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SonicPanda Jan 24, 2006 (edited Jan 24, 2006)

The one where someone at MetalGearSolid.Org's forums allegedly webcammed their suicide while being egged on by other forumers? … .3198.html

More 'truthiness' than truth.

This must be said first - suicide is a damn shame any which way you look at it. Suicidal depression is a vacuum which, after it consumes you, will start to consume everyone who'll miss you (worse still however, must be the helplessness his friends felt between the time of his 'signing off' and the execution of the deed). It's dark, lonely, and desperate stuff. Any well-adjusted person could tell you this.

That's what makes the initial report so frustrating. Since the advent of Columbine, gamers have been villified in the media as being uncaring malevolent husks who look at violence and murder as the ultimate rush. Taking gamers who are already grieving and misrepresenting them as murdermongers is downright evil. Much as I hate kneejerk litigation, here's hoping they sue the AFP's collective ASS off.

Jay Jan 24, 2006

The problem here is that most people will remember the initial headline - corrections to stories like this are rarely noticed and almost never remembered.

Angela Jan 24, 2006 (edited Feb 1, 2006)

I was really quite shocked and saddened by this.  I had spoken to Mitch via online a number of times in the past, and even did some trades and the like with him; a very good guy, although I honestly wasn't aware of the problems he was going through late last year until it was too late.

Speaking as someone who knew him and the integrity of the MetalGearSolid.Org community, the AFP's exploitation on this matter was thoughtless and shameful.  The worst part is that the damage had already been done, most of which is very likely irrevocable -- even if the correction does become as widespread and prominent as it should, as Jay states, corrections to stories like this are rarely noticed and that shred of falseness will never truly die.  Such is the dangerous after-effect of the information age....

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