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XISMZERO Jan 28, 2015

Was finalizing an order on CDJapan yesterday, wading through Game Music when I saw SoTN: the KICA-7760 original from 1997, still listed for order. I knew this was available years ago still but... STILL?! I had no idea King was still keeping this one in print unless they have a mound of them in the warehouse. The old disc probably has a bunch of OOPs advertised on the obi! Either way, I added it since I put off buying it for too many years.

I can't think of many VGM albums from the 90's or even 2000s still in print under their original catalogs... Shin Megami Tensei (2CD Original+Arrange) was up until a year or so ago.

Jodo Kast Jan 29, 2015

Yes, it is. I ordered one from AMZ JP last year. In 2013, I ordered this one from AMZ JP and, as you can see, it is still available.

XISMZERO Feb 10, 2015

The_Paladin wrote:

Meanwhile, relatively new albums like Wavemaster's Shinobi collection are out of print and incredibly hard to find...

Yes, now whenever I see "First Time on CD" whether it's VGM or not, I get nerved about low print runs.

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