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Symphony Ys '95

"Dramatic and powerful." Highly Recommended


49 minutes total
  1. Chapter 1 [19:29]
  2. Chapter 2 [7:01]
  3. Chapter 3 [7:07]
  4. Chapter 4 [6:59]
  5. Chapter 5 [9:00]
  • Released May 24, 1995 by Falcom (catalog no. KICA-1160, retail 3000 yen).
  • Detailed release notes and credits at VGMdb.


Dramatic and powerful.

Highly Recommended

Editor's review by Adam Corn

This soundtrack holds a special place for me because it is one of the few I've run across that is solely symphonic, orchestrated music. Err... sort of. The orchestral instruments are actually sampled, rather than performed live. Although this is somewhat noticeable at times, it doesn't detract from the experience and overall is an amazing presentation of symphonic-style music.

Numerous Ys tunes are melded into just a few, longer movements, adding to the symphonic theme. The arrangement is excellent; the melodies from the game are easily recognized but are significantly improved upon. The pieces are for the most part serene and tranquil but reach climaxes that - in a word - rock. The end result is an impressively dramatic listening experience.

There's little question Ys has one of the best game soundtracks ever, and this CD does it total justice in symphonic form. Fans of Ys as well as those unfamiliar with the game should definitely experience this rendition of the classic game's music. It is absolutely one of the classic arranged game soundtracks.

Familiar themes from Ys in beautifully orchestrated form.

Reader review by Matthew Boblett

Wow, now this is the good stuff! This CD uses some truly incredible synths to achieve a sound quality that is miraculous, with almost Vangelis-quality sound samples. In fact, the sound quality may exceed that of the orchestral music from Panzer Dragoon. All of the familiar themes from Ys are here in beautifully orchestrated form. Pieces range from the peaceful to the powerful, from mysterious to bombastic. This CD very nearly tells the story of the land of Ys by itself. My personal favorite track is the fourth - it just simply *wails*, a very furious piece indeed. My only complaints about the recording would be the particularly heavy bass and that sounds blend together a bit too much at times. Still, I can turn the bass down, and the overall effect is not harmed by the occasional odd blending of sounds. The melodies flow and soar as they should with any live orchestra, with staccatos and chording falling precisely into place. An outstanding achievement.

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