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Ashley Winchester Nov 15, 2016 (edited Nov 15, 2016)

As some of those on the site may have noticed from some of my ramblings, I've kind of left the retro game thing behind for now and have been focusing more on building up my music collection. It's been fun looking for certain releases and finding out which albums from my teenage years have aged well and those that haven't. Also, it's kind of crazy how many things are OOP now (power metal isn't like mainstream music releases) but then this isn't VGM so the price doesn't shoot up like crazy because there are usually many copies in circulation.

Anyway, recently I was hunting down a specific Maxi single and I managed to find it listed for sale on Amazon from outside sellers. I was kind of surprised this is where I found it as amazon was the last place I looked but that's not the point. I contacted a seller regarding the condition because I was curious beyond the "Used - Very Good" listed. I got a reply that it was in great condition and was his personal collection and "that he was trying to pay off medical bills."

I've talked about this before in a previous thread. I generally don't like it when sellers post things in their listings that try and pry at your heart strings, but I couldn't help but feel confused by this.

See, the single was listed at $6 with $3.99 shipping, so that's a mere $9.99. Take off the shipping back off and slice the amazon fees off the $6 and he's not making much off this transaction.

Assuming this is legit, I guess I should take this as "any little bit helps" but while I'm not advocating that one do so this when selling something, I just can't help but think maybe this would have been a more worthwhile addition to the conversation had the item I was interested in been much more expensive? I'm not sure how I want to feel about this.

And yes, I understand that paying hospital fees and doctor bills isn't very fun. I have insurance through my job but I still pay a significant sum out of my pocket for some of the services I need. It's obviously not fun and I could only imagine if it was beyond what I could handle financially. Still, it was just an odd addition to what was essentially a seventy word e-mail.

avatar! Nov 15, 2016

It's good that you care about others, even if you've never met them -I think compassion is the most important thing. Although I'm rather jaded on people in general and most of my charities of choice deal with animals smile
Still, good to hear. That said, I would say purchase the CD.

Ashley Winchester Nov 15, 2016

avatar! wrote:

That said, I would say purchase the CD.

Yeah, I plan on picking it up when I get paid Thursday. I guess that piece of info felt odd given the item doesn't cost a whole lot; but I guess something is better than nothing.

The_Paladin Nov 15, 2016

I would assume it was said as a reason why he was parting with parts of his personal collection.

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