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JasonMalice Jun 9, 2011 (edited Jun 9, 2011)

Love the album, as any fan should, but it annoys how its one long track.  Anyone ever divide it up into many smaller tracks?  If so, please link.  And yes I own it.  I bought it at a time when I actually paid for music.  Dzenkuje.

xplojin. Jun 9, 2011 (edited Jun 9, 2011)

yes ive divided it up into separate parts if u want it u can e-mail me ive divided it into 6 tracks. where the music seems to stop or change just long enough is where i put the breaks. contemplating dleting this form my collection, but ill save it for u if u rly want it. 192kpbs mp3s nothin too fancy, tho

jb Jun 9, 2011

You can create a cue sheet and use a cue plugin for your music player to read indexes. you should be able to google it very easily.

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