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vert1 Jan 3, 2017 (edited Jan 13, 2017)

Get Supercharged!
Battle on 17 interactive fields using all-new Mega Strikes, super abilities, and skill shots to devastate the competition. Charge the ball to increase your chances of scoring, and use the Wii remote to flatten foes and defend your goal!
Play up to four people online via Nintendo WFC!

Anyone play this?

vert1 Feb 18, 2017 (edited Feb 18, 2017)

This game is not beginner friendly at all. I thought this would be a simple game to introduce soccer non-gamers to. It wasn't. The lack of visual markers hurts accessibility imo. It feels disconnected despite the controller being perfectly made for this type of game. Blocking the shots in training is fairly aggravating by having the ball shot speed being set to the highest setting. Reminds me of going from Ikaruga's first boss on normal difficulty setting to hard setting. I think I'll stick to Wii Play for introducing people to pointer controls.

The game's atmosphere apocalyptic and mean, which doesn't gel with the original's spirit.

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