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Chrono Crow Mar 10, 2009

I remember there was a long time this site was very dead, with only an occasional update. Last time I visited, Soul Calibur 3 was on the front page, and was the only new game to be listed. Those were troubling times, to be sure. I loved this site immensely. And to see it no longer receiving updates was really disappointing, especially with other great sites petering out long before they really should have. I've kept it on my favorites, and decided to check and see the damage right now. To say the least, I was very pleased to see Street Fighter IV and a slew of other new games scattered around the front page. So I reiterate, thank you. Thank you for not giving up on a simple, wonderful site. That is all.

Adam Corn Mar 10, 2009

Thank you for the very kind post.  There was a dark period of several years with this site where it went with hardly a single update and I feel really bad about that.  There were reasons involved and some of them sort of made sense, but not enough to let the site slip like I did.

So yeah I'm back in the swing of things now and though I still don't think the site's at the level it once was I am working on it. smile  I'm glad you happened to find your way back after all that time and am even gladder you seem happy with the new content!

Here's a full list of new reviews since the renovated site went up for anyone interested in catching up.  A few are re-writes of earlier reviews but most are entirely new.

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon ~Labyrinth of Forgotten Time~ OST
Drammatica ~The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura~
Echoes of  War
Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Tracks
Final Fantasy 12 Original Soundtrack
Final Fantasy The Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~
Ghibli the Best
Giant Robo 2 Original Soundtrack
Gyakuten Saiban Special Courtroom 2008 Orchestra Concert
Killer Instinct Gold Cuts
Legendary Original Soundtrack
Macross Frontier Original Soundtrack 1
Macross Frontier Original Soundtrack 2
Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Music Collection
Metal Gear Solid 4 Original Soundtrack
Mirror's Edge - Still Alive (The Remixes)
Nadia Vocal Twin Best
Nights ~Journey of Dreams~ Original Soundtrack
Rockman 9 Original Soundtrack
SimAnimals Original Videogame Score
Street Fighter 4 Original Soundtrack
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Underground Mixxes
Studio Ghibli Symphonic Collection
Super Adventure Island
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack
Symphonic Shades - Huelsbeck in Concert
Tales Of Series Battle Arrange Tracks

Ramza Mar 10, 2009

Also want to chime in and thank Adam personally for never letting this site die. I love it to pieces, and I would cry big gigantic anime tears if this site disappeared one day.

Idolores Mar 18, 2009

I'd be more inclined to agree, but Adam's a big jerk because he never responds to my love letters.

All seriousness, I'm all over this love wagon. Hey, Adam, when did this site first go online, anyways? I started posting around 2001-2002 . . .

Shoe Mar 18, 2009

I think sometime in '97 after Symphony of the Night came out in Japan

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