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Angela Nov 10, 2007

The game sounds great, both in the music department as well as sound effects.  Really nice that they opted to go mostly orchestral this time; I love the World 1 piece!

Kenology Nov 10, 2007

The SMB3 Airship theme is NICE!  The World 1 piece is just beautiful.  It's been my favorite since I heard it in the trailers earlier this year.

Wanderer Nov 10, 2007

The first four are synth and are mostly interesting to hear updated arrangements of these old favorites (despite sounding suspiciously like "Mars, Bringer of War", the airship theme has especially held up well). The World 1 piece is orchestral and fantastic.

Arcubalis Nov 11, 2007

Kenology, maybe that's how it is listening to it, but it's really cool to listen to in-game.  The level itself reminds me a lot of the koopa levels from M64, so it's pretty awesome.

Arcubalis Nov 12, 2007

Would anyone agree that Deep Space and World 1 sound like they could be in a Star Fox game?  Maybe the first half of World 1 for a first level in a Star Fox game, and Deep Space for one of those dark, outer space levels in Star Fox?

I was just thinking about that.

Arcubalis Nov 16, 2007

Contacted Nintendo to get a response about availability in the US.  They better! 

Also, shame on Yokota for dodging the question.  He could have said, "We are working on a promotional release in Japan."  =/

Amazingu Nov 16, 2007

F*CK! I had enough points for that, but I just used them to buy a DS pouch sad
Gotta buy some new games FAST.

Zane Nov 16, 2007

I'm not really familiar with Club Nintendo... is that where those Koopa/Peach/Luigi compliations came from a while ago?

Qui-Gon Joe Nov 16, 2007 (edited Nov 16, 2007)

ARGH.  I KNEW the platinum gift this year would be awesome since I'm not over there anymore.


Just to clarify, the one disc version seems to be all the orchestra-performed stuff from the game (28 tracks) and the second disc included in the platinum members' version has the remaining music from the game (53 tracks).  The package art is really neat too.  I want this so badly!

Zane wrote:

I'm not really familiar with Club Nintendo... is that where those Koopa/Peach/Luigi compliations came from a while ago?

Yep.  Except that the two disc version of this requires Platinum membership in Club Nintendo for 2007, which means you had to have reached a certain number of points before the end of September.

Ashley Winchester Nov 16, 2007 (edited Nov 16, 2007)

that sucks they had to go and do something like this with the soundtrack... talk about inconvenient. Can you say "FF Finest Box"?

Zane Nov 16, 2007

Ashley Winchester wrote:

that sucks they had to go and do something like this with the soundtrack

Agreed. I'm sure that an official OST would do really well if they released it to the public. What a sham. sad

Qui-Gon Joe Nov 17, 2007

What gets me is which games of Nintendo's HAVE gotten soundtracks released for general sale vs. which haven't.  Pikmin and Metroid Prime over Smash Bros. Melee or Twilight Princess?  What are they thinking (nothing against either of those soundtracks... I'm thinking sales potential only)?

Arcubalis Nov 17, 2007

Don't know, Metroid isn't nearly as popular, especially in Japan.  I think what Kenji Yamamoto said in his interview may actually be true.  He said they had spare time (maybe it was a slow time at Nintendo), so Yamamoto was able to oversee the creation of the Metroid album at that time.  If you think about it, Nintendo was pretty slow on the GameCube, so I'd believe that to be true.  They're a lot busier with the Wii and DS, so I doubt Kondo or Yamamoto really have the time to oversee albums while concurrently overseeing dozens of projects that are ongoing there.  Just a thought?

Kenology Nov 17, 2007

Interesting theory, but given the relatively slow period during the Gamecube era, I'd question why a Mario Sunshine or Paper Mario: TTYD OST wasn't released.  Or even a Fire Emblem: PoR OST.  IS has always been good with releasing Fire Emblem soundtracks and last gen they just dropped the ball.

Arcubalis Nov 17, 2007

Mario Sunshine and TTYD were overseen by Kondo while Yamamoto oversaw Metroid.  Perhaps Kondo was too busy with projects while Yamamoto had some free time.

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