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Magical Penguin Feb 16, 2008

Alright, I'm going to try and keep this plain and simple [Though in retrospect, it didn't come out that way at all]
1. Naturally, all the RPG-related soundtracks listed below are up for grabs.
2. Keeping #1 in mind, I will say that all the CDs are at least in very good condtion, even though 85% are near mint since I bought most of these brand new/like new condition.
3. Keeping #2 in mind, I did not buy all of these new, so some are missing the obi, inserts, or the cases aren't as in good of condition.
4.  Keeping #2 and #3 in mind, no single CD or CD set will exceed $60 (Not including shipping costs). I am not looking to make a huge profit here, so even rare titles/multiple CD titles listed here will not cost more than $60; most will go for $10-$15. Negotiation of prices is acceptable.
5. Keeping #4 in mind, as I'm not going to charge the 'normal' price for these soundtracks, I am going to try my best to avoid resellers. I'd rather these soundtracks go to people that truly want them. If I suspect that you're a reseller, then #4 will not apply to you.
6. Keeping #5 in mind, I know that there is a chance some collectors, not resellers, will buy more than two or three soundtracks at a time, so discounts may apply.
7. Keeping #6 in mind, I am also open to trades, and will probably be looking at any trade offers first since there are some soundtracks that I may be looking into in the future. Though to be honest, I am only interested in 2D versus fighter soundtracks now, and the only glaring hole in my collection is the lack of Neo Geo-related versus fighter arrange soundtracks. Oh, and one Metroid-related soundtrack: Either the UK or Japanese version of the Super Smash Bros. Melee "soundtrack".
8. Keeping #7 in mind, I MAY not actually take any offers for a week to give those with soundtracks I may be interested in a chance to get my attention. You can begin trying to negotiate/reserving now, though.
9. Keeping #8 in mind, depending on how many different people buy something off of me, I may, or may not, ship in a timely manner (By my standards, anyway); I will be using Priority Mail for US buyers.
10. Keeping #4 and #9 in mind, I take Paypal, checks (US Only), and money orders.
11. Keeping #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 in mind, if there's anything I left out, or if something is unclear to you, feel free to contact me here.

.hack// Game Music Perfect Collection VICL-61116~7
.hack//G.U. GAME MUSIC O.S.T. VICL-62098~9
.hack//G.U. GAME MUSIC O.S.T. 2 VICL-62289~90
All Sounds of SaGa NTCP-1004~5
Ar tonelico II ~Sekai ni Hibiku Shoujotachi no Metafalica~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-10027~8
Ar tonelico ~Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-10012~3
Atelier Elie ~Alchemist of Salburg 2~ Original Game Soundtrack SRCL-4457~8
Atelier Iris ETERNAL MANA 2 Original Soundtrack KDSD-10007~8
Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Original Soundtrack KDSD-10001~2
Atelier Iris GRAND FANTASM Original Soundtrack KDSD-10015~6
Atelier Judie Original Sound Track 0102301~2
Atelier Lilie Another Story ~ Hermina and Culus Original Soundtrack 0102101
Atelier Lilie ~THE ALCHEMIST OF SALBURG 3~ Original Soundtrack SCDC-00118~9
Atelier Lise ~Alchemist of O'ldor~ Original Soundtrack Premium Pack KDSD-10021~3
Atelier Marie ~ALCHEMIST IN SALBURG~ Original Soundtrack KDSD-10003~4
Atelier Viorate Original Soundtrack 0102501-2
Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box CPCA-10146~56
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack SQEX-10047~9
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version NTCP-5021~3
Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack WPCL-10438~9
Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Original Soundtrack CRCP-40137~8   
Dragon Shadow Spell Soundtrack FCCT-0052
Final Fantasy I & II Original Soundtrack   
Final Fantasy III Original Sound Version
Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest Sound Collections N25D-020       
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version
Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version
Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version
Final Fantasy VII Original Sound Track
Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy Tactics Original Sound Track
Fire Emblem Genealogy of Holy War Original Sound Version PSCN-5054~6
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Premium Soundtrack DNPO-35141
Fire Emblem Sword of Flame premium soundtrack DNPO-35114
Fire Emblem Sword of Seals original soundtrack TOCT-24827
Fire Emblem The Best Volume 1 PSCN-5058~9
Fire Emblem The Best Volume 2 PSCN-5060~1
Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Original Sound Track TKCA-71705
Fire Emblem ~Monshou no Nazo~ Sound Memoriam PCCG-00250
For Brighter Day: Phantasy Star Universe Original Sound Track WM-0507~9
Generation of Chaos III Original Soundtrack ~ Neverland Music The Best SLPM-65278-2
Generation of Chaos Original Sound Track KICA-5061
Generation of Chaos Original Soundtrack The Best KDSD-00037
Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 1 KICA-7935~6
Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2 KICA-7937~8
Genso Suikoden III Original Soundtrack KMCA-164~5
Genso Suikoden IV Original Soundtrack KOLA-102~3
Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack KICA-7696~7
Grandia II ~Deus~ TRCD-10013
Grandia II ~Povo~ TRCD-10014
Grandia III Original Sound Tracks TRCD-10048~9
Grandia Original Soundtracks KICA-5002~3
Grandia Original Soundtracks II KICA-5013~4
Grandia Xtreme Original Soundtracks TRCD-10020
Grim Grimoire Soundtrack CD N/A
Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice Original Sound Track KICA-1256
Growlanser III: The Dual Darkness Original Sound Track KICA-1271
Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of the Time Soundtrack FCCT-0011
Growlanser Original Sound Tracks KICA-5045
Growlanser VI Precarious World Original Soundtrack KDSD-00144
La Pucelle Original Soundtrack SLPS-20165
Langrisser II Original Game Music TYCY-5403
Langrisser III Original Soundtrack POCX-1033
Langrisser Millennium Sound File NECA-30012~3
Langrisser V Original Soundtracks MACG-7001
Langrisser: Descendants of Brilliant Light TOCT-8181
LEGEND OF HEROES IV "A Tear of Vermilion" Original Sound Track NW10102380
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete Music Soundtrack SLUS-01071/01239/01240
Lunar The Silver Star TOCT-6459
Lunar ~ Eternal Blue TYCY-5423
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Music Soundtrack SLUS-00628/00899
Magic School Lunar! Magical Island Vol. 1 TYCY-5542
Magic School Lunar! Magical Island Vol. 2 TYCY-5557
Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Original Sound Track SLPS-25607
Makai Senki Disgaea Original Sound Track SLPS-20250
Langrisser, Gynoug & Head Buster TKCA-30377
Music from the Legend of Xanadu II KICA-1165~6
Music from Ys V ~ Kefin, Lost Capital of Sand KICA-1175~6
Odin Sphere Original Soundtrack VGCD-0120
Parasite Eve II Original Soundtrack SSCX-10038
Parasite eve Original Soundtrack SSCX-10020
Perfect Collection Dragon Slayer The Legend of Heroes II KICA-1117~8
Perfect Collection Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes KICA-1003~4
Perfect Collection Ys I, II Complete Works of Ryo Yonemitsu NW10102460
Perfect Collection Ys III KICA-1021~2
Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 1 KICA-1139
Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 2 KICA-1140
Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 3 KICA-1144
Phantasy Star Collection — Sound Collection I RS-1
Phantasy Star Collection — Sound Collection II RS-2
Phantasy Star Online episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution Original Sound Track — Let The Wind
Blow WWCE-31010~1
Phantasy Star Online Original Sound Track UPCH-1049
Phantasy Star Online Songs of Ragol Odyssey Soundtrack ~Episode 1&2~ SCDC-00215~6
Phantom Brave ~Original sound track~ SLPS-20344
Phantom Kingdom Original Soundtrack SLPS-20409-1~2
Popful Mail Sound Box '94 KICA-1148~9
Record of Agarest War Original Sound Track SRIF-1001~2
Rhapsodia Original Soundtrack GFCA-27~8
Riviera ~The Promised Land~ Full Arrange Soundtrack BJCA-0018
Riviera ~The Promised Land~ Perfect Audio Collection Plus VGCD-0069
Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Original Soundtrack UPCH-1411~4
Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version PSCN-5038
Romancing SaGa 3 Original Sound Version PSCN-5033~5
Romancing SaGa Original Sound Version PSCN-5036
SaGa Frontier 2 Original Soundtrack SQEX-10061~3
"SaGa Frontier" Original Sound Track SQEX-10058~60
Shining Force EXA Music Collection WM-0557~8
Shining Force III Original Soundtrack TYCY-10003
Shining Force Neo Music Collection WM-0501
Shining Tears Music Collection WM-0514
Shining the Holy Ark Original Soundtrack OOCO-26
Shining Wind Music Collection WM-0567
Soul Cradle Original Soundtrack SLPS-25738
Sound Story of Shining and the Darkness TOCT-6169
Spectral Force Original Soundtrack The Best KDSD-00069
Spectral Souls Soundtrack The Best KDSD-00086
Star Ocean: The Second Story Original Soundtrack FSCA-10063
Summon Night 4 Soundtrack CIACD-005
Summon Night Ex-thèse ~Wings of Dawn~ Original Soundtrack CHCD-1007
Summon Night Series Soundtrack Collection FCCT-0019~22
Symphonic Suite Shining Force II ~Ancient Sealing~ PICA-2002
Symphonic Suite the Another Story of Shining Force TYCY-5397
Tales of Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack SSCX-10074~7
Tales of Destiny Soundtrack MACM-1093
Tales of Eternia Remaster Audio ZMCX-1193
Tales of Legendia Original Soundtrack AVCD-17741~3
"Tales of Phantasia" Original Soundtrack kanzenban VICL-60369~70
Tales of Rebirth Original Soundtrack KICA-1353~6
Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack SSCX-10105~8
Tales of the Abyss Original Soundtrack KICA-1393~6
Tear Ring Saga Original Sound Track SCDC-00091~2
The Legend of Heroes III "White Witch" Original Sound Track -first part- NW10102340
The Legend of Heroes III "White Witch" Original Sound Track -second part- NW10102350
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Original Soundtrack NW10102750
The Legend of Heroes V "a cagesong of the ocean" Original Sound Track -first part- NW10102320
The Legend of Heroes V "a cagesong of the ocean" Original Sound Track -second part-
The Legend of Heroes VI -Sora no Kiseki- Original Sound Track NW10102550
The Legend of Xanadu Original Sound Track KXANAOST1~3
Unlimited:SaGa Original Soundtrack SSCX-10078~9
Valkyrie Profile -LENNETH- Original Sound Track KDSD-00088~9
Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.1 Alicia Side KDSD-00102~3
Valkyrie Profile 2 -Silmeria- Original Soundtrack Vol.1 Alicia Side KDSD-00102~3
VM Japan Original Sound Track NW10102500
Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Original Soundtrack SVWC-7041~2
Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack SVWC-7118~21
Wild Arms Complete Tracks KICA-1389~90
Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack SVWC-7040
Wild Arms the 4th Detonator Original Score KICA-1370~3
Wild Arms: Alter Code F Original Score KICA-1317~20
Xenogears Original Soundtrack SQEX-10043~4
Xenosaga Episode I SBPS-0004~5
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse ~Movie Scene Soundtrack~ VICL-61431~2
Yggdra Union Perfect Audio Collection PLUS VGCD-0028
Ys & Ys II Eternal Original Sound Track NW10102390
Ys & Ys II Eternal, The Legend of Heroes IV -Unpublished Music- NW10102400
Ys Origin Original Soundtrack NW10102720
Zwei!! Original Sound Track NW10102480

There are some soundtracks I have that aren't really listed on any soundtrack database, so I may have some other CDs related to the soundtracks listed above. This applies mainly to the Generation of Chaos and Spectral Force soundtrack series, since I know I have a lot of the bonus soundtracks that came with various games.

With respect to the Final Fantasy soundtracks, I don't know which versions I have, but none of them are first press soundtracks.

Magical Penguin Feb 17, 2008 (edited Feb 17, 2008)

OK, I've gotten through a third of the e-mails at this point, and seeing as there are quite a few questions on soundtracks I haven't looked at in a long time, I'm going to go through as many as I can in the next three days to better answer questions. I know I told some of you that I would get started with that today, but I decided to go into work instead, so I could have tomorrow off.

Also, if a soundtrack on my list is fairly common/recent, then it's safe to assume that it comes with everything as I do not touch the inserts, booklets, or whatever else might come with a soundtrack. Ditto the OBI, but I usually have to move it at least once.

I will also start updating the list on Tuesday night/the following morning to reflect what's on hold.

Ramza Feb 18, 2008

whoa. Phantasy Star Collection 1 and 2 for $60 each? That's not a bad deal.

Did anyone jump on that yet?

This is an amazing list of good music.

Red HamsterX Feb 26, 2008

I still haven't seen any hint of a response to the e-mail I sent through the forums last week.

I'm starting to think it got lost. sad

the_miker Feb 26, 2008

Last I heard from him was on the 16th.  He said he was gonna get back to me on the condition of a couple CDs but that was it.


Idolores Feb 26, 2008

McCall wrote:
Red HamsterX wrote:

I still haven't seen any hint of a response to the e-mail I sent through the forums last week.

I'm starting to think it got lost. sad

Aye. Me 2.

Same here. Glad he's just not ignoring me. tongue

FOXHOUND7575 Mar 6, 2008

What's going on here? Is the soundtrack sale still going on or what? Why list all of this stuff if you aren't even going to respond to people and sell them? You have some great soundtracks here that I'm sure a lot of people want, including myself. Please let us know what's going on, thanks.

avatar! Mar 7, 2008

Well, you never know what the situation is. It's *possible* he had to be hospitalized or had some sort of emergency. Such things do happen. However I will say that I was planning on trading with him (this was before his for sale post) and I had gotten these packages ready for him, and had spent time and money preparing to send a bunch of Sonic CDs when poof, all of a sudden he changes his mind. Yeah, uncool... oh well. Maybe he's just yankin' our chains!



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