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Kenology Aug 25, 2006 (edited Aug 25, 2006)

...Sakuraba's concert on YouTube...

Why am I underwhelmed!?  Only watch three songs: "Confidence in the domination", "Fighting the Shadowy Gods", and "Doorway to Heaven"...  I'm disappointed, man.  I'll watch all of them before I make a final judgement, but those are three of my favorite songs from VP, and if I wasn't feelin' those...


Zaggart Aug 25, 2006 (edited Aug 25, 2006)

The only good youtube videos are star ocean forever.... and unfinished battle syndrome, because both of those have noticeable solos, which is why I liked Motoi Sakuraba live. Sadly, no March For Glory, theme of RENA, Fly Away, or Highbrow >_< on youtube.

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