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Brandon Sep 27, 2008 (edited Sep 27, 2008)

I was curious about the music in Sorcerian Online, so I downloaded the client from the official web site and installed it. The music was stored as Ogg files, and it was all new arrangements. The music files are only 130 MB, and the client download is a (fairly slow if you're not in Japan) 500+ MB download, so I named the files and uploaded them to MediaFire. It's in three parts, each about 40-45 MB:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

IMO, some of the arrangements are pretty good, but the sound quality is disappointing. I don't know why, since the bit rates are high enough to support much better quality.

Angela Sep 28, 2008

Nice, thanks for the upload, Brandon.

The arrangements, to me, work best when they're strong on the jazz and brass; the high-toned synth and piano bits on others can be a bit irritating to hear.  The brass is particularly good in The Lost Sceptre - Hydra.  I'm kind of disappointed at the way The Head of Medusa - Forest turned out - one of my favorite Sorcerian songs, relegated to a poorly engineered bagpipe lead.  I'm also saddened that they included Bloody River but not The Seal.  And I just can't no to any sort of arrangement of the Ice Cavern - Cave themes. 

The Dark Wizard - Dungeon II - Gedis and The Lost Sceptre - Dungeon are AMAZING.

Carl Sep 28, 2008

Thanks for posting.
Some tracks were good, some were bad, but it's still fun to get a fresh take on everything and do your own mixing-matching and comparing with the other versions.

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