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LuxKiller65 Jul 26, 2006


Can you send me a picture of the front jacket of the two Castlevania albums maybe?


LuxKiller65 Jul 27, 2006 (edited Jul 27, 2006)

Thanks a lot, that's all I needed. What about the condition of the MIDI one? Scratches on the disc and the cover, etc?

edit: sorry i didn't read your ebay description.

What d'you charge for shipping to Luxembourg?


Megavolt Jul 28, 2006

I've never shipped overseas before, but I guess I should start sometime.  I'll find out on Monday and let you know should you win anything.  You can trust that I won't overcharge on shipping.

Zane Jul 28, 2006

I'd expect between $6 and $8 for regular airmail (4-7 days from the US) overseas.

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