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XISMZERO Sep 27, 2016

Redesigned site, redesigned lure?

I once used SMJ, probably ten or so years ago as middleman prices here were cheaper than who I was using at the time. I ended up going on a YJA spree that shocked me into spending hundreds after shipping, fees and others were added.

Maybe they're feeling the hurt, US buyers are dialing back a bit since Japan's strengthened yen now nearly even with the US Dollar compared to last year this time (when the yen was about 84 yen + 1 USD).

But now, they're offering a flat $4 charge for each item of any value auction or special order. I'm enticed to try them again but I fear they may hike up prices elsewhere resulting in a surprise bill. Any thoughts?

Zorbfish Sep 27, 2016 (edited Sep 27, 2016)

I would think it's probably because there's more competition in the import/forwarding market now then when they first opened. With Buyee/Tenso officially partnered with Yahoo Auctions I would be curious if that was affecting them or not. Plus you can order just about anything from now.

Just tried it now and was pleasantly surprised to see only 6.50USD as my fee (the $4 + $2.50 wire transfer). Used to be so bad that winning a 500JPY auction actually cost $25 before it even shipped. So they may be a player in the auction arena again.

EDIT: Looking at the full invoice now I noticed that the internal shipping was unusually high (1350JPY). Might be something to keep an eye out for. Anyone know what area their Japanese branch is located?

XISMZERO Sep 28, 2016 (edited Sep 28, 2016)

Amazon Japan has its faults as of late. Actually I'm finding more/most sellers will not ship outside Japan even if it's Amazon warehouse stored. I've only had luck buying from Amazon JP direct. Not sure if this is something sellers need to adjust but it doesn't seem to make sense. I find Amazon's shipping is around 1,200 yen for EMS which is standard. Is SMJ using a service other than EMS or are options given?

Either way, I'm looking to use SMJ for items at places like Evangelion Store and Yahoo Japan Auctions, basically items that are exclusive that Amazon can't stock.

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