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Qui-Gon Joe Aug 10, 2016

So there's a new Capcom arranged album coming out on 8/23 done with traditional Japanese instruments by a group called HIDE x HIDE (anyone know anything about them?).  It's only 1500 yen and thus far seems to be only available to preorder from Capcom's online store (no results searching  It's going to be six tracks, and since it's so cheap maybe it will be short, buuuut each track appears to be a pretty robust medley from a different Capcom series.  Check out the two playing some of the music in this video:

I think it sounds pretty cool, and it is right in line with the music I've discovered recently from a Japanese group called Wagakki Band that's also rather cool. 

Good to see official arranged stuff still coming out (not that Capcom is any stranger to this - how many Okami arranged discs have come out in the last couple years??)!

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