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Zane Apr 15, 2018

Slightly OT, but I've always disliked albums that don't have a backing/side liner. It just looks cheap when it's on a shelf next to other albums since all you can see is the clear jewel case without any markings showing what album it is.

Rrolack Apr 15, 2018 (edited Apr 15, 2018)

I agree that back cover art is better than a clear back.

I do believe that most albums which lack back cover art ship with the label side of the disc facing out, so that the disc label can be used to identify the album.  Artistically, my feeling is that this can work well if the label itself has a lot going on, as in F-Zero X Guitar Arrange:

but less well for an album like DKC2:

By the way, the album did sell for 224,000 yen.  Congratulations (or condolances smile) to the winner.

LuxKiller65 Apr 16, 2018

Utterly radycolous, what else can I say. Maybe it's a reseal, this is certainly one of those albums for which you'd want to falsify a seal.

Has anybody seen other sealed PSCN releases from similar years? Do they come with that horizontal "slightly opaque" tearstrip? Not trying to say it's a reseal but given the price I would certainly try to look for other releases to cross-check. I also wouldn't spend that much unless it's a face to face trade.

Amazingu Apr 18, 2018

LuxKiller65 wrote:

Who doesn't want a SFC fishing soundtrack for this bargain price!

Well, it helps that it's a fishing game by Shigesato Itoi, of Mother/Earthbound fame, of course.
I actually bought a brand new copy of this game on N64 for the ridiculous price of 10 yen, lol

Rrolack Apr 18, 2018

I’m actually looking for a copy of that fishing soundtrack.  It’s a pretty tough album to find.  I won’t be buying that one however.

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