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BAMAToNE Dec 27, 2008

Suikoden is one of my all time favorite RPGs. I can still play it over and over again. I probably won't buy it for PS3, though, since I still have the original disc and can play that instead.

For whatever reason, I could never really get on board with Suiko2, though. I'm not really sure why. (This is after I finally decided to spend the $80 or whatever to get it off eBay, heh.)

GoldfishX Dec 27, 2008

Suikoden II starts slowly. The whole fortress part right at the start is pretty boring and the errands are hardly exciting. About 5-7 hours in (after the main Jowy event) is where my hour count started going crazy, but before that it was pretty slow going (confession: I actually let it sit for a month, as I was right in the middle of the dungeon before the Jowy event). Suikoden is always at its' best once you get to the point where you have the fortress and start watching the different scenarios unfold and the recuiting fun starts. Suikoden 1's build-up to that point is much better, IMO.

Jay Dec 27, 2008

I think you're right though part of the problem for me was that I had played the first one and so was anticipating the castle building right from the start of 2. Because I didn't have a frame of reference with the first, I just took whatever it threw at me without wishing ahead to another point.

Though even on replay, the early sections of 1 still stand up. I love them both though.

somefatguy Jan 11, 2009

I just got a PS3 not too long ago and downloaded Suikoden on the PSN store and love it. I've almost beaten it and then got to thinking: "Since I love this so much... why don't I go ahead and get Suikoden 2 and so on?" So I looked on Ebay and was shot down out of the sky seeing that it costs roughly more than $100.

So, my question is, do you guys think that Suikoden 2 will become available on the PSN store in the future?

Angela Jan 11, 2009

somefatguy wrote:

So, my question is, do you guys think that Suikoden 2 will become available on the PSN store in the future?

As I've said, seeing the sequel would likely all come down to the sales success of the first game.  Hell, I handed over my six bucks just for the very possibility for Suikoden 2 to see a widespread release.

somefatguy Jan 12, 2009

Ahh, I see. Sorry I didn't notice you said that earlier.

So, I guess I'll just hope that lots of other people purchase Suikoden. Fortunately, a lot of people seemed pretty happy with it, so maybe lots of people did buy it?

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