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Yawara Apr 5, 2007 (edited Jul 9, 2007)

For sale

(1)*New* Final Fantasy Finest Box(6 CDs totall) SOLD

(1)*New Factory Sealed* Club Nintendo Original Game Music Set(Includes Peach, Bowser and Luigi Totall of 3 CDs) $160.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Square Enix Music Compilation 1(Square Enix Members Exclusive) $40.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections 4th Print $120.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Final Fantasy VII Limited Edition Boxed Set $120.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Legend of Zelda: Sound & Drama $220.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Final Fantasy VI Stars Vol.1 Single CD $25.00

(1)*Pre-owned* Final Fantasy VI Stars Vol.2 Single CD $25.00

Shipping is FREE(w/signature confirmation)
I will only ship inside of US
Paypal accepted to confirmed address ONLY
Cashier's Check, Money Orders and Personal Check accepted as well
Thank you

oddigy Apr 6, 2007

Hi Yawara, glad to see you are still around and selling VGM. smile

If I were drowning in cash, I would buy that FF Finest box... but alas, my new hobby is sprucing up my car.  Hope you find sellers for your stuff.

In case anyone is wondering, this is Swimmer32 from ages ago, he is probably the VGM seller other than Kahori that I spent the most money with back in the day.  Very trustworthy. smile

Jared Apr 6, 2007

The music in finest box is from the game boy versions correct?

Yawara Apr 7, 2007

thanks for the nice comments Amber ^^

Finest box is from GBA version
Sounds different from the ones from the....uh 90's?

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