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Smeg Oct 6, 2010

Tim JC wrote:

I propose that Moses and Ashley Winchester are actually one and the same, and are in fact offshoot personas of the original poster, FuryofFrog, who created this topic to hash out his conflicting thoughts over OCD and homophobia.

Looks like I've...

(puts on shades)

cracked another case.

(No offense to any of the names above, good sirs.)


tri-Ace Super Fan Oct 10, 2010

Heh, looks like this strayed WAY off-topic, but getting back to the subject, this reminds me of something that happened to me that really sucked. For the last several years, I usually leave my home for a couple months each year to stay with family and have a vacation. Since my home is shared with my fiance's family, it's no problem for us to take off and leave all of our things behind. However, they like to stay in our bedroom from time to time to play with our big collection of games or whatever. No issues there, but one year I came back and after a week or so, I noticed that the usual alphabetical order of my CD shelving unit that I use for Japanese PS1 games and my soundtracks was all screwy and that a lot were upside down too. So I start pulling stuff out, and I soon realized that something happened. Turns out that one of the parakeets flew behind the thing, and in their urgency to pull it out, they accidentally dumped everything out. And they didn't think it necessary to even tell me until I asked about it. :/ Needless to say, a bunch of cases did get cracked. Talk about disheartening, but I can be thankful that my rarer and more valuable soundtracks are okay, and almost everything that got cracked is in a generic case. I haven't bothered to swap out the broken pieces, but I have no qualms about that since so much of what I buy is used anyway and there's no way to tell if a generic case has been replaced before I even got it.

Anyway, no matter how OCD someone is, this kind of stuff is bound to happen. I mean, I have some games and music CDs that got cracked cases in an earthquake several years back too. That's just life.

Bernhardt Oct 10, 2010 (edited Oct 10, 2010)

Man, I hope I'm not commenting on this topic too late to be of any help...

FuryofFrog wrote:

Does anyone else hate it when by some stroke of fate your jewel cases get cracked?

Yes, very much so. Ordering from CD Japan,, or whoever else, at times, I'd at least get ONE cracked case in every order, and in mutliple occurrences, all of the cases on all of the albums I had in one order were cracked (O_O) How they hell do they manage that, except professional neglect?

Anybody who's ever bought anything from me can attest to how tightly and securely I pack everything, so nothing gets cracked, especially when you consider how much I detest getting cracked cases...

FuryofFrog wrote:

I was sitting down in my room re-ripping some of my CastleVania OST collection when my brothers come in and trip on my lovely pile of OSTs.

Always a bad idea leaving them on the floor... (-_-);

FuryofFrog wrote:

With that being said does anyone know any places that sell the White Double Disc Jewel Cases or the Double Disc Gallery of Labyrinth style case?

Good choices are FYE (ESPECIALLY FYE, if you even have one near you; I used to get multiple disc cases from them all the time...fortunately, I haven't needed them in awhile); Best Buy's kind of a toss-up, might or might not have them; if you don't completely despise Wal-Mart, I believe that's the place I last got some cases, but I think they were single disc, only.

DeroZorro Oct 10, 2010

Unless the case is one of those "special" cases (for example, the Enterbrain CD cases that came with Mario Party 3, Mario Tennis, Majora's Mask Orchestrations, and Mario Story OSTs), then I normally don't care. The beauty is in the CD and liner notes - meh on the case.

Pellasos Oct 10, 2010

i opened a sealed brandish piano collection a few days ago and i love shiny, flawless cases. the smell of japanese print products of the 90s (liner notes/obi) is almost worth another debate wink

FuryofFrog Oct 27, 2010

I know I can readily find replacement cases and stuff for my collection but the American cases aren't the same. I agree with everyone else here. The CD, Liner notes, and Obi hold the most value and the case, whatever. There is a part of me that is really OCD and I feel almost depressed looking at my cracked cases, especially if I spent a lot of money on it (cue Drac X/Bloodlines) So I guess there is no place to get the Japanese style cases. In anycase thanks for everyones suggestions on where to look.

Oh well. At least I still have the rest of the stuff in great condition. Do any of you guys get like this about any of your other possessions? Like book bindings or game cases or whatever?

Bernhardt Oct 28, 2010 (edited Oct 28, 2010)

FuryofFrog wrote:

Oh well. At least I still have the rest of the stuff in great condition. Do any of you guys get like this about any of your other possessions? Like book bindings or game cases or whatever?

I once thought about re-purchasing Final Fantasy X to replace the shoddy case it came in, but then the thought occurred to me to just switch its case with another game, the likes of which was such a piece of crap, I think I just gave it away...well, maybe I traded it in...for like, less than $1...

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