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Adam Corn May 29, 2019

I know the Dreamcast game Skies of Arcadia and its soundtrack by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda have their share of fans. The soundtrack will be getting new CD and vinyl editions by Wayo Records, slated for release this summer. The CD edition includes 67 OST tracks on two discs, the vinyl edition 30 OST tracks on two discs. Both editions include a third disc with two new piano arrangements totaling 22 minutes in length.

Details and pre-order links (as well as a limited edition music box for really hardcore collectors) are at the Wayo's album site:

jb May 29, 2019

I'm pretty excited about this. I had the original Eternal Arcadia OST but... I must have sold it and I don't know why. The packaging and art looks really good on this re-release.

TerraEpon May 30, 2019

I';m more excited about the possibility of more old discs getting a reprint. Not much a fan of SoA music outside of a few standout tracks.

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 30, 2020

Did anyone ever pick this up?  I have the original Enterbrain release of the OST and love it, but I'm wondering if the piano disc is worth getting the new set.  I found some short samples on Youtube but I'm wondering what any of you still hanging out around here might think!

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