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vert1 May 19, 2012 (edited Mar 30, 2014)

A thread where we talk about Super Mario Brothers 3. Have at it.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a game I hailed as my favorite game of all time. I wouldn't say so anymore.

One thing about this game that was detrimental to the Mario franchise was how easy it was to stockpile lives which makes death less scary.

edit: more to come.

Dartannian May 19, 2012 (edited May 19, 2012)

vert1 wrote:

A thread where we talk about Super Mario Brothers 3. Have at it.

Uhh, why couldn't we just talk about SMB3 in the Super Mario 64 thread? Or why not just have ONE thread dedicated to Mario, kind of like how we have separate threads for Castlevania and Mega Man? hmm

vert1 May 19, 2012 (edited May 19, 2012)

First question: It's off-topic.

Second question: That is a good thread idea. However, I am not sure how to setup the thread. I was thinking that I or someone else could start individual threads for all the Mario games then ultimately create a thread 'Super Mario Bros. 3 versus Super Mario World'. But someone may want to compare ALL the Mario sidescrollers SNES and prior.

edit: I have created it.

Dartannian May 19, 2012 (edited May 19, 2012)

vert1 wrote:

First question: It's off-topic.

Vert, you're not the forum moderator around here. But if you really want to be a hard ass, you ought to hit your head with your own book; you're creating unnecessary and redundant threads. Please put your head back firmly and squarely on the middle of your neck.

Yeah, I know you want to encourage discussion, but one thread about the Mario franchise would suffice; no need to spray paint the entire forum with threads about each individual game if it's an ongoing series, especially when we're comparing each game to each other.

Otherwise we're dividing the same discussion between multiple threads, thereby fragmenting the discussion, and making us follow multiple threads for the same topic.

It's like when different comic books do crossovers with each other; you have to collect issues of different series - that you might not normally collect - just to follow and continue the same story. (e.g. Iron Man #67 is continued in The Incredible Hulk #66!) No need for that.

Reminds me of the time - on a different forum - that the same member started 3 threads about the XBox 360 at the same time.

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