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Adoru Jan 26, 2006

I'm sure Conn was gonna post this sooner than later, but I wanted to steal his thunder big_smile

And the game is supposed to be longer than previous Suikoden entries too.

Wanderer Jan 27, 2006

McCall wrote:

I was scared to post anything. There have been some *huge* developments with the game, but I fear my posts may offend people.

Out of curiosity, why? It's hardly your fault if other people have issues.

I skipped Suikoden IV and wasn't terribly thrilled with III so I'm hoping V is a good return to form...

Wanderer Jan 27, 2006

McCall wrote:

Oh, a while ago everyone was complaining that I was too much a fanboy for posting some Suikoden V movie or mp3 or something.

So? Screw 'em. It is pretty hard to deny that you have a lot of enthusiasm for the series... but what's wrong with that?

It really should be better than III and IV. All three games were being developed at the same time by different teams. Suikoden V is actually a joint venture between Konami and Hudson, so I have no doubts it's going to rock. All the gameplay structure from I and II is back, as is the culture and even some of the characters.

All three at the same time? Really? Yikes... I didn't know that. Although it does explain why III and IV seemed so different.

Timt99 Jan 27, 2006 (edited Jan 27, 2006)

Gah...I've got so many freaking games to catch up on. And future releases are getting released faster than I expect every time. Nonetheless, Suikoden V will have to take the place of whatever game I'll be playing at the time of it's release in March. Good news. smile

And Conn, I love to see another Suikoden fanatic here any day. It's just the whole "Suikoden IV is good" deal that I'm never going to agree with. =/

Datschge Jan 28, 2006

McCall wrote:

I was scared to post anything. There have been some *huge* developments with the game, but I fear my posts may offend people.

I think with the new board system you don't need to worry about such anymore. On the old board every news meant creating a new thread since old threads can't be bumped and are likely some pages away already, while on this board it's very easy to create and keep up to date dedicated threads. Then as soon such dedicated threads exist it will be easy for others to read only those threads they are interested in. Cheer up already! ; )

Sami Feb 4, 2006

Suikoden V looks to be huge. Tactics sucked, but I'm really looking forward to V, even if it is this soon.

The Suikoden V Original Soundtrack has been announced as well, and it's a whopping 4 CDs! That's a first since Suikoden II.

Oh yeah, and while Suikoden Tactics didn't tickle me the right way, Suikoden IV was great.

Idolores Feb 25, 2006

Goddammit . . . . With Kingdom Hearts II and Suiko V coming out in the same month, not to mention FFV and FFVI on GBA and FFIII on DS, and Earthbound 3 on GBA as well on the horizon, I'm going to be missing out on a lot next month! After all, that FC3S won't buy itself . . .

But with that new position within that security company I applied for, maybe I can swing for some of those games . . .

I'll probably end up buying Suiko V regardless just so I don't go through another "Suiko 2 fiasco", a scenario where Suiko V just might become as rare as the aforementioned title. I was intensely stupid not to pick up part 2 when I had the chance so many years ago, and since then, I have become somewhat paranoid . . .

XLord007 Feb 25, 2006

Idolores wrote:

Goddammit . . . . With Kingdom Hearts II and Suiko V coming out in the same month, not to mention FFV and FFVI on GBA and FFIII on DS, and Earthbound 3 on GBA as well on the horizon, I'm going to be missing out on a lot next month!

Ok...  of FF5 GBA, FF6 GBA, FF3 DS, and Mother 3, the only one of those that even has a release date is the Japanese Mother 3, so I think you'll be fine.

tz Feb 25, 2006

I have to disagree about the load times being a minor problem (as stated by that mini-review)... I got so annoyed by them that I actually quit playing the game because I was worried about my PS2. 

Actually, it is not the load times themselves that are annoying so much as the fact that it is constantly loading and my PS2 (2 months old) makes tons of noise at all times while reading the disc. Thinking it was just my PS2, I tried it in two others with the same results!

I should also point out that during the voiced cutscenes, there are constant jerks in the animation while the next bit is loaded from the disc... and there is a loading screen after every single battle. sad

So yeah, huge annoyance with Suikoden 5 but... maybe someday I will bring myself to play it.  The music sure seemed to be much more like Higashino's work than S3 and S4.

Stephen Mar 26, 2006 (edited Mar 26, 2006)

McCall, what is that DVD box in the set?  It is the one with Georg, Lyon, and the Hero looking at you.

How many pages is that Japanese artbook?  The artbook that came with  the U.S. game is 48 pages and doesn't have art for all the characters.

Stephen Mar 27, 2006 (edited Mar 27, 2006)

McCall wrote:

The DVD in there contains every Suikoden 1-4 intro movie and commerical ever made. It also has a TON of Suikoden V content, such as interviews, promo movies, even an English 10 min. trailer for Suikoden V, as well as samples from every Suikoden OST, including the SV OST. Also has a menu with bios and art for EVERY star of destiny from Suikoden I-IV, meaning some 430 characters in all. It's pretty swish.

The artbook is over well over 100 pages. It has all in-game art as well as all concept art for every single character (the 108 + all the non stars of destiny.) It has a LOT of location art, some extra concept drawings (including some impressive early hero sketches.) It also has full sheet music to a few songs as well as info and notes from all the people who wrote, performed and arragned the OST and promo albums. It's also a lot larger than the North American book. But I really do like that little package we got here, it's quite nice. The music CD is exactly the same as the Japanese one.

Thanks for the info.  The Japanese edition get a lot of breaks.  Unfortunately, it wouldn't be economically feasible to translate that stuff for the U.S. without a huge markup.

Damn it all.  I guess that artbook won't be published separately any time soon.

Stephen Mar 28, 2006

McCall wrote:

Yeah, never know. Suikoden II had like 2 or 3 art books released, and I'm sure SI and SIII had at least one each too. SIV I'm not so sure on, but I bet the Japanese strategy books have all the art. SV's artwork is far better than the entire series' art so far, though, so it's possible they might release one someday.

You could also get on Yahoo Japan before that LE gets too hard to find. I know that the LE 3 and 4 are completely impossible to find now, and I'd say the LE 5 is probably worth it compared to those two. If you need some help figuring out how to use Yahoo Japan, let me know!

I've been told that this year is the 10-year anniversary of the Suikoden series, so that is probably why Suikoden V's LE is packed with so much stuff.

All I really want is the artbook.  Unless someone cannibalizes their LE set and sells the artbook on its own, I think I will wait to see if other artbooks appear on the market.

Msia Mar 28, 2006

This game is excellent.  I am almost finished with it, and Id say its better than Suikoden II even with its minor flaws.

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