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Ordim May 31, 2010

Pellasos wrote:

at last, the CD will be released sometimes in september.

According to SEMO the album is going to be released in September 2010 by Decca (Universal Music).

Angela Sep 21, 2010

I've given the Symphonic Fantasies album a listen.  Good release, but it's a crying shame they couldn't include the Final Boss Suite encore track.  If CD space were a problem, I would have gladly sacrificed Valtonen's Fanfare Overture track, as lovely as it is.

Glancing over this thread again, I realize I've made no mention of the Chrono Trigger/Cross medley.  "The Scars Left By Time / Chrono Trigger" intro is a nice tone setter for the rest of the suite.  Rony Barrak's percussion really gives this one its own flavor, which comes blasting out of the gate straight away, and never missing a rhythmic beat throughout. 

I admit I don't quite take to the middle portion of the piece, at least not until it picks up at "To Faraway Times", its hint of a bittersweet nature an intriguing contrast to the purely sweet tone of the original.  The "Magus / Kaeru" continuity feels apt, but I thought the performances featured on the Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra Soundtrack, as terse as they were, felt a tad more dynamic.

The finale is terrific, though.  Those accentuated bursts from the "Chrono Trigger" melody really stand out against the "Scars Left By Time" melodic foundation.

Adam Corn Apr 11, 2012

Those of you in Europe who missed Symphonic Fantasies the first time around (or would like to experience it again) are getting a second chance:

June 9, Stockholm  [ticket info]
July 5 & 6, Cologne  [ticket info]

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