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anosou Jul 18, 2014 (edited Jul 18, 2014)

I recently re-discovered Magic: the Gathering so I now have a new money sink. Therefore I'm selling off almost half of my VGM collection! Some rarities, some obscure stuff and lots of great game music looking for a new home.


Everything listed in the "0. For Sale" folder is for sale. All albums are in great condition and complete with Obi where applicable.

I've not yet had the time to list any prices so feel free to make an offer on any number of albums you feel is fair. I'll of course investigate if it is fair but I'm willing to go a bit lower than market price on most albums. Shipping is from Sweden so you'd do well to order in bulk!

Best way to get in touch is to shoot me an e-mail at mattias (a) anosou (dot) com - I check it more regularly than the forums.

Thanks for looking! I hope some of my babies get a good home. smile

PS: I've bought and sold tons and tons of albums over at VGMdb the last few years so if you want references, I can dig some up.

Kain234 Aug 25, 2014

I'm currently waiting for a second package from anosou, however I'd like to say that my first transaction with him was great. The prices were fair and everything is in fantastic condition. Thanks again!

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