best make it cheap like the ICO OST, as it'd be similar in length to that album and has less variation in its music.

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