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Princess-Isabela Oct 27, 2011 (edited Oct 27, 2011)

Hiya gang,
Freeing space for my Rock 'n' Roll instruments calls for appropriate measures, henceforth for sale my entire collection of Game Music Albums I've collected over the past decade.
I ship to anywhere in the world, shipping in states will cost $5 with tracking number (add $1 for each consecutive album), international shipping will be provided via either first class international ($9 per regular album) or EMS (for pricey st's).
Let's get to it.

         ~~~ GAME SOUNDTRACKS ~~~

Nintendo OST's:

Metroid Fusion & Prime JPN
Super Mario 64 US
Original Donkey Kong Hits Eur
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Donkey Kong 64 US
Diddy Kong Racing US
Starfox 64 US
Original Cuts from Greatest N64 Games (Super Mario 64 & WaveRace 64)
Eternal Darkness US
Legend of Zelda 64 US
Greatest Hits:Super Mario 64, WaveRace 64, Killer Instinct GOLD, Blast COrps US
the Very Best of Kirby JPN
Zelda Sound Collection JPN
Nintendo Music Selection vol.1 Peach JPN
Nintendo Music Selection vol.2 Koopa JPN
Nintendo Music Selection vol.3 Luigi JPN
Gameboy Gallery Music JPN
Legend of Zelda ReArranged Album JPN
Super Mario Land MC Mario JPN
Go Mario Go Super Mario MC Mario JPN
Mario Kart 64 Greatest Hits US
Legend of Zelda 64 Ocarina of Time JPN
Legend of Zelda 64 Majora Mask JPN
Majora Mask Collection US
Mario Kart 64 - Race Tracks US
Yoshi's Story US
Famicom Sound Music History - Mario the Music JPN
Paper Mario US
Donkey Kong country 3 US
Conker's Bad Fur Day Not for Sale OST
Banjo Kazooie US
Donkey Kong 64 US
Play it Loud vol.1 US
Legend od Zelda Wind Waker JPN
Pokemon (red blue yellow) Soundtrack JPN
Zelda Majora Mask JPN
Fire Emblem JPN
Super Mario 64 JPN
F-Zero X JPN
Fire Emblem Best vol.1 JPN
Fire Emblem Best vol.2 JPN
Orchestral Game Music Concert 1 JPN
Mario Kart 64 JPN
Game Music Graffiti JPN
Super Mario Bros.Special JPN
Super Famicom Music JPN
Kirby 64 JPN
Big Band Zelda & Mario Concert Live DVD JPN
Toy Music Mario JPN
Super Mario Bros 3 Hop, Step, Jump !! JPN
Super Mario Bros 3 Akihabara Electric Circus JPN
Mario Paint JPN
Super Smash Brothers JPN
Nintendo White Knuckle Scorin' US
Game Boy Music JPN
Famicom Music Best Selection JPN
Game Boy Graffiti JPN
Super Mario Compact Disco JPN
Majora Mask Orchestrations JPN
Zelda Ocarina of Time JPN
Mario & Zelda Big Band Live JPN
Paper Mario US
Super Mario RPG JPN
Kirby Fountain of Dreams JPN
Kirby Kira Kira Kids JPN
Mario Tennis 64 JPN
Mario Story 64 JPN
Kirby Air Ride JPN
Nintendo 64 Trilogy Brand New/Sealed.
Legend of Zelda:Sound & Drama
Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask Orchestrations JPN
Super Smash Brothers JPN
Banjo Kazooie Eur
Zelda Ocarina of Time vol.1 Eur
Zelda Ocarina of Time vol.2 Eur
Zelda Majora Mask Eur
Zelda Hyrule Single Eur
Diddy Kong Racing Eur
Donkey Kong Country Eur
Donkey Kong 64 Da Banana Bunch Eur
Super Mario 64 Eur
Nintendo Sound Adventures Eur
Yoshi's Story Eur
Perfect Dark Dark Mission Eur
Ridge Racer 64 Speed Nation Eur
StarFox 64 Sound of Lylat Eur
StarFox 64 Original Cuts From Nintendo 64 Game US
Super Mario 64 WaveRace 64 Cardboard Sleeve Version US
Killer Cuts US
Donkey Kong Country 3 Cardboard Sleeve US
Zelda Majora Mask 2cd-set US
Mario Sports Tennis/Golf Motoi Sakuraba JPN
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 01 Super Mario Bros..(SDEX-0010)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 02 Donkey Kong.(SDEX-0011)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 03 Donkey Kong Jr..(SDEX-0012)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 04 Balloon Fight.(SDEX-0013)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 05 Wrecking Crew.(SDEX-0014)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 06 Ice Climber.(SDEX-0015)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 07 Light Gun Series - Wild Gunman / Duck Hunt / Hogan's Alley.(SDEX-0016)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 08 Sports Series - Baseball / Tennis / Golf / Ice Hockey.(SDEX-0017)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 09 Block Set / Gyro Set.(SDEX-0018)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 10 The Legend of Zelda.(SDEX-0019)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 11 Nazo no Murasame Jo.(SDEX-0020)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 12 Metriod.(SDEX-0021)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 13 Palutena no Kagami.(SDEX-0022)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 14 Shin Onigashima -Part 1-.(SDEX-0023)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ 15 Shin Onigashima -Part 2-.(SDEX-0024)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-1 Bike Game Series - Excitebike / Vs. Excitebike / Mach Rider.(SDEX-0025)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-2 Donkey Kong 3.(SDEX-0026)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-3 Mario Bros. / Super Mario USA.(SDEX-0027)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ S-4 Adventure of Link.(SDEX-0028)
Game Sound Museum ~Famicom Edition~ SP Disk Writer.(SDEX-0029)
Super Mario Bros 3 ~Famicom Edition~ Special hidden OST Nintendo Dream
WaveRace Bluestorm
Banjo Kazooie US sealed
Donkey Kong Country Go Ape! Eur
Tetris JPN
Toy Music 2 Fire Emblem Akihabara Electric Circus JPN
Tetris Doctor Spin JPN
Super Smash Bros Melee Smashing Live! Eur

Super Mario World JPN

Animal Crossing New Sealed EnterBrain JPN
Super Mario Bros.3 JPN


Super Mario Aya 1985-1986 Vinyl JPN
Super Mario Family COmputer 1985 Vinyl JPN
Super Mario Bros Do It 1985-1986 Vinyl JPN
Adventure Island 1986 Vinyl JPN

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Fantasy 1986 Vinyl JPN

Super Mario Bros 3 1988 Vinyl LP JPN

Donkey Kong Country 2 Casette sealed

Super Mario World Limited Edition

Happy 20th Anniversary Mario sealed OST JPN

Famicom Graffiti COCX JPN
Famicom Graffiti CA-4473 JPN
Nintendo Selection vol.3 Luigi JPN

Super Famicom Sound Museum Vol.1 ~ TIM-SFC01 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum Vol.2 ~ TIM-SFC02 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum Vol.3 ~ TIM-SFC03 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum Vol.5 ~ TIM-SFC05 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum Vol.7 ~ TIM-SFC07 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 1 January Romancin Saga 2 Demonstration ~ TIM-SFC13
Super Famicom Sound Museum 4 April Fainaru Fantashi Shichi ~ TIM-SFC16 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 5 May CSG ~ TIM-SFC17 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 6 June ~ TIM-SFC18 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 7 July Part I ~ TIM-SFC19 JPN                                           Available only as a Set.
Super Famicom Sound Museum 7 July Part II ~ TIM-SFC20 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 8 August Capcom Music Collection ~ TIM-SFC08 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 8 August ~ TIM-SFC21 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 10 October RPG Scoop ~ TIM-SFC10 JPN
Super Famicom Sound Museum 12 December Romancing Sa-Ga World with News ~ TIM-SFC12 JPN

Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.1
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.2
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.3
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.4
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.5
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.6
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.7
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.8
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.9
Super Famicom Sound Museum vol.10

Super Donkey Kong PSCN-5020 JPN Brand New/Sealed
3-D Hot Rally 28BCP-2049 Casette JPN

other OST's

Chrono Trigger JPN
Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG pre-print JPN
FF VIII Fithos Lusec Vinosec JPN
Final Fantasy Tactics JPN
Sega Sonic Virtual Tunes 5cd set US
Ninja Gaiden JPN
Final Fantasy IX JPN
Final Fantasy IV JPN
All Sounds of Final Fantasy I-II JPN
Mother 2 JPN (Earthbound)
Seiken Densetsu II JPN
Seiken Densetsu Sound Collection JPN
Seiken Densetsu/Legend of Mana JPN
Panzer Dragoon Power D Ram JPN
Nights JPN
Seiken Densetsu III JPN
Final Fantasy VIII Sampler JPN
Lunar Lunatic Festa vol.1, 2, 3, 4
Final Fantasy VII JPN
Final Fantasy VI JPN
Final Fantasy IV JPN cardboard release
Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections JPN
Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest JPN
Lunar Eternal Blue JPN
Lunar Lunatic Parade vol.1
Lunar Silver Star JPN
Lunar Songs 1 JPN
Grim Fandango US
Onimusha III JPN
Nights Remix JPN
Devil may Cry 3 JPN
Streets of Rage 2 US
Sonic King of the Ring Eur
Virtua Fighter 4 US
Samba de Amigo JPN
Virtua Fighter 2 Dancing Shadows JPN
Chrono Cross Music Selection US
Dracula Best 2 JPN
Best of LucasArts US
Onimusha 2 JPN
Sonic Adventure JPN
Sonic Adventure 2 JPN
Sonic Heroes JPN
Virtua Fighter 4 US
Virtua Fighter 4 US
Sonic Adventure 2 US
Sonic Adventure 2 US
Sega D-Ram Selection Remix JPN
Sonic & Knuckles JPN
Shenmue JPN
GunValkyrie US
Sega Rally/Ignition JPN
Dragon Force JPN
Vagrant Story JPN
Virtua Fighter Image Rising NEO JPN
Virtua Fighter 3 JPN
Virtua Fighter 2 JPN
Sonic the Fighters JPN
Onimusha Symphonic Suite JPN
Sega Power Cuts US
Couldcept JPN
Virtua Fighter 2 Dancing Shadows JPN
Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight JPN
Bio Hazard REMIX JPN
Onimusha JPN
Powerstone US
VIrtua Fighter/B-univ JPN
Virtua Fighter 4 US
Space Channel 5 JPN
Jet Grind Radio US
GunValkyrie US
Jet Set Radio Future US
Space Channel 5 Planet Dance US
Panzer Dragoon ORTA US
Jet Grind Radio US
Sega Racing Best JPN
Sonic the Hedgehog Remix JPN
Club Saturn US
D2 Sketches JPN
Space Channel 5 Remix Tracks JPN
Sonic they call me Sonic Eur
Sega GT 2002 JPN
D2 Remixes JPN
Sega Game Music presented by B.B.Queens JPN
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MIX JPN
Super Arrange Version Sorcerian JPN
Star Ocean Till the End of Time Arrange Album JPN
Parasite Eve JPN
Music from Sim City 3000 US
Best of LucasArts US
Emperor:Battle for Dune Eur
Ikaruga Arrangement vol.1 JPN doujin
Ikaruga Arrangement vol.2 JPN doujin
outlaw volleyball US
Chrono Cross JPN
Primal Rage US
Tekken 2 JPN
Final Fantasy III JPN
Parasite Eve II US
Final Fantasy IV US
Final Fantasy IX US
Final Fantasy N Generation US
Xenogears JPN
Kingdom Hearts US
Kokoro Xenosaga JPN
Castlevania Symphony of the Nights Promo US
Soul Edge Khan Super Version JPN
Way of the Samurai 2 JPN
Street Fighter III US
Resident Evil Orchestra album US
Beatmania IIDX JPN
Dead or Alive JPN
Bouncer US
Street Fighter Rap Album JPN
Dracula Chronicles JPN
Soul Calibur II JPN
Super Street Fighter II New Challengers JPN
Mortal Kombat US
Mortal Kombat album US
Dead or Alive 2 JPN
Bio Hazard 2 JPN
Bio Hazard Symphony JPN
Tekken Tag Tournament US
Final Fantasy X US
Final Fantasy IX Plus JPN
Final Fantasy S Generation US
Konami Game Music Now 1999 JPN
Circle of the Moon Concerto Castlevania JPN
Star Ocean Till the end of Time Voice Mix Album JPN
Akklaim Raving Xmas - X day is Coming Eur
Resident Evil 4 Promo US
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Promo US
ESPN 2k5 Bouncing Beats US
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 Promo US
Def Jam Vendetta Promo US
Rsident Evil 4 Promo US
Midnight Club II Promo US
Bounty Hunter Mace Griffin Promo US
Virtua Fighter/B-univ JPN
Dracula X Chi no Blood/Rondo of Blood JPN
Devil May Cry JPN
Devil May Cry 2 JPN
Halo US
King of Fighters 2003 Arrange Version Consumer Version
Dracula X Symphony of Night JPN
Tekken Tag Tournament US
Tekken JPN
Prince of Persia Sands of Time JPN
Maniac Game Soundtracks (featuring Super Mario Sunshine OST, Zelda WW, Halo, Metroid Prime) Eur
Suikoden JPN
Gran Turismo Rock Arrange JPN
Vampire Hunter JPN
Street Fighter 3rd Strike US
Berserk Dreamcast Sound Version JPN
Final Fantasy Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu Gold Edition - 0558/1500
Castlevania Symphony of The Nights Promo US
Alundra 2 JPN Promo
Nights Dreams Dreams Promo JPN
Turok 2 Mini CD Promo Eur
Soul Edge Original Battle Tracks
Nights into Dreams
Jet Set Radio Future JPN
Final Fantasy VIII JPN
Final Fantasy IX JPN

Sega Saturn was our youth vol.1 JPN
Sega Saturn was our youth vol.2 JPN
Street Fighter Artist Album JPN
Biohazard 2 OST JPN
Sonic Team Unplugged 2004 JPN
Immortal 2 Eur
Soul Calibur II JPN
Dracula X Remixes JPN
Berserk Demon Chronicles JPN
Konami Kukeiha Club JPN
Sonic Boom US
Konami Kukeiha Club vol.1 JPN
Konami Best Selection '98 JPN
Sega Power Cuts 1 US
Valkyrie Profile Arranged Album JPN
Star Ocean 2nd Story Arranged JPN
Star Ocean 2nd Story Fantasy Megamix JPN
Chrono Trigger PSX JPN
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sampler Signed US
Crash Bandicoot Carnival 2000 JPN
Crash Bandicoot Banji-Kyuusu JPN
SuperSonic H.W.A Featuring Sonic the Hedgehog Eur
Silent Hill Eur
Gran Turismo 2 JPN
Gran Turismo JPN
Parappa the Rapper JPN
Kingdom Hearts JPN
Konami Battle the Best Perfect Selection JPN
Sonic The Hedgehog Arcade Eur
Xenogears Creid JPN
007 Tomorrow Never Dies Eur
Sonic Adventure Remix JPN
Sonic R JPN
Super Sonic Dance Attack Eur
Super Sonic Dance Attack Remix Eur

Rockman Theme Song Collection, 15th Anniversary
Legendary Wings & Side Arms Limited Edition
Wartran Troopers & World Combat Soundtracks
Jungle Wars ~ Sound Map Collection OST
Promo. The Nightmare of Druaga Special Soundtrack
Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack
Tenchu Kurenai Original Soundtrack
Martial Beat Original Soundtrack
Koei Original BGM Collection Vol.5 Super Nobunaga's Ambition & Super Sangokushi II
Koei Original BGM Collection Vol.9 Operation Europe & Super Blue Wolf White Doe Genghis Khan
Dragon Knight III Complete Sound Collection
Birth S ~Vocal Collection~ Sega Saturn Edition
Climax Landers Original Soundtrack
Raiden Densetsu Original Soundtrack
A.S.O. II The Last Guardian Original Soundtrack
Sonic Wings Original Soundtrack
Samurai Spirits IV Amakusa Kourin Original Soundtrack
Dragon Knight ~Treasure King of Water Chapter~ OST
ROUTES Original Soundtrack
Gal-Act-Heroism Original Soundtrack
Seta Game Music Scene One: Twin Eagle & Super Real Mahjong
Doki Doki Idol Starseeker Remix
Mama-San Volleyball Original Soundtrack
Elder Gate Original Soundtrack
Sankyo Music Factory Vol.1 CD+DVD 2disc set
PROMO. Suleputer Trial
Supersweep's "Trash" series 001 ~ 005

Eternal Arcadia OST
Panzer Dragoon Full OSV
Halo 2
Panzer Dragoon Azel (1st Print) Complete Album
Parasite Eve LE OST JPN
Parasite Eve II JPN
Castlevania 64 JPN
Ogre Battle 64 JPN
Xenogears Light
The Very Best of Sega
FFX OST Limited Edition
Actraiser OST
Soul Calibur II OST JPN
American McGee’s Alice
Dragon Quest Symphonic Box:
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 2
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 3
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 4
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 5
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 6
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite 7

Secret of Evermore

Beatmania IIDX 3rd Style
Humanoid Kukaider the animation
Pop'n Music 4
Pop'n Music 7ac Pop'n Love CS Pop'n Music 5
Fruits Basket Memory for you
Keyboardmania 3rd MIX

Mortal Kombat 3 & 4 OST
Immortal Amiga Soundtrack Collection
Azel Panzer Dragon Saga 2nd print Memorial Album
Chrono Trigger ~ Brink of Time 1st print
REZ - Gamer's Guide to...
Soul Calibur OST

Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange Sound Tracks (SCDC-00320)
Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks Vol.1 (SCDC-00317)
Famicom Millennium Music - Yutaka Kubota (OKMF 0001)
The Farm Story ~Wonderful Life~ Official Soundtrack (Harvest Moon) (MJCG-80134)
Fire Emblem: Heaven's Inferno premium soundtrack
Game Music Collection ~Sony Computer Entertainment Japan BEST~ (KICA 1352)
Game Music Festival ~Super Live '92~ (PCCB-00099)
Game Music Now & Then (SCDC-00292~93)
Grandia II ~Melodia~
Ocarina of Time - The Soundtrack
Mario Sports CD - Mario Tennis GC & Mario Golf Family Tour - The Best
Mojibribon Original Soundtrack (KICA 1325)
Rhapsody ~A Musical Adventure~ Original Soundtrack (NSD011800)
Scitron Video Game Music Yearbook 1990 (PCCB-00055)
SEGA Piano Nocturne (WWCE-31074)
Song of Love ~"Pikmin" CM Song - Strawberry Flower
Sonic Heroes Vocal Trax - Triple Threat (WWCE-31020)
Sound World of Populous —G.S.M. Imagineer 1— (PCCB-00053)
Bahamut Lagoon Original Sound Track (PSCN-5046) - - - - - - 103060
Baku Bomberman Original Soundtrack - The Baku Bom!!! (KTCR-1456) - - - - - - 729999
The Best Of Final Fantasy 1994 - 1999 - A Musical Tribute (EAZ-4032) - - - - - - 898562
"Bomberman Hero" Original Soundtrack (PSCN-5066) - - - - - - 650087
Bomberman Selection '98 (KTCR-1462) ------ 091244
Bomberman Theme Song - Mr. B-Bee (FXD-5107) ------ 925260
Brave Fencer "Musashiden" Original Soundtrack (SSCX 10022) - - - - - - 519099
Breath of Fire IV Original Soundtrack (CPCA-1043~44) ----- 804513
Bubble Symphony (PCCB-00172) - - - - - - 361717
Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack (SSCX 10030) - - - - - - 116142
"Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon" Original Soundtrack (SSCX 10014) - - - - - - 227193
Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon 2 Original Soundtrack (SSCX 10026) - - - - - - 340880
Clockwork Knight Fantasyc Soundtrack ~Pepperouchau's Adventure~ (POCX-1004) - - - - - - 108166
Daytona USA / B-univ (TYCY-5392) - - - - - - 850003
Daytona USA Circuit Edition Original Soundtrack (AMCY-2138) ------ 106160
Daytona USA 2 Sound Tracks - Battle on the Edge (MJCA-00025) - - - - - - 705545
Falcom Classics (KICA 1201) - - - - - - 406159
Falcom Music Sampler '96 (NF02008) ------ 210097
Falcom Special Box '97 (KICA 9029~31) ------ 768200
Falcom Vocal Collection IV (KICA 1179) - - - - - - 708449
Fighters Megamix Sound Tracks (TYCY-5550~51) ------ 984552
The Legend of Zelda -Ocarina of Time- Original Soundtracks - Zelda Collectible CD - - - - - - 900538
Mega Selection II -G.S.M. SEGA- / S.S.T. Band (PCCB-00077) - - - - - - 015750
Melodies Of Life ~featured in FINAL FANTASY IX (KICS 811) - - - - - - 377875
Music from Bomberman - Famous Music Collection & Original Sound Track (FHCF-1104) ------ 844163
Music from Ys (K30X 7701) - - - - - - 622820
Music from Ys II Renewal (KICA 1177) - - - - - - 398757
Original Sound of Salamander (Cassette) (KHY1012) - - - - - - 072098
Other Life Azure Dreams Original Game Soundtrack (KICA7808) ------289088
R-Type Delta (PCCB-00359) - - - - - - 887358
Ridge Racer (VICL-23119) - - - - - - 840100
Ridge Racer 2 - Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 14 (VICL-15031) ------ 767526
Ridge Racer Project - Rave Racer - Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 24 (VICL-15048) - - - - - - 879894
Rockman - Crisis: Close Call (SRCL 3127) - - - - - - 405613
Rockman Dash Original Soundtrack (CPCA-1003) - - - - - - 649804
Rockman X (SRCL 2828) ------ 873152
Salamander ~Again~ Original Game Soundtrack (KICA 7905) - - - - - - 325787
Salamander Remixes - Konami Game Music Remix Series Vol. 2 (KICA 7819) - - - - - - 594018
SEGA Game Music Vol. 1 (28XA-107) - - - - - - 000109
SEGA Game Music Vol. 1 (SCDC-00024) ------ 000110
SEGA Game Music Vol. 2 (28XA-108) - - - - - - 000111
SEGA Game Music Vol. 2 (SCDC-00052) ------ 000112
SEGA Taikan Game Special (28XA-198) ------ 460229
SEGA Vocal Entertainment (TKCA-71210) - - - - - - 810006
Sonic Adventure - Songs With Attitude ~Vocal mini-Album~ (MJCA-00039) - - - - - - 484804
Sonic Team "Power Play" ~Best Songs from Sonic Team~ (MJCA-00033) - - - - - - 567785
S.S.T. Band Live! -G.S.M. SEGA- (PCCB-00042) - - - - - - 015748
Super Bomberman 3 Original Sound Track (PSCN-5025) - - - - - - 983510
Tetremix (PCCB-00011) - - - - - - 891121
Tetris - Doctor Spin - Cassette Single (CRPCS 4) ------ 911794
Tetris Professional Gold ------ 077705
Threads of Fate Soundtrack
Um Jammer Lammy Original Sound Track (SVWC 7049) ------ 287439
Very Best of Ys - Falcom Label / The 10th Anniversary (KICA 1220) - - - - - - 436048
Vib-Ripple & Vib-Ribbon Original Soundtrack (KICA 1330) ------ 889009
Video Game Superhero Collection (KHCD-1900) ------ 884385
Virtua Cop Soundtracks - Music from Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2 & Saturn Virtua Cop (TYCY-5478~79) ------ 986008
Virtua Fighter & Virtua Fighter 2 Music Tracks (TYCY-5480~81) ----- 500894
Xexex Original Game Soundtrack (KICA 7911) - - - - - - 000413
Katamary Damacy
Armed Dragon Fantasy - Villgust - The Missing Girl (APCG-4022)
Ardy Lightfoot / Hyper Sound Gig (COCC-11414)
Astra Superstars Original Sound Trax (PCCB-00298)
BAYOEN!! The Megatracks of Puyo Puyo CD (NACL 1147)
Chou Makai Taisen - Dorabocchan (TYCY-5298)
Dragon Quest VII ~Warriors of Eden~ Symphony + Original Soundtrack (SVWC 7052~3) 
Input 64 - Commodore C64 Game-Music 1984 - 1989 [Public Beta] (LADO 17080-2)
Matsuri-Bayashi Game Tribute - 20th anniversary a TRIBUTE to GAME-sounds for music-CD (AYCM-610)
Mr. B-Bee - Bomberman (FHCF-2224)
Salamander 2 Original Game Soundtrack (KICA 7695)
That's Atari Music Vol.II —G.S.M. Atari Games 2— (PCCB-00070)
Wizardry - The Third Episode ~Scripture of the Dark~ (COCC-11006)
puppet Princess of Marl's Kingdom ~the Adventure of Puppet Princess~ Original Soundtrack (AZCA 10015)
Startling Odyssey II Official Game Music Sound (TYCY-5401)
electrace PULSEMAN (COCC-11855)

Metal Gear Solid JPN

Final Fantasy Project Majestic MIX Gold Edition 279 out of 1500 sealed

Final Fantasy VII Limited Edition

Namco TeknoWerk Promotional Disc
Namco Techno Drive Promotional Disc [3cm Mini-CD]
VICL-249. Monster Maker Original Soundtrack
VICL-15019. Namco Game Sound Express Vol.9 Knuckle Heads
VICL-15026. Namco Game Sound Express Vol.12 Galaxian3 Theater 6
VICL-40191. Namco Elemecha Daihyakka
VOCR-5013. Game Sound Collection Vol.1: Time Sky Detectives DD

Project Majestic Silver Edition
SquareDance Limited Edition

10th Anniversary Konami Label Theme Song Collection (KMCA14)
Super Hero Sakussen Original Soundtrack (FSCA-10068)
Supersonic - H.W.A featuring Sonic the Hedgehog (Cassette) (KGB M 008)
Waku Waku Puyo Puyo Dungeon Expert Original Soundtrack (TECD-26436)
ZXE-D: Legend of Plasmalite Original Soundtrack (POCX-1052)
Sunrise Eiyutan R Original Soundtrack (LACA-9003~4)
Street Fighter II -G.S.M. Capcom 4- (PCCB-00056)
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (LBECD027)
Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Children - Game Music Arrange Tracks (FSCA-10166)
Shin Megami Tensei - Devil Children - Perfect Sound Tracks (FSCA-10157)
Riglordsaga Original Soundtrack (POCX-1010)
Romancing Sa-Ga Original Sound Version (N25D-009)
Romancing Sa-Ga 2 Original Sound Version (N25D-022)
Romancing Sa-Ga - La Romance (N30D-011)
Princess Minerva (NACL 1120)
Princess Minerva Original Sound CD ~Special Tracks~ (RHSC 94031)
Project Fantasyzone - midimushi
Purumi Purumi Original Sound Track (ABCA-32)
Quovadis Game Soundtracks (VOCR-5007)
Momotarou Denchiku - The Big Hit 'Momotarou Series' Game Music CD (20FD-7039)
Monster Comple World Original Soundtrack (AZCA 10021)
Marl DE Jigsaw - Golden Special CD (SLPS 20128)
Little Princess ~Puppet Princess of Marl's Kingdom 2~ Original Soundtrack (TYCY-10031)
Kwa-Ryo-En-Gwi Original Soundtrack (MGCD-1040)
KO Century Beast 3 ~Gaia Fukkatsu Final~ Game Music File (SRCL 3048)
Doukyusei Sound Memorial (NACL 1106)
Dokodemo Issho ~Koneko mo Issho~ Soundtrack (SCDC-00009)
—Dokodemo Issho— Toro to Nagareboshi Original Sound Track (Limited Edition) (VIZL-117)
Depth Fantasia Original Soundtrack (KDSD-00012, 13)
Cool Cool Toon Sound Trax (SCDC-00047)
Custom Robo Music Theater (OMCP-5~6)
1992 Hudson CD-ROM² Music Complete Volume (HCD 1026)
1995 Hudson Game Music - Complete Volume (HCD-4073)
4.6 Billion Year Story - Symphonic Suite (APCG-4030)
4.6 Billion Year Story —The Evolution Theory— Symphonic Suite (PLCE-902)
Angel Graffiti ~Into Your Profile~ Sound Collection (KTCR-1371)
Angel's Present - Marl Kingdom Story Original Soundtrack (Includes Picture Book & Game) (SLPS-20053)
Card of Destiny Original Game Soundtrack (MMCC-5002)
Divertimento Hanjuku Hero (N30D-015)
Nobunaga's Ambition (KECH-1077)
Super Mario Land - Ambassadors of Funk featuring M.C. Mario (ALCB-744)
Super Mario Land - Ambassadors of Funk featuring M.C. Mario (RTD 125.11
Ten Plants (BICA-5001)
Ten Plants 2 - Children Songs (BICA-5002)
Wrinkle River Story Original Game Soundtrack (NACL 1212)
The Legend of Dragoon Original Soundtrack (SVWC 7054)
Dangerous Curves (PCCB-00194)
Giant Egg Original Soundtrack - Music Popped Out Of The Egg (WWCE-31005)
Gradius Remixes
Ultima Mix Pony Canyon 1987

Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda ~ Time & Space
OneUp Vol.1

Lunar Eternal Blue TYCY-5423 JPN
Samba De Amigo Best of Bellini VJCP-68210 JPN
Ogre Battle DPCX-5003 JPN
Actraiser Symphonic Suite ALCA-182 JPN
Final Fight PCCB--00030 JPN
Hudson 1996 Promo Birthday HCD-8081 JPN
Mega Selection SST Band GSM PCCB-00014 JPN
Tekken VICL-23120 JPN sealed
Tekken Game Sound Express 14 VICL-15039 JPN
King of Fighters '97 PCCB-00273 JPN
Samurai Spirits RPG PCCB-00255 JPN
Real Bout Fatal Fury PCCB-00203 JPN
Street Fighter Zero SRCL-3297 JPN
Street Fighter II SRCL-3131 JPN
Fighting Vipers POCX-1030 JPN
Virtua Fighter 3 on the Vocal TYCY-5545 JPN
Street FIghter II TFDC-28011 mini CD JPN
Xenogears Limited Edition SSCX-10013 JPN
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 2 PCCB-00310 JPN
Samurai Spirits IV Arrange PCCB-00237 JPN
Fighters History Dynamite PCCB-00149 JPN
Last Blade PCCB-00287 JPN
Last Blade 2 PCCB-00350 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station SCDC-00029 JPN
King of Fighters '98 Arrange PCCB-00337 JPN
King of Fighters '98 PCCB-00334 JPN
King of Fighters Kyo RPG PCCB-00335 JPN
King of Fighters 2000 Arrange SCDC-00041 JPN
King of Fighters 2000 SCDC-00035 JPN
King of Fighters 2001 SCDC-00143 JPN

SST Band Casette 1989 JPN
Sega Taikan Collection Casette 1989 JPN

King of Fighters Anniversary Box-Set JPN DECX 0001-0009:
King of Fighters 94
King of Fighters 95
King of Fighters 96
King of Fighters 97
King of Fighters 98
King of Fighters 99
King of Fighters 00
King of Fighters 01
King of Fighters 02
King of Fighters DVD
Orchestral Game Music Concert vol.3 JPN SRCL 2732
Silent Hill 4 Promo US
Valkyrie Profile JPN FSCA-10118
Star Ocean OST + Arrange Super Famicom JPN SRCL 3686~7
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter OST & Arrange JPN FSCA-10017
X-Men VS Street Fighter JPN VICL-2176
Street Fighter EX2 JPN PCCB-00322
Psyched Club-Mix from Sega Racing Games Sealed JPN TKCA-71193
Virtua Racing & Out Runners B-Univ JPN TYCY-5365 66
Hyper Drive S.S.T. JPN PCCB-00035
King of Fighters 94 JPN PCCB-00162
Art of Fighting JPN PCCB 00101
Art of Fighting 2 JPN PCCB 00144
Samurai Spirits Arrange JPN PCCB-00169
Samurai Spirits JPN PCCB-00164
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time LIMITED EDITION 5,000 made with replica of Ocarina of Time JPN PCCG-00475
Samba de Amigo Best of Bellini Limited Edition JPN VJCP-68210
Dracula Battle the Best

Suikoden II vol.1 KICA7935~36 JPN
Suikoden II vol.2 KICA7937-38 JPN
Phantom Brave DIDX 104772 US

Jet de Go! : Higher and higher
Shin Tairiku G.S.M. Taito 6
Güten Talk - Zuntata Live 2-CD set
Chaos Heat
Night Striker Complete Album
Zuntata Live 1997 Cinetique Rave
Fighters' Impact
Energy Airforce
Zuntata Rare Selection Vol. I - Stoic Romance
Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer
Taito Game Music Vol. 2: Darius
Psychic Force 2012 Arrange Album
Psychic Force Original Sound Tracks
Psychic Force Extra Song Tracks
Raystorm Neu Tanz Mix
Raycrisis: Rayons de I'Air
Landing Gear/Side by Side double soundtrack

Pre Arranged Version
YsIII Complete Sound Works
Music from YS III Wanderers From Ys3
Perfect Collection YsIII - I
Perfect Collection YsIII - II
Symphonic Poem ~Wanderers From Ys
Super Arrange Version Wanderers From Ys
YsIII J.D.K. Special
Best Selection of YsIII

Combat Choro Q
Biohazard 2
Momotaru-Denchiku II Best Classics
Rockman Dash Original Soundtrack
Star Command Original Soundtrack
Dark Half
Gate Keepers

Street Fighter Zero 3 CPCA-1012~3
Konami Golden Treasure 3 Box Chest 220A 7721~3

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition VX105-J1 JPN :
Metal Gear MSX
Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake MSX

Rockman 1~6 Box-set:
Rockman 2
Rockman 3
Rockman 4
Rockman 5
Rockman 6

Demolition Racer US
Road Rash Jailbreak the music US
Movingshadow 99.1 GTA2 PROMO US

Conker Live & Reloaded US

Shining the Holy Ark OOCO-26
Tengai Makyou Far East of Eden PCCB-00191
Tengai Makyou Apocalypse Vocal Selection SSCX-10005
Far East of Eden II Manjimaru SSCX-101009.10110
Far East of Eden Apocalypse IV SSCX-10006
Far East of Eden Digital Remix Zero DPCX-5059~61
Dragon Force II MJCA-00019
Splinter Cell Chaos Teory Zen CD 100
Wild Arms SVWC-7040
Wild Arms 2nd Ignition SVWC-7041~2
Wild Arms 3 Advanced SVWC 7118-7121
Elfaria Suite FHCF-2073
Armored Core Silent Line SSCX-10085

Tape Casettes OSTs:

Namco Video Game Music Graffiti Vol.1 JPN
Namco Video Game Music Graffiti vol.3 JPN
Namco Video Game Music Graffiti vol.4 JPN
Namco Game Music Vol.1 JPN
Namco Game Music Vol.2 JPN
Capcom Game Music JPN
Sega Game Music vol.1 JPN
Sega Game Music vol.2 JPN
AfterBurner JPN
Galaxy Force JPN
R-Type JPN
Vigilante JPN
Darius JPN
Syvalion JPN
Tiger JPN
Salamander JPN
Taito Game Music vol.1 JPN
Gradius II JPN
Konami Ajax JPN
Konami Game Music Collection vol.1 JPN

Princess-Isabela Oct 27, 2011

Falcom Plus Mix Version 11OT 3712 JPN
Final Fantasy I & II X22X-1014 JPN
Dragon Quest Suite KSF1476 JPN
Dragon Quest II KSF1486 JPN
Burai Prototype X25X-3508 JPN
YS Super Arrange Version23OT-3716 JPN
T&ESOFT 5th Anniversary CM-0002 JPN
Twin Eagle & Super Real Mahjong PIII X21X-3501 JPN
Hokkaido chain homicide Okhotsk, The KSF1498 JPN
Dragon Quest KHY1019 JPN
Dragon Quest III KLA1567 JPN

Castlevania Curse of Darkness Sampler OST US
Digital Saga 2 Sampler OST US

Unreal Soundtrack 1998 OST US

Midi Power Pro 7 Gradius Collection + Floppy Disk KMCA5 JPN
Dracula New Classic KICA 1103 JPN
All Sounds of Albert Odyssey DPCX-5008 JPN

Pulseman Collection ~ 2 Vinyls by SEGA JPN
Biohazard Anniversary Collection Box Set JPN

We Love Katamari Damashii COCX-33273 JPN
Baten Kaitos KDSD00024,25 JPN

Red Faction Promo US

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles PCCG-00613 JPN
Beatmania IIDX 9TH Style Promo JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 AVCD-17254-5 JPN

Dragon Saber ~ VICL~15 JPN
Legend of Schwarzschild ~ APCG-4002 JPN
Game Music Concert vol.5 ~ SRCL 2739 JPN
Panzer Dragoon Original Sound Track ~ POCH-2219 JPN
Rune Worth ~ PSCX-1003 JPN
ARCUS Silent Symphony ~ TOCT-5616 JPN
Castlevania Akumajou ~ KICA 1005 JPN
Cotton 100% ~ DPCX-5026 JPN
Secret of Mana + ~ N30D-021 JPN
Shadow Brain ~ PCCB~00054 JPN
Namco Sound Express ~ VDR-14001 JPN
F-Zero ~ TKCA-30516 JPN
Ultimate Parodius ~ KICA 7641 JPN
Final Fantasy V ~ N33D~013~4 JPN
Hanjuku Hero VS 3D ~ SSCX 10095.6 JPN
Final Fantasy Prey ~ PSCN-5006 JPN
Final Fantasy Love Will Grow ~ PSCN-5041 JPN
Phantasmagoria Nobuo Uematsu ~ PSCN-5010 JPN
Final Fantasy V Dear Friends ~ PSCN-5018 JPN
Final Fantasy Celtic Moon ~ PSCN-5017 JPN
Final Fantasy III Symphony ~ PSCR~5252 JPN
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite ~ PSCR-5253 JPN
Final Fantasy 1987-1994 ~ PSCN-9101 JPN
Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale ~ PSCN-5004 JPN
Final Fantasy VII Reunion ~ SSCX 10012 JPN
X-Men ~ SRCL 3120 JPN
Street Fighter Zero2 Underground Mixxes "Da Soundz of Spasm" ~ VICL~2172 JPN
Street Fighter Movie Vol.2 ~ SRCL 3047 JPN
Captain Commando ~ PCCB-00083 JPN
Street Fighter III New Generation ~ VICL-60055 JPN
Street Fighter Zero 2 JPN ~ VIZL-24 JPN
Vampire Saviour - The Night Warriors ~ SRCL 2969 JPN
Magical Drop 2 ~ PCCB-00217 JPN
Far East of Eden II ~ NACL 1047 JPN
Suikoden III ~ KMCA 164~165 JPN
Akaiito KICA ~ 1336 JPN
Namco Game Music Vol.1 ~ 28XA-170 JPN
Air Original Soundtrack ~ KSLA-0004~5 JPN
King of Fighters R2 ~ PCCB-00381 JPN
Dragon Quest IV ~ PCCG-00118 JPN
Shining and the Darkness ~ TOCT-6169 JPN
Area 88 ~ PCCB-00018 JPN
Ninja Warriors ~ PCCB-00074 JPN
Fire Emblem ~ Genealogy of Holy-War ~ PSCN-5054~6 JPN
Parodius DA! Shinwa Kara Owaraihe ~ KICA 1011 JPN
Gradius 2 Gofer's Amibition Episode 2 MSX ~ 140A 7705 JPN
Final Fantasy X Promo not for Sale JPN
Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections ~ SSCX 10048 JPN
Koei 25th Anniversary JPN ~ KECH-1245 JPN
Tales of Symphonia ~ KICA-1337~1340 JPN
Final Fantasy V Dear Friends ~ N30D-017 JPN
Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon N30D-006 JPN
Elm Knight ~ A Living Body Armor ~ DPCX-1009 JPN
Might & Magic ~ PLCE-904 JPN
Live a Live ~ PSN-5007 JPN
Cotton 100% Promo ~ DI-3 JPN

After Burner 28XA-109 JPN
Captain Commando PCCB-00083 JPN
Street Fighter 2 PCCB-00056 JPN
YS Wanderers from YS KICA 1021~2 JPN
Dragon Slayer KICA 1003~4 JPN
YS Perfect Collection YS II KICA 1014~5 JPN
Sorcerian Perfect Collection KICA 1037~8 JPN
SST Formula PCCB-00059 JPN
Konami Ending Collection KICA 1046~7 JPN
Dragon Quest I.II SVWC 7062 JPN
Dragon Quest III SVWC 7063 JPN
Dragon Quest IV SVWC 7064 JPN
Dragon Quest V SVWC 7065 JPN
Dragon Quest VI SVWC 7066 JPN
Dragon Quest VII SVWC 7052~3 JPN
Namco Game Sound Express VDR-14001 JPN
Parodius Shinwa Kara Owarahae KICA 1011 JPN
Strato Fighter PCCB-00063 JPN
Perfect Selection Gradius Part 2 KICA 1112 JPN
Galaxian VICL15009 JPN
Art of Fighting PCCB-00101 JPN
Burning Force VICL-15001 JPN
Gradius III KICA 1001 JPN
Thunder Zone PCCB-00068 JPN
X-Men SRCL 3120 JPN
Undercover Cops VICL-5810 JPN
Galaxian VICL-15026 JPN
Cyber Sled VICL-15024 JPN
Perfect Selection Twinbee KICA 1057 JPN
Gradius II BY30-5202 JPN
Walkure Story for Orchestra VICL-8068 JPN
Darius Gaiden PCCB-00166 JPN
AF19th ~ Aces SectionLeader VICL=15040 JPN
F.A.System VICL-15011 JPN
Vimana ~ Teki-Paki/ToapLan PCCB-00071 JPN
Detana!! Twinbee KICA 7503 JPN
Art of Fighting 2 PCCB-00111 JPN
Psyched Club-MIX from Sega Racing Games TKCA-71193 JPN
Runark/Gun Frontier PCCB-00060 JPN
Ridge Racer 2 VICL-15031 JPN
Strike Fighter PCCB-00067 JPN
Darius II GSM 4 PCCB-00010 JPN
Dragon Saber VICL-40014~15 JPN
Marvel Land PCCB-00026 JPN
Rolling Thunder 2 VICL-15005 JPN
S.S.T.Band Live! PCCB-00042 JPN
Super Sonic Team S.S.T.Band PCCB-00009 JPN
Perfect Selection Gradius KICA 1048 JPN
Perfect Selection XEXEX KICA 1109 JPN
Nebulas Ray VICL-15027 JPN
Samurai Spirits PCCB-00164 JPN
Taiti G.S.M 6 PCCB-00064 JPN
A Nights Remix ~ Another Dreams TKCA-71992 JPN
Wanderers from YS - Super Arrange Version 276A 7716 JPN
Fighting Vipers POCX-1030 JPN
Namco Video Game Graffiti Volume 7 VICL-8004 JPN
Scitron 1990 Year Book PCCB-00055 JPN
Konami All Stars KICA 1053~55 JPN
S.S.T.Band Blind Spot PCCB-00085 JPN
Ridge Racer VICL-15025 JPN
Daytona USA/B-UnivTYCY-5392 JPN
Konami Kukeiha Club KICA 1020 JPN
Namco Video Game Graffiti Vol.2 VDR-5222 JPN
Music from YS III Wanderers from YS 276A-7715 JPN
Air Buster PCCB-00025 JPN
Finest Hour VICL-15004 JPN
taito Ninja Warriors PCCB-00074 JPN
Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams PCCB-00069 JPN
Alpine Racer VICL-15049 JPN
Vapor Trail PCCB-00027 JPN
19th, MOON Metal Black PCCB-00079 JPN
Gradius III KICA 1010 JPN
Dungeons & Dragons Shadow Over Mystara VICL-2169 JPN

Xenosaga SSCX 10062, 3 JPN
Live a Live Limited Edition Book NTT JPN
Estpolis II PCCB-00170 JPN
Shenmue TYCY-10034~5 JPN NEW
Madara KICA1024~5 JPN
Law & Chaos Disc VICL-40046~47 JPN
Ogre Battle 64 DPCX-5203~05 JPN
Dragon Saber VICL-40014~15 JPN
Burning Force VICL-15001 JPN
RIdge Racer VICL-15025 JPN
Ridge Laser VICL-15038 JPN
Ridge Racer 2 VICL-15031 JPN
Aces AF19th SectionLeader VICL-15040 JPN
Finest Hour VICL-15004 JPN
Earth Defense Force PCCB-00058 JPN
Rodland PCCB-00028 JPN
DirtFox PCCB-00013 JPN
The Legend of Dragon Slayers H32X-20012 JPN
Song to Fly VICL 60159 JPN
SuperSweep ImageSoundtracks SRIN-1020 JPN
Zone of the Enders ~ Anubis Beyond the Bounds LC1180 JPN NEW
Ring of Red KMCA72 JPN
Street Fighter II SRCL 2857 JPN
System Soft Super Imulations Sound MECG-28006 JPN
GLODIA MUSIC VOL.2 All Sounds of Vain Dream PSCX-1047 JPN
GLODIA MUSIC VOL.1 All Sounds of Emerald Dragon  PSCX-1044 JPN
Emerald Dragon MWCG-0006 JPN
H30K20136 JPN 1988 Birthday/Namco JPN
Falcom Music Sampler 96 JPN NEW
Dragon Slayer ~ The Legend of Heroes ~ Symphonic Poem KICA 1101 JPN
Provincialism YS by J.D.K Dulk Factory KICA 1051 JPN
Image Album ~ YS KICA 1172 JPN
Brandish Perfect Collection KICA 1102 JPN
Burai H24X-10010 JPN
Princess Maker NACL-1066 JPN JPN

Tekken 3 Playstation Soundtrack WSCA-00016 JPN
Tekken 3 Arcade Soundtrack WSCAX-10001 JPN
Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade Soundtrack APCG-4046 JPN
Tekken 4 Soundtrack SCDC-00181-182 JPN
10th Anniversary Special ~ Samurai Spirits the Best PCCB-00326 JPN
10th Anniversary Special ~ The King of Fighters the Best PCCB-00324 JPN
10th Anniversary Special ~ Scitron SNK the Best PCCB-00325 JPN
Record of Lodoss War VICL-2164 JPN
Macross M3 Sound File VICL-60690 JPN

Project Gotham Racing 2 Music Sampler US
MX Superfly Music Sampler US
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 Music Sampler US
Dragon Quest the Best 2 SVWC7134~5 JPN
Guilty Gear COCC-15090 JPN
Medal of Honor Frontline Soundtrack US
NHL 2003 Soundtrack US
Soul Reaver 2 Promotional Soundtrack US

Aero Dancing KWCD-2003 JPN
Beatmania 5IIDX KMCA106 JPN
Final Fantasy Rikki LE SSCX-10053 JPN
Final Fantasy Advent Children LE SQEX 10051-2 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 Inernational - Last Mission AVCD-17388 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 Music from FFX-2 AVCD-30444 JPN
Final Fantasy X Piano CollectionsSSCX 10064 JPN
Final Fantasy X Vocal Collections SSCX 10073 JPN
20020220 Concert - Final Fantasy SSCX 10065.6 JPN
Feel/Go Dream - Final Fantasy X SSCX 10058 JPN
Real Emotion - Final Fantasy X-2 RZCD-45080 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection Rikku JPN
Final Fantasy VIII - SSCX 10028 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Vocal Collection - AVCD-30481/B JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 Paine Vocal Collection - AVCD-30485/B JPN
Secret of Mana 2 - N25D-019 JPN
Final Fantasy 3 - N23D-002 JPN
Romancing Saga - N25D-009 JPN
Romancing Saga 2 - N25-022 JPN
F-Zero X Guitar Arrange - Brand New Sealed - ZMCX-101 JPN
Moomin - KICA18 JPN
Cho Hayama -Aniki Bangaichi- COCC-15042 JPN
Suikoden IV Ongakushu-Mouhitotsu No Sekai - LC1424 JPN
Family Computer Famicom Box - SCDC-00151 JPN
Konami Amusement Sounds '93 ~ Natsu - KICA 7616~17 JPN
Gunstar Heroes PICA-2001 JPN
Genesis of Dragon Force GM-Progress-7 - MGCD-1018 JPN
Guardian Heroes - TYCY-5466 JPN
Memoriesoff 2nd.Drama Series vol.1 Hotaru's Talking Cleaning Disc/Kid SCDC-00200 JPN
Pop'n Music Artist Collection Parquets KMCA141 JPN
Capcom VS.SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001 - CPCA-1055 JPN
Capcom Fighting Jam - CPCA-10101 JPN
Fire Emblem 2002 - TOCT-24827 JPN
Phantasy Star Online Songs Of Ragol Odyssey - Episode 1&2 - SCDC-00215 216 JPN
LandStalker - VICL-5179 JPN
Phantasy Star Online 3 Special Edition - Nintendo Dream vol.100 JPN
Super Smash Bros Melee - Symphony Nintendo Dream JPN
Pokemon N64 Limited Edition - TGDS-112 JPN

LOOM LucasFilm MECG-30001 JPN
Stories ~ Secret of Mana N30D-005 JPN
Shining Force II PICA-2002 JPN
PC-Engine Princess Minerva NACL 1156 JPN
F1 Triple Battle CA-4378 JPN
Ultraman Series POCH-2001 JPN
Radiata Stories ~ Tri-Ace Sound Battle Collection Promo JPN
Jade Cocoon ABCA-5 JPN
Radiata Stories KDSD-00061.62 JPN
Falcom ~ Dinosaur Complete FM Osciallator Version ~ NW10102520 JPN
Legend of Xanadu II Drama Hirointachino Birthday JPN
Falcom ~ The Legend of Heroes IV  "A Tear of Vermillion" NW10102580 JPN 
YS Oath in Felghana Super Arrange Version NW10102670 JPN
Falcom ~ Symphony Fantasy "White Witch" NW10102510 JPN
Falcom ~ "White Witch" OST First Part NW10102560 JPN
Falcom ~ CD Dorama Eiyuudensetsu III KICA 1155 JPN
Falcom ~ "White Witch" OST Second Part NW10102570 JPN
Falcom ~ Dinosaur Resurrection NW10102530 JPN
Falcom ~ VM Japan Vintage Master - Mystic Far East NW10102500 JPN

Prince of Persia ~ The Official Trilogy Soundtrack US
Castelavania Curse of Darkness OST US
Digital Devil Saga 2 OST US
Digital Devil Saga OST US
Growlanser Generations OST US

Tekken 3 WSCA-00016 JPN Sealed
Last Bronx Tokyo-Bangaichi PCCG-95001 JPN
Neo Selection PCCB-00141 JPN
Yu Yu Hakusho 2 ~Fighting Chapter~ Game Music Ensemble Vol. 2 MRCA-20041 JPN
Sega Taikan Special28XA-198 JPN
Twinbee Paradise KICA 7636 JPN
Toshinden  SRCL 3194 JPN
Twinbee Paradise Vol.4 JPN
Global Force SVWC 7030 JPN
Street Fighter EX Arrange Album CPCA-1009 JPN
Guilty Gear X By Your Side - "G.Gear" FSCA-10143 JPN
King of Fighters Symphonic Soundtrack PCCB-00220 JPN
Super Robot Wars Cockpit of "Hagane" FSCA-10064 JPN
After Burner S.S.T. Band PCCB-00032 JPN
Falcom Preprimer KICA 1018
DarkSeal II PCCB-00089 JPN
King of Fighters 95 PCCB-00187 JPN
CoolBoarders 2 WSCA 00008 JPN
Truth Goddes Transmgration FSCA-10159 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 AVCD-30444 JPN
SNK Character Collection - PCCB-00275 JPN
Samurai Spirits Image Album PCCB-00147 JPN
Samurai Spirits Drama CD PCCB-00255 JPN
Scitron Game Music 1991 Collection PCCB-00080 JPN

Nocturne III Extra Version SVWC 7185 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Guitar Collection KMCA176 JPN
Tales of Destiny 2 SSCX 10074~7 JPN
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Sogakusho ten no sho MACM-1147 JPN
Beatmania IIDX Remix for 10th Success Anniversary KOLA061 JPN
Final Fantasy X-2 AVCD 17254~5 Sealed JPN Sealed
Arc the Lad Generation KICA 1342 JPN Sealed
Chaos Field STRV-001 JPN Sealed
Final Furlong WSCA 00004 JPN Sealed
True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... SCDC 00296 JPN Sealed
Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection SSCX 10073 JPN
Tokimeki Vocal Best Collection KICA7681~82 JPN
Vampire Savior VICL 60098~9 JPN
Growlanser KICA 5045 JPN
Sakura Wars 4 All Song Collection - Last Chapter AVCA-14328 JPN
Sangoku Musou KECH-1111 JPN
Kao no nai Tsuki LACA-9019~20 JPN
Kaiketsu! Osabakina KICA-1334 JPN
Dino Crisis 3 CPCA-1073 JPN
Debut 21 Vocal Collection TYCY-5587 JPN
Far East of Eden II ~ Manjimaru SSCX 10109, 10110 JPN Sealed
Omoide Ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~ Sound Collection/KID SCDC-00227 JPN
Abarenbo Princess Sound Selection MACM-2021 JPN
Orange Leaf Visual Series ArrangeLFCD-0005 JPN
Bomberman Hero PSCN-5066 JPN Sealed
Generation of Chaos The Best KDSD 00037 JPN Sealed
Wartran Troopers World Combat LC1328 JPN Sealed
Imouto de Ikou! -Mayuka and Fuyuno's Summer Vacation- OMCP-27 JPN
Guardian Angel SCDC-00249 JPN
Comic Party LFCD-0007 JPN
Chunny chunny tunes LACA-5377 JPN
Grandread TYCY-5549 JPN
Dragon Quest Monsters II Synthesizer Suite + Original Soundtrack SVWC-7075 JPN
Sister Contrast GMCP-1001 JPN
Zuttoissho Original Soundtrack TYCY-5595 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Collection HMCA91 JPN
Songs from D.C LACA-5136 JPN
Tamagotchi Everyone in Tamagotchi World Original Soundtrack KTCR-1460 JPN
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Soundtrack Plus LACA-5062 JPN
Growlanser IV PCCG-00667 JPN
Growlanser III AKCJ-80019 JPN
Growlanser II KICA 1256 JPN
Memories Off 2nd. Vocal Collection SCDC-00436~437 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Sound Collection 4 KICA7749 JPN Sealed
Chunsoft Game Music Greatest Collection  WWCE-31064~5 JPN
Dance! Dance! Dance! FLCP-1201 JPN
muv-luv: Original Soundtrack Vol.1 LACA-5103 JPN
Milky Season Vocal Collection SCDC-00210 JPN
Missing Parts FGOS 006 JPN
Kingdom Special Sound Album ABCA-75 JPN
Game Vocal Best Vol.2 KICA 1308 JPN
Kita-HE ~Diamond Dust~ KOLA52 JPN
Bakumatsu Roman The Second Act Gekka no Kenshi ~Flowers Blooming on the Moon, Flowers Scattering on the Wind~ PCCB-000350 JPN Sealed
Bakumatsu Roman Gekka no Kenshi PCCB-00287 JPN Sealed
Parasite Eve Remixes SSCX 10023 JPN Sealed
Keni Ito X "SaGa" Battle Music Collection + Not For Sale JPN Sealed
Tokidoki Sugar Perfect Arrange Album ABCA-5003 JPN Sealed
Lovely Star SCDC-00015 JPN
Star Soldier ~ Vanishing Earth ~ PCCBX00003 JPN
~Suika~ FSCA-10199 JPN
Music Popped Out of The Egg WWCE-31005 JPN Sealed
Momatoro Dentetsu 11 Gold Sounds KOLA012 JPN
Rodriguez Nobu no Ikenai Oshigoto DLCX-003 JPN
Rockman X7 CPCA-1074 JPN
The City of Lost Children Drama CD CRCP-15512 JPN
Apprentice Magician KDSD 00011 JPN Sealed
Rainy Blue LACA-5015 JPN
Namco X Capcom Special Sound Track Not For Sale JPN
Natsuyume Yawa SCDC-00294 JPN
Drag-on Dragoon 2 AICL 1628 JPN
Universal Nuts PSCN-5065 JPN
Yugu Settai - Kotou no Gokuraku e Youkoso AKCI-20064 JPN Sealed
Yugu Settai - Kotou no Gokuraku e Youkoso AKCI-26004 JPN Sealed
Final Fantasy XI SQEX 10041 JPN Sealed
Final Fantasy XI SSCX 10093 JPN Sealed
BraveKnight AKCI-26003 JPN Sealed
Shining Force Neo Music Collection WM-0501 JPN
Spiral Nemesis PCCG-00337 JPN
Shiroi Fujisaki Piano Collection KICA7854 JPN
Flutter of Birds II FSCG-85104 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial  Vocal Best Collection 3 KICA7733 JPN Sealed
Tokimeki Memorial Vocal Best Collection 2 KICA-7722~3 JPN Sealed
Tokimeki Memorial Sound Collection 3 KICA7706 JPN Sealed
Final Fantasy Song Book Mahoroba UPCH-1332 JPN
Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection STF-0011 JPN Sealed
Super 3D EXP GM-Progress-5 MGCD-1016 JPN
Candy Stripe FSCA-10193 JPN
Memory returns the place ' original soundtrack SCDC-00280 JPN
Bomberman World KTCR-1462 JPN Sealed
Prisoner AKCI-26005 JPN
Bu ni Fu goo SCDC-00316 JPN
Present ABCA-78 JPN
Red [ -Aka- ] LACA-9033~34 JPN
Arc the Lad VRCL4007 JPN
Angelic Concert Vocal Collection KICA 1287 JPN
Epica Stella FSCA-10052 JPN Sealed
Abarenbo Princess Rouge Special Selection MACM-2025 JPN Sealed
Astro Boy WWCE-31031 JPN Sealed
Beatmania IIDX 11 Red KOLA092~093 JPN

Neo Geo DJ Station Special PCCB-00262 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station Special PCCB-00244 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station Live'98 PCCB-00307 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station In PCCB-00329 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station B.O.F Remixes 2 PCCB-00361 JPN
Neo Geo DJ Station SCDC-00029 JPN

TecnoSoft Vol.6 Sanctuary TCS-0006 JPN
TecnoSoft Vol.7 Reincarnation TCS-0007 JPN

Castlevania Lament of Innocence Limited Edition Sampler US

Saturn Sampler Audio CD - Promo Mean Machines Sega UK
SSX Music to Grind to - Promo UK
Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition KICA7895 UK
Sega Club Saturn - MM86013-2 UK
Sega Extreme Sports Promo DCM161200 UK
the Sound of Gran Turismo 7243 4 95063 2 9 UK
The Music of Command & Conquer 52145 99011 UK

SSX Tricky Promo Album US

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun OST US

Nesshou!! Street Fighter II LE PCCB-00103 JPN
Street Fighter II Chun Li Flying Legend TOCT-6542 JPN
Street Fighter II Mad Revenger Vengeful Warriors TOCT-6802 JPN
Street Fighter II MOVIE Original Soundtrack SRCL-2937 JPN
King of Fighters 99 OST PCCB 00387 JPN
King of Fighters 97 Drama PCCB 00286 JPN
King of Fighters 97 Drama PCCB 00281 JPN
King of Fighters 96 OST PCCB-00223 JPN
King of Fighters 98 Drama PCCB 00339 JPN
King of Fighters 96 Arrange ST PCCB-00225 JPN
King of Fighters 97 Arrange ST PCCB-00279 JPN
Perfect Dark Zero SE-2020-2 US
Virtua Fighter 4 OST AMMX-2001 JPN Sealed
Garou Densetsu Special PCCB-00138 JPN
Garou Densetsu 2 Image Album PCCB-00156 JPN
The Black Mages SQEX 10019 JPN
BeForU LC1248 JPN
Tales of Eternia Drama CD -Level One- MACM-1111 JPN
Tales of Eternia Drama CD -Level Two- MACM-1112 JPN
Lovers OMCP-10 JPN
Memories 2nd SCDC-00127 JPN
Omoide Ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~ SCDC-00227 JPN
PowerDolls Wedding March Vol.1 VPCG-84631 JPN
The Best of Koei Vol.3 KECH-1030 JPN
Noel La neige Rendez-vous PICW-5001 JPN
Megami Ibunroku Persona Vol.1 CD Drama Duo KECH-1121 JPN
Princess Maker Faery Tales Come True SRCL 3775 JPN
Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Selection 2 AVCA-22393 JPN
Harukanaru Toki No Nakade: Kacho Fugetsu KECH-1193/4 JPN
All Sounds of Zavas H28X-10004 JPN
Gran Turismo 4 VRCL4008 JPN
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth KDSD-00088.89 JPN
Rival Schools CPCA-1039-40 JPN Sealed
Street Fighter EX3 CPCA-1042 JPN Sealed
Scud Race TYCY-5541 JPN
Le Mans 24 MJCA-00005 JPN
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite BY30-5121 JPN
Dragon Quest III BY30-5181 JPN
Dragon Quest IV APCG-9001 JPN
Dragon Quest V LE APCG-9004 JPN
Dragon Quest VI SRCL 2737~8 JPN
Dragon Quest VIII LE SVWC 7228~9 JPN
Interstate '76 OST US

Outlaws Lucasarts OST US

Loom Limited Edition OST JPN

KOEI Sangokushi V KECH-1095 JPN
KOEI Sangokushi IV KCS-024 JPN
KOEI Sangokushi II H29E-20009 JPN
KOEI Sangokushi III KECH-1022 JPN
KOEI Sangokushi IV Cyber Electric Version KECH-1075 JPN
KOEI  Sangokushi Eiketsuden KECH-1062 JPN
World Heroes Perfect Arrange Soundtrack PCCB-00188 JPN
Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer PCCB-00176 JPN
SETA Game Music Special Scene "super Real Mahjong" H28X-10012 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Drama KICA7699 JPN
Chouaniki ~ Anikinosubete NACL-1088 JPN
Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final ~ makai saikyou retsuden ~ Game Music Ensemble Volume 4 MRCA-20060 JPN
Garou Densetsu WILD AMBITION PCCB-00364 JPN
Super Real Mahjong PV/SETA(TAB/1995/5/26/8800/X18/Limited) JPN
Final Fantasy IV Minimum Album N09D-004 JPN

Ultima MIX Vinyl 1987 JPN
Video Game Music Breaks Vinyl vol.2 JPN

Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG Soundtrack/Demo Sega Saturn MJCA-00009 Sealed JPN

Unreal Soundtrack #04-15949 US
Turrican Soundtrack KCD4 Eur
Apidya Soundtrack ACD2 Eur
Napple Tale Promo OST VIDL-30506 JPN

DIG Soundtrack & Demo Sampler 7243 5 55567 2 1 US

Akumajou Dracula MIDI Collection KICA7809 JPN
Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite Best Selection ~ROTO~ SRCL 3565 JPN

Midi Collection Falcom {Standard Midi Files} NW10 102210 JPN
Cyber Knight II SRCL 2966 JPN
Digital Devil Saga FCCT-0220 JPN
Drag-on Dragoon MJCG-80125 JPN
Soul Hackers KICA5009 JPN
Rise of the Phoenix KECH-1040 JPN
Last Armageddon H30X-20010 JPN
Perfect Selection Dragon Slayer The Legend of Heroes II KICA 1117/8 JPN
Suikoden IV Limited Edition KOLA102~103 JPN

Age of Mythology Soundtrack US

Materialie Foolmoon GMLA-0001 JPN OST
CyberBots SRCL 3274~5 JPN
Star Gladiator 2 CPCA-1008 JPN
A Moment of Freedom SCDC-00266 JPN
Night Wind ITM-004 JPN
Natsuiro Komachi Limited Edition JPN
Fatal Fury Special Image Album PCCB-00152 JPN
Dragon Quest VI on Piano SRCL 2740 JPN
Saga Frontier Digicube SSCX 10009 JPN
doukyuusei 2 NACL-1186~7 JPN
Yesterday to Tomorrow Sound Stage X 4 KICA 1316 JPN
Phantom Brave Promo JPN
Phantom Kingdom Nippon Ichi 2-CD Set JPN
B Infinity LWBL-0001 JPN
Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance N30D-025 JPN
Darius the Omnibus Zuntata ZTTL-0008 JPN
D.C Yuzca Coorie LACM 4120 JPN
Final Fantasy Best Collection Arranged Doujin JPN
Must Sees in Acral Namco Promo JPN
Faraway SNCD-0001 JPN
Best Sound of Music Library ~ Leaf ~ GMLS-0001 JPN
Battle Collection Complete Edition JMCD0009 JPN
IM MIDI Best Hits vol.3 JMCD0007 JPN
Eternal fantastic tune THE SONGS PCCB-00349 JPN
Devil Summoner Hyper Rearrange KICA5010 JPN
Fatal Fury Image Album PCCB-00132 JPN
Tekken 3 Playstation Soundtrack Seven Remixes PCCG-00455 JPN
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 PCCB-00171 JPN
Galaxy Wave 96 KICA 321 JPN
Sorcerian Super Arrange Version II K32X 7708 JPN
Falcom Plus Mix Version 1502 7712 JPN
Sorcerian K32X 7123 JPN
Devil Summoner POCX-1023 JPN
Digital Devil Saga Promo NEW OST JPN
Devil Summoner POCX-1204 JPN
Angelique: Premium Box OST Promo JPN
Far Far East Eden Namida Promo JPN
Avex Mode Selection AVCA-14087 JPN
Beatmania 5th Mix New OST TOCP-64058~9 JPN
Guitar Freaks & Drummania Best Tracks KOLA023~24 JPN
Dragon Quest Live Concert Family Classic Orchestra BY30-5206 JPN

Elemental Gearbolt Sound & Drama FSCA-10030 JPN
Assault Suits Valken KDSD-00043 JPN
Back in the SST BAND!! ~ The Very Best ~ SCDC-00312 JPN
Psychic Force 2012 Arcade Soundtrack Zuntata ZTTL-0026 JPN
Space Channel 5 OST MJCG-80022 JPN
Yoshinoya GMCP-1002 JPN
Jumping Flash! 2 ARCJ 36 JPN
Baroque SSCX 10021 JPN
Kowloon's Gate SRCL 3780 JPN
White Princess LACA-5244 JPN
Bloody Roar KTRC-1461 JPN
Blue Stinger COCX-30238 JPN
Fighting Vipers 2 MJCA-00022 JPN
Tobi Divine SRIN-1016/1017 JPN
Snatcher Zoom Tracks KICA7909 JPN
Rayforce Rubbing Beat ZTTL-0011 JPN
Tekken 3 Battle Trax PCCG-00416 JPN
Ridge Racer V AICT 138 JPN
Death by Degrees KICA 1368~69 JPN
Suikoden II Orrizonte KMCA57 JPN
Yasunori Mitsuda's Hopeful Weeds JPN HW-0002 JPN
Biohazard 2 CPCA-1001 JPN
Biohazard 3 CPCA 1030~1 JPN
Capcom VS SNK CPCA-1045 JPN
Xenosaga II Movie Scene Soundtrack Limited Edition VICL-61431~2 JPN
Shadow Hearts II KDSD-00030,31 JPN
Far Far East Eden Namida TOCP-67618-19 JPN
Sailing to the World SBPS-0003 JPN
Rumble Roses AVCD 17673/B JPN

Dark Cloud SOundtrack SWVC JPN
Ogre Grand Repeat DPCX-5221 JPN

Metal Slug 10th Anniversary Box-Set SCDC-00542~00549 JPN:
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug X
Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug 4
Metal Slug 5
Metal Slug 6
Metal Slug 3D

Generation of Chaos US
Atelier Iris Eternal Mana US
Phantasy Star Universe US
Atelier Iris Azoth of Destiny US
Rule of Rose US
Blade Dancer ~Lineage of Light~ US

NHL Rivals 2004 Xbox Soundtrack 33252-2 US

Zelda Majora Mask 1 CD Special Edition Nintendo Power US
Nightmare Creatures II US
Metal Slug 2 PCCB-00311 JPN
Metal Slug 3 Playmore JPN
Metal Slug 5 Playmore JPN

Way of the Samurai STF-0003 JPN
Tenchu 3 SVWC 7177~8 JPN
Rurouni Kenshin: Romantic Tales of a Meiji Swordsman - Meiji Restoration Fighting Edition OST ARCJ 58 JPN
Rurouni Kenshin: Romantic Tales of a Meiji Swordsman - Intrigues of the 10 Heroes Edition OST SRCL 4233 JPN

Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess Promo OST with Master Sword and Hylian Shield US

Tenchi Souzou ~Terranigma~ KTCR-1344 JPN

Heart of Darkness Soundtrack US
Silpheed OST TYCY-5448 JPN
Psychonauts Soundtrack US

Silver Infogrames UK Soundtrack
Blazing Star PCCB-00306 JPN

Grim Fandango Soundtrack New/Sealed US

Falcom Special Box '90 169A 7717~20 JPN
Falcom Neo Classic From Studios in London City KICA 1114~5 JPN
Falcom Ending Collection 1987~1992 KICA 1132~3 JPN
Sorcerian Vol.2 Perfect Collection KICA 1037~8 JPN
Falcom Vocal Collection I KICA 1042~3 JPN
Dragon Slayer J.D.K. Special KICA 1110~1 JPN
Falcom Perfect Sound Catalog I KICA 1105~6 JPN
Music from Eiyuudensetsu III KICA 1146~7 JPN
Falcom Vocal Collection II KICA 1044~5 JPN
YS III J.D.K. Special KICA 1002 JPN
Symphony YS K32X 7710 JPN
YS Piano Collection 2 KICA 1142 JPN
CD Dorama Eiyuudensetsu III KICA 1155 JPN
Provincialism YS KICA 1051 JPN
Falcom J.D.K. Band 2 KICA 1035 JPN
YS IV vs The Legend of Xanadu J.D.K.Band 4 KICA 1141 JPN
The Legend of Heroes III jdk Special Vol.1 KICA 1197 JPN
Music from Ys Renewal KICA 1168 JPN
Symphony Ys '95 JPN KICA 1160 JPN
Ys Piano Collection KICA 1130 JPN
Music from Ys II K32X 7704 JPN
The Vocal from YS 150A 7710 JPN
The Legend of Heroes  III jdk Special Vol.2 KICA 1198 JPN
Symphonic Poem Dragon Slayer ~ The Legend of Heroes ~ KICA 1101 JPN
Wanderers From Ys Super Arrange Version 276A 7718 JPN
Falcom Special Box '91 KICA 9001~4 JPN
Falcom Feena/Shoko Minami KICS 238 JPN
Falcom Rie Sugimoto Lilia KICS-35 JPN
Falcom Krelia Rie Sugimoto KICS 57 JPN
Falcom Celceta Rie Sugimoto KICS-105 JPN
Falcom Special Box '92 KICA 9009~11 JPN
Falcom Special Box '95 KICA 9023~5 JPN

Gradius under the Sky JPN
Phantasy Star online III let the Wind Blows JPN

The Rumble Fish STF-0014 JPN
Ao no Mamade...... / Tenku Danzai Skelter Heaven OST KDSD-00050 JPN
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne US Promo
Vocalize Mitsumete Knight KICA7870 JPN
Super Robot Taisen Powerful Music Battle II, Shin KTCR-1423 JPN
Himiki-Den AYCM-648 JPN
Super Robot Taisen Original Generation ~15th Anniversary Song Collection~ BZCS 5008 JPN
Zill O'll Infinite KECH-1346/7 JPN
Spectral Souls KDSD-00086 JPN
Sakura Taisen V Music Collection AVCA-22380~1 JPN
Ponkotsu Roman Daikagetsuki "Bumpy Trot" OST (Steambot Chronicles OST) KDSD-00075 JPN
Gatekeepers Vocal Album PCCG-00514 JPN
Chaos Wars & Belle Isle intro themes: Sound Horizon - Shounen wa Tsurugi wo...... KDSD-00111 JPN
Athena PCCB-00367 JPN
Atelier Elie SRCL 4457~8 JPN
Atelier Best Promo JPN
Arcana Strikes COCC-14971 JPN
Ar Tonelico Hymnos Musical KDSD-10018 JPN
Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ Soundtrack Book

Battle Athletess Daiundokai GTO Original Soundtrack (FSCA-10076)
beatmania IIDX 3rd style Original Soundtracks (KMCA77)
Beat Mania -Remixes- Konami Game Music Remix Series Vol. 4 (KICA 7851)
Cosmo Gang - Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 8 (VICL-15018)
Dance Maniax Original Soundtrack (TOCP-64066~7)
Digimon World - Digital Card Battle Original Soundtrack (NECA-30022)
Dino Crisis Original Soundtrack(CPCA-1029)
Dino Crisis 2 Original Soundtrack(CPCA-1046)
DK Jamz - The Original Donkey Kong Country Soundtrack (DIDX 026334)
Donkey Konga - The Hottest Hits (4091602)
Great Sluggers - Namco Game Sound Express Vol. 21 (VICL-15045)
Happy Salvage Sound Trax (SCDC-00025)
The King of Fighters '95 (PCCB-00187)
Metal Gear Solid Original Game Soundtrack (KICA7895)
Monster Maker (VICL-249)
Music from Shigesato Itoi's Bass Fishing No. 1 - Going to LAKE! (TKCA-71256)
Parasite Eve II Original Soundtrack (TPCD 0200-2)
SD Gundam Gachapon Soldier - Great Gathering (APCG-4015)
Tobal No.1 Original Sound Track (SSCX 10001)
Virtua Fighter 2 - Dancing Shadows (TYCY-5449)
Virtua Fighter 2 Sound Track (TYCY-5410)

Mischief Makers 64 TDCM-0001 JPN

King of Fighters: Kyo OST
Tech Romancer Drama Album
Marvel VS Capcom OST
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure OST
Samurai Spirits Image Album
Off-Beat Racer OST
King of Fighters '98 OST
Round Trip RV OST
Samurai Spirits 64 OST
Last Blade 2 OST
Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition OST
Sonic Wings Limited OST
World Heroes Perfect OST
Choutetsu Brikinger OST
Giga Wing OST
Buriki One OST
Money Idol Exchanger OST
Waku Waku 7 OST

Double Dragon PCCB-00175 JPN
Sonic Wings 2 PCCB-00158 JPN
Dunk Dreams PCCB-00173 JPN
Tsuukai Gan Gan Koushinkyoku PCCB-00163 JPN
Beast Busters PCCB-00036 JPN
Fighters History PCCB-00123 JPN
Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle PCCB-00236 JPN
Fire Suplex PCCB-00134 JPN
Miracle Adventures/Joe & Mac PCCB-00146 JPN
Neo Geo Sound Power PCCB-00031 JPN
King of Fighters 2002 SCDC-00221 JPN
King of Fighters Symphonic Sound Trax PCCB-00197 JPN
Overtop PCCB-00206 JPN
Samurai Spirits 3 PCCB-00200 JPN
SVC Chaos CPCA-1081 JPN
Savage Reign PCCB-00181 JPN
Fighters History Dynamite/Fighters History PCCB-00182 JPN
World Heroes Jet 2 PCCB-00160 JPN
World Heroes 2 Image Album PCCB-00137 JPN
World Heroes 2 PCCB-00122 JPN
World Heroes PCCB-00106 JPN
Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection PCCB-00219 JPN
Real Bout Fatal Fury Arrange Sound Trax PCCB-00207 JPN
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special PCCB-00240 JPN
Samurai Spirits Symphonic Sound Trax PCCB-00198 JPN
Ninja Masters PCCB-00209 JPN
Neo Geo Super Live 1994 PCCB-00161 JPN
Top Hunter Roddy & Cathy PCCB-00157 JPN
Samurai Spirits III Arrange Soundtrack PCCB-00204 JPN
Super Spy PCCB-00046 JPN
Ragnagard PCCB-00208 JPN
SNK Characters Sounds Collection Vol.2 (Nakoruru) PCCB-00269 JPN
SNK Characters Sounds Collection Volume 04 ~ Terry Bogard PCCB-00288 JPN
SNK Character Sounds Collection Volume 6 ~ Mai Shiranui PCCB-00297 JPN
Snk Characters Sounds Collection Vol.8 (Leona) PCCB-00344 JPN
Snk Characters Sounds Collection Vol.7 Yamazaki PCCB-00320 JPN
Snk Characters Sounds Collection Vol.1 (Kyo) PCCB-00268 JPN
Snk Characters Sounds Collection Vol.11 (Iori) PCCB-00378 JPN
Snk Characters Sounds Collection Vol.10 (Shermie) PCCB-00357 JPN
SNK Characters Sounds Collection Vol.9 (Rimururu) PCCB-00348 JPN
Sonic Wings 3 PCCB-00193 JPN
Crossed Swords/Sengoku PCCB-00076 JPN
King of Monsters PCCB-00072 JPN
Galaxy Fight PCCB-000177 JPN
Fatal Fury 3 Arrange Soundtrack PCCB-00183 JPN
Fatal Fury The Battle of Destiny PCCB-00087 JPN
King of Fighters 95 Arrange Soundtrack PCCB-00189 JPN
Samurai Spirits RPG PCCB-00252 JPN

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin OST LC1541~2 JPN

Dew Prism SSCX 10036 JPN

Sengoku 2001 SCDC-00102 JPN
Magical Drop/Dunk Dreams 95 PCCB-00195 JPN
Twinle Star Sprites PCCB-00247 JPN
Viewpoint PCCB-00112 JPN
Overtop PCCB-00206 JPN Sealed
Shock Troopers 2nd Squad PCCB-00355 JPN Sealed
Garou Mark of the Wolves SCDC-00006 JPN Sealed
Power Instinct Matrimelee Noise Factory Sealed

Ghost in the Shell Limited Edition 488290 9 Eur
Grandia II Deus TRCD-10013 JPN
Grandia II Povo TRCD-10014 JPN

Spriggan Lunar Verse ABCA-39 JPN Sealed

Myst III: Exile US OST

Thunder Force 3, 4 & Elemental Masters, WANDERINGS (FNAG-0006)
Thunderforce VI ~ BROKEN THUNDER (FNAG-0003)
Doshin, the GIANT (ZMCX-1055)
Hundred Swords Original Sound Track (GACR-3009)
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Moji Moji ? Can't Stop Remix (MJCG-80098)
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Uki Uki ? Non Stop Megamix (MJCG-80097)
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (VSDE-5700)
Sonic and the Secret Rings Original Sound Track, SEVEN RINGS IN HAND (WM-0560~1)
Sonic Riders Original Soundtrack "speedbeats grand prix" (WM-0525)
Xbox the Best (VGCD-0020)
Mitsumete Knight
Soul Calibur III
Star Ocean/Valkyrie Profile Concert Best Plus

Grandia Soundtrack KICA-5002~3 JPN
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Arrange "Alternative Elements" NACL-1213 JPN

Midi Power X68000 Collection Ver.1.0 KICA 7602 JPN
Perfect Selection TWinbee KICA 1057 JPN
Perfect Selection Gradius 2 KICA 1112 JPN
Detana!! Twinbee KICA 7503 JPN
Perfect Selection Parodius DA! KICA 1032 JPN
Gokujou Parodius KICA 7641 JPN

Motoi Sakuraba Live Concert ~ Star Ocean & Valkyrie Profile Live KDSD-00019,20 JPN
Motoi Sakuraba Valkyrie Profile 2 Live 2006 KDSD-00113 JPN
Phantom Kingdom 2-CD Soundtrack JPN Not For Sale

Kamaitachi no Yoru 2 WPCV-10191 JPN
Jonny Moseley Mad Trix 3-DO Soundtrack US
Auto Modellista CPCA-1062~63 JPN
Toshinden Before Stage Vol.1 BVCH-631 JPN
Black Magic LD32-5031 Anime Soundtrack JPN
DDR Music, Moves 'n More Sampler US
Dragon Quest Super Collection Vol.3 SVWC 7107-09 JPN
Warning Silent Mobius Drama Anime Soundtrack KTCR-1061 2 JPN
Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus SE-2004-2 US
True Love Story ~ Remember My Heart Vocal Collection Volume 2 Ballade & Duet Anime WDCD-25117
Star Child KICA-2126 JPN

Moomin Arranged Soundtrack JPN
Moomin KIDA-20 single JPN
Sonic the Hedgehog (X360/PS3) Soundtrack WM-0550~2 JPN

Moomin Sunafukin KICA36 JPN
Super Shinobi & Works 25A2-53 JPN
Sound Locomotive KICS 212 JPN
Kukeiha Club Hope KICA 7625 JPN

Zelda Ocarina of Time New Sealed PCCG-00475 JPN
Sonic Rush Adventure WM-0578 JPN New Sealed
Nights into dreams... Perfect Album WM-0601~3 JPN New Sealed
Gradius in Classic I KICA 7624 JPN
Gradius in Classic II KICA 1135 JPN
Space Manbow KICA 1006 JPN
Madara Special KICA 7504 JPN
Madara KICA 1008 JPN
Madara 2 Sound Fantasia KICA 7618 JPN
Game Sound Deco Data East 1 D25B1002 JPN
Madara 1024~5 JPN
Konami All Stars KICA1053~5 JPN
Konami All Stars 1993 KICA 9016~8 JPN
Konami Treasure Chest KICA 9005~8 JPN
Konami Treasure Chest 220A 7721~3 JPN
Konami Ending Collection KICA 1046~7 JPN
Valis the Fantasm Soldier CT28-5530 JPN
Original Video Anime Salamander K32X-7108 JPN
Dracula Perfect Selection KICA 1036 JPN
Dracula Perfect Selection KICA 1145 JPN
Dracula Best KICA 7506~7 JPN
Gradius Fantasia Suite BY30-5207 JPN
Dracula 64 KICA7942 JPN
Gradius Tribute SCDC-00530 JPN
Salamander Again KICA 7601 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial 4 KICA7749 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial 3 KCIA7706 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial 2 KICA7707 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial KICA 7644 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Forever with you KICA 7675~76 JPN
Dracula X KICA7622~3 JPN
Konami GM Hits Factory I KICA 1122 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama KICA7699 JPN
Tokimeki Memorial Piano Collection KICA7707 JPN
Konami Game Music vol.4 28XA-201 JPN
Midi Power Pro 3 Policenauts KICA7729 JPN
MIdi Power Pro 4 Tokimeki Memorial KICA7791 JPN
Midi Power Pro 7 Gradius KMCA5 JPN
Midi Power Pro 5 Salamander KICA7837 JPN
Midi Power Pro 6 Akumajou Dracula KICA7928 JPN
Midi Power Pro X68000 Ver.1.0 KICA 7602 JPN
Midi Power Pro X68000 Ver.2.0 KICA-7611 JPN
Midi Power Pro X68000 Ver.3.0 KICA 7615 JPN
Midi Power Pro Snatcher Ver.5.0 KICA 7645 JPN
Midi Power Pro KICA7670 JPN
Midi Power Pro2 Salamander2 Twinbee Yahho! KICA7708 JPN   

Chaos Seed GM-Progress-6 MGCD-1017 JPN
All Over Xanadu BY30-5170 JPN
Phantasy Star Collection II 1993 RS-2 JPN
Yaksa & Arcus K30X 7709 JPN
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Arrange Album KDSD-000100 JPN
Front Mission Alternative Riowarai SSCX 10010 JPN
Black Mages II UPCH-1377 JPN
Front Mission 3 SSCX 10035 JPN
Front Mission PSCN-5019 JPN
Front Mission Gun Hazard PSCN-5044~5 JPN
Albert Odyssey PCCB-00178 JPN
Ehrgeiz SSCX 10025 JPN
Front Mission 4 SQEX 10021~4 JPN
Front Mission 5 SQEX 10055~7 JPN
SaGa NTCP-1004~5 JPN
Baten Kaitos II KDSD-00096~98 JPN
Trusty Bell KICA 1445~48 JPN

Dragoon Might KICA7691 JPN
Dead Rising CPCA 10185 JPN
Sega Racing Best MJCA-00043 JPN
Battle Master TOCT-8252 JPN
Devil May Cry 4 OST AVCD 23419/B JPN
Gaia Crusaders Noise Factory 2006 JPN
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Plan to Eliminate the Saiyans FMCC-5006 JPN
Dragon Ball Z: Game Music Awakening Chapter COCC-13062 JPN
Dragon Ball Final Bout ZACL-1042 JPN
Dragon Ball Z 3 KDSD-00060 JPN
Golden Axe The Music WM-0595~0597 JPN
Sword & Sorcery GM-Progress-9 MGCD-1023 JPN
Espion-Age-nts ABCA-38 JPN
Akumajo Dracula Yami no Juin Overture of Revenge KMJ-00050 JPN
Namco Game Sound Express VOL.19 Mach Breakers VICL-15041 JPN
Dark Wizard ~Sorcerer of the Resurrected Darkness~ Drama CD TKCA-71211 JPN
Fire Emblem - Purple Storm Chapter AFCP-2016~7 JPN
Yuzo Koshiro Best Selection vol.1 VGCD-0081 JPN

Angelus ~The Devil's Gospel~ BY30-5205 JPN
HUMAN Super F^2 / H.E.L.P. TOCT-6458  JPN
Falcom J.D.K. BAND 1 KICA-1019 JPN
Remote Control Dandy -Direct Audio- with Game Disc ZMCX-1012 JPN
Langrisser: Descendants of Brilliant Light TOCT-8181 JPN
Enemy Zero "Piano Sketches" KTCR-1403 JPN
Hatris PLCE-903 JPN
Fire Emblem GSM3 PCCB-00029 JPN
All Sounds of Ragnarøkkr DPCX-5045 JPN
Tenshitachi no Gogo - First Love Chapter APCG-4012 JPN
Ys IV J.D.K. Special The Dawn of Ys KICA-1137
Eiyuu Shigan - Gal.Act.Heroism DPCX-5044 JPN
Great Maho Daisakusen CPCA-1041 JPN
All Star Pro-Wrestling II SSCX-10060 JPN
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon SSCX-10014 JPN
Final Fantasy 1987 - 1994 LE PSCN-9101 JPN
Mystic Ark KTCR-1326~7 JPN
Ancient Roman ~Power of Darkside~ CRCP-15521 JPN
Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack (1 disc present) SSCX 10097.8 JPN
Tetris PLCE-901 JPN
Super Famicom Edition: Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest III Into the Legend... SRCL-3563 JPN
Lightning Legend: Adventure of Great Wisdom KICA7750 JPN
The Kawarazaki Family NACL-1163 JPN
Ogre Battle Image Album: The Entrance DPCX-5019 JPN
Panzer Dragoon POCH-2219 JPN
Sky Surfer KWCD-2004 JPN
Silent Hill 3 KOLA 038 JPN
alone the world: Wild Arms Vocal Collection SVWC-7138 JPN
Ridge Racers Direct Audio KICA-1366~7 JPN
Detana!! Twinbee KICA-7503 JPN
Twinbee Paradise Drama Collection KICA-7803~4 JPN
Treasure Hunter G PSCN-5051~2 JPN
Touch! Generations Club Nintendo JPN
Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe Club Nintendo JPN

Genso Suikoden Rhapsodia GFCA27~28 JPN
Genso Suikoden II Music Collection ~Orrizonte~ KMCA-57 JPN
Genso Suikoden Asian Collection KOLA049 JPN
Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1 Swordsman of Harmonia KMCA-75~6 JPN
Genso Suikoden Piano Collection 2 KOLA-056 JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection Produced by Hiroyuki Namba/Played by Yajuh-Ohkoku KMCA-107 JPN
Genso Suikoden III Music Collection ~Rustling of the Wind~ KMCA-170 JPN
Genso Suikoden Piano Collection ~Avertunerio Antes Lance Mao~ KOLA-017 JPN
Genso Suikoden Vocal Collection ~La passione commuove la storia~ KMCA-163 JPN
Genso Suikoden V GFCA-41~4 JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection ~Celtic Collection~ KOLA-022 JPN
Genso Suikoden III Promo LC907 JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection ~Celtic Collection 3~ KOLA-064 JPN
Genso Suikoden Vocal Collection ~Faraway Star: Echoes Of Love~ KOLA-018 JPN
Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2 Last Duel at the Crystal Valley KMCA-97 JPN
Genso Suikoden KICA-7696~7 JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection Produced by Kentaro Haneda KMCA-143 JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection ~Celtic Collection 2~ KOLA-036 JPN
Genso Suikoden IV Music Collection ~Another World~ LC-1424 JPN
Genso Suikoden III KMCA-164~5 JPN
Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 1 KICA-7935~6 JPN
Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Vol. 2 KICA-7937~8 JPN

World of Warcraft Wrath of Lich King US OST
Estpolis - Game Sound Legend Consumer Series Biography SCDC-00486~9 JPN
Majotachi no Nemuri POCX-1012 JPN
Eko Eko Azarak Wizards of Darkness POCX-1016 JPN
Pride of the Dragon Peace KICA 1350~1 JPN
Lumines II Remixes BRST-0004 JPN
Lumines Remixes Winter BRST-0003 JPN
Wizard's Harmony 1 & 2 WSCA-00011 JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Soundtrack Vol. Chu! MJCG-80091 JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Soundtrack Vol. Hey!! MJCG-80092 JPN
Vivarium with Seaman: The Soundtrack of Life CTCR-14201 JPN
Aselia The Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword- Perfect Arrange Album ABCA-5009 JPN
Seireiki Rayblade KMCA-81~2 JPN
Salary Man Kintaro THE GAME CRCP-20247 JPN
Mizuiro Drama CD ABCA-76 JPN
First Kiss ? Story Voice Collection CRCP-15537 JPN

Dragon Ball Z ~ Super Goku Story Assault Chapter FMCC-5061 JPN
Uncharted Waters II Special Edition KECH-1061 JPN
Fighting Princess Story - Angel Eyes Original Sound Trax PCCB-00221 JPN
FM Sound Module Maniax FMCD-1006 JPN
Kamaitachi no Yoru Special Arrange Pack FSCA-10069 JPN
Lost Technology Plus FNAG-0009 JPN
Nobunaga's Ambition Sengoku Gunyuuden H29E-20001 JPN
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken Vocal Complete Collection MJCG-80120 JPN
Option TUNING CAR BATTLE 2 Original Soundtrack AZCA-10025 JPN
Suiko Enbu ~ Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty Suiko Enbu JPN
Roommate 3 Soundtrack Collection DPCX-5095 JPN
Granstream Saga FSCA-10029 JPN

LUMINES remixes
Extreme Assault
Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol. 2
Game Music is Dead
To be on Top
DECADE by Dr. Awesome
Star Ocean Soundtrack
Game Sound Legend Arrange Series - Speed & Wind
Technosoft Game Music Collection Vol. 8
WORMS 2 - Original Game Soundtrack
Crimson Skies Original Soundtrack
Voodoo Vince Original Soundtrack
SEGAROCKS Live in Japan
Hitman:Contracts Original Soundtrack

Radio DC no.3 WMC03-001 JPN
TroubadourRecord 10th anniversary GameOver TTEC-0006 JPN
TroubadourRecord 10th anniversary G.T.R TTEC-0007 JPN
CrimeCrackers 2 AYCM-598 JPN
Kaeru no Ehoh 2 ~In Search of the Lost Memories~ ABCA-44 JPN
Gunbird & Gunbird 2 SGCD-0003 JPN
Technosoft GAME MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.10 ~ Technology ~ Thunder Force V TCS-0010 JPN
Jet Set Radio UPCH-1048 JPN
Persona: Be Your True Mind KICA-5033~5 JPN

Napple Tale Vol. 1: Illustrated Guide to the Fairies MJCG-80042 JPN
Napple Tale Vol. 2: Illustrated Guide to the Monsters MJCG-80043 JPN

Out Zone/Snow Bros./Toaplan PCCB-00044 JPN
Death Brade/Data East PCCB-00078 JPN
Power Instinct PCCB-00145 JPN
1993 Hudson CD•ROM² Complete Music Works HCD-2041 JPN
1994 Hudson CD•ROM² Complete Music Works II HCD-4065 JPN
Megami Tensei I • II VICL-40029~30 JPN
OutRun2 Sound Tracks AMMX-2003 JPN
Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment Arcade Gametrack SRCL-3089 JPN
Genocide TOCT-5724 JPN
Musics from Super Star Soldier FHCF-1072 JPN
Final Soldier Suite & Original Soundtrack FHCF-1140 JPN
Daiva TOCT-6822 JPN
Music From Jesus ~ The Fearful Bio Monster 276A-7701 JPN
Soul Calibur IV OST MJCD-20132 JPN
Panzer Dragoon ORTA Original Soundtrack MJCG-80116 JPN
Ganbare Goemon 2 140A-7704 JPN
Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyushutsu Emaki KICA-1041 JPN
Thunder Cross KICA-2306 JPN
Aquales APCG-4023 JPN
Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes - Sound Battle Spirits PCCG-00336 JPN
All Sounds of Xak H24X-10003 JPN
Xak 2 & Fray PSCX-1023 JPN
Lagoon TOCT-5934 JPN
Cotton 2 ~Magical Night Dreams~ PCCB-00278 JPN
Shining Theme Music Shiro Sagisu Collection WWCE-31085 JPN
GRADIUS house ReMix / GRADIUS house ReMix / GRADIUS house ReMix LC-1742 JPN
Radiant Silvergun Soundtrack + TYCY-5613 JPN
Tenchi wo Kurau II: The Battle of Red Cliff -G.S.M. CAPCOM 7- PCCB-00133 JPN
Skull Fang ~ Avengers in Galactic Storm PCCB-00205 JPN
LucasFilm Games MECG-30002 JPN
Kunio-Kun Sound Collection C228-5008 JPN
The Konamic Game Freaks 28XA-135 JPN
Konami Game Music Collection Vol.0 KICA-2310 JPN
Konami Famicom Music Memorial Best Vol.2 KICA-1007 JPN
Konami Famicom Music Memorial Best Vol.3 KICA-1023 JPN
Snatcher 276A-7713 JPN
Raiden Densetsu PCCB-00047
Raiden II PCCB-00150 JPN
Music from Super Contra & A-Jax KICA-2307 JPN
Konami Game Music Collection Vol.4 KICA-7505 JPN





Dragon Quest:


PC, Misc.:

Super Famicom (Nintendo) Music CD's:

Arcade, Misc.:


Nintendo, Rareware:


RPG's, Misc.:


Squaresoft, Misc.:

Capcom, Namco, Misc.:

SNK, Neo Geo:

Vinyl Game Albums:

Compact Tape Cassette Game Albums:


If you're interested in any particular album, send me a message with potential offer, we'll go from there.

Herrkotowski Oct 27, 2011

Is it just me, but on any browser, this thread is really messed up looking, as if somehow code was broken.

Smeg Oct 27, 2011

Herrkotowski wrote:

Is it just me, but on any browser, this thread is really messed up looking, as if somehow code was broken.

I think it's you.

Ramza Oct 28, 2011

longhairmike wrote:

sir!! they've gone plaid!!


Isabella -- Are you more interested in selling all these off in a hurry, or in making sure you recoup whatever you paid for all this?

Because there are items I'm interested in, but I don't want to waste your time with super low-bid offers.


the_miker Oct 28, 2011

Free bump for impressiveness.

Looks normal to me in Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7.  If you can't find something you want in this sale, you're probably not a fan of video game music.

Princess-Isabela Oct 29, 2011

Thanks, well it was a very difficult decision but I knew if I'd hesitate letting particular album go, I might have questioned sale altogether, it had to be done.
Matter of prioritization.

Ramza wrote:
longhairmike wrote:

sir!! they've gone plaid!!


Isabella -- Are you more interested in selling all these off in a hurry, or in making sure you recoup whatever you paid for all this?

Because there are items I'm interested in, but I don't want to waste your time with super low-bid offers.


It's a mix of things really, absolutely feel free to contact me with any kind of sensible offers.

Zane Nov 17, 2011

Package received yesterday. Two of the CDs I purchased were like new, and the third WAS new. Great packaging, awesome service. Thanks, Isabela! I will definitely be taking another look through this list at some point to see what else there is to scoop up. smile

Princess-Isabela Jan 5, 2012

VGM Albums Sold:

Xak II & Fray JPN
Aero Dancing JPN
Killer Instinct Gold US
Dark Cloud JPN
Paper Mario US Nintendo Power US
Spiral Nemesis JPN
Mischief Makers 64 JPN
Soul Calibur IV JPN
Street Fighter 2 Zero JPN
Capcom vs SNK 2 JPN
Suikoden II vol.1 JPN
Suikoden II vol.2 JPN
Nights Into the Dreams Perfect Album 3-CD Set JPN
Chrono Trigger 3-CD Box JPN
Phantasy Star I-IV 4-CD Box Collection JPN
FInal Fantasy Pray JPN
Voodoo Vince US
R-Type Delta JPN
Air Original Soundtrack JPN
Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections JPN
Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections JPN
Genso Suikoden Music Collection ~Celtic Collection JPN
Ragnarok Online Original Soundtrack JPN
Uncharted Waters II Special Edition JPN
All Sounds of Final Fantasy I-II JPN
Circle of the Moon Concerto Castlevania JPN
Devil Summoner Hyper Re-Arrange JPN
Dracula X Symphony of Night JPN
Final Fantasy III Symphony ~ PSCR~5252 JPN
Final Fantasy IX JPN
Final Fantasy VII Reunion ~ SSCX 10012 JPN
Final Fantasy VIII - SSCX 10028 JPN
Final Fantasy X US
Final Fantasy X-2 AVCD-30444 JPN
Grandia Soundtrack KICA-5002~3 JPN
Ogre Battle 64 JPN
Secret of Mana + JPN
Chrono Trigger PSX OST JPN
Kingdom Hearts US
Legend of Zelda 64 Ocarina of Time JPN
Legend of Zelda ReArranged Album JPN
Legend of Zelda Sound Collection JPN
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker JPN
Legend of Zelda: Majora Mask Orchestrations JPN
Ogre Battle DPCX-5003 JPN
Parasite Eve LE OST JPN
Rockman Theme Song Collection, 15th Anniversary
Star Ocean 2nd Story Arranged JPN
Star Ocean Soundtrack
Suikoden IV Limited Edition KOLA102~103 JPN
Suikoden JPN
Super Mario Bros Do It 1985-1986 Vinyl JPN
Super Mario Bros.Special JPN
Tales of Destiny 2 SSCX 10074~7 JPN
Tales of Symphonia ~ KICA-1337~1340 JPN
Saga Frontier II JPN
The Best Of Final Fantasy 1994 - 1999 - A Musical Tribute (EAZ-4032) - - - - - - 898562
Valkyrie Profile Arranged Album JPN
Final Fantasy I & II Vinyl
Wrinkle River Story JPN
Kwa-Ryo-En-Gwi JPN
Live-A-Live JPN
Bahamut Lagoon JPN
King of Fighters 94 Arrange JPN
King of Fighters 96 Arrange JPN
King of Fighters 97 Arrange JPN
King of Fighters 98 Arrange JPN
Soul Calibur APCG JPN
Napple Tales Single JPN
Psychic Force 2012 JPN
Psychic Force Extra Tracks JPN
Grim Fandango Brand New/Sealed US
Billy Hatcher Music Popped out of the Egg JPN
Club Sega 2 Compilation JPN
Chrono Trigger Brink of Time JPN
Space Channel 5 JPN
Space Channel 5 Remix JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Hey!! JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Chu! JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Moji Moji! JPN
Space Channel 5 Part 2 Uki Uki! JPN
Sonic Adventures 2 US
Sonic Riders JPN
Sonic & The Seven Rings JPN
Sonic Rush Groove JPN
We Love Katamari Damashii JPN
Xenosaga II Movie Scene Soundtrack Limited Edition JPN
Sailing to the World JPN
Nights into Dreams Remix JPN
Sonic Fighters JPN
Sonic Virtual Tunes 5 CD Box-Set
Ehrgeiz JPN
SNK Game Music Vinyl
Dragon Quest Live Vinyl
Super Mario Galaxy Platinum 2-CD Soundtrack JPN
Samba de Amigo JPN
Clockwork Knight 2 JPN
Gradius Perfect Selection
Gradius in Concert LE Box
Gradius no Gofer II
Samba de Amigo Best of Bellini
Pokemon Gotta Catch 'em All 
Zelda Sound & Drama

If there's an album you'd like, feel free to contact me.
Thanks and have a happy new year everybody ^^

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