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layzee Jul 30, 2018

LuxKiller65 wrote:

When I browse using proxies or without being logged in, results are different.

I still can't see anything from here whether logged in or not.

LuxKiller65 wrote:

You've all seen what they've done to closed auctions right? When you click on a link for an ended auction, it opens the page of a "similar" active item, and the only way to reach the item you clicked for is on a text link in a single word at the top of the page.

eBay doing what it does best: fixing something that isn't broken and giving people "features" nobody asked for.

I think at one point you had to click twice to reach the item you clicked for: one click to get past the "similar" active item, and another click to get past the shortened non-full item description page. Essentially, breaking something that wasn't broken... twice. Quite a feat.

Zane Aug 8, 2018

I listed a ton of PS1/PS2 games on eBay. I am also selling two Mitsuda CDs I have liked but not loved for years.

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