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Rrolack Jul 23, 2017

We've all come across VGM that we thought was a great deal, but which we didn't want to buy for one reason or another.  As one example: maybe you found a cheap album on eBay, but you already own a copy, so you just pass it by.

This intends to be a place where we can tell each other about deals like these.  If this thread gains traction, hopefully it can be a good source of cheap VGM for all of us smile

The_Paladin Jul 24, 2017

Yeah, would totally grab it if I didn't have it already.  Don't think it's prime for flipping per se, so hopefully someone who really wants it will get it.

LuxKiller65 Jul 30, 2017

50$ for shipping to Europe. All those sellers with these ridiculous shipping price really serious? What's the point?

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