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avatar! Oct 31, 2016 … index.html

"Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a highly coveted plate bearing the number 5. He wanted it so much, he bid 33 million dirhams ($9 million) for it at a government auction earlier this month."

Some people struggle to pay their bills, some struggle to have a place to sleep, apparently the top top top earners "struggle" to get low digit license plate numbers hmm

avatar! Nov 1, 2016 (edited Nov 1, 2016)

"A woman turned down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Then he killed her" … ice-say-2/

"Eaton...approached her with an engagement ring...Sabatini declined...he then retrieved a firearm from a nightstand...Eaton said the gun fired, striking Sabatini in the head....he left the house and traveled to the home of another woman. Eaton told that woman “that he messed up and he thinks he killed Sabatini,” "

Let's see, you point a gun behind someone's head (like the coward you are) and "the gun fired". Yeah, NO. The gun did not just "fire". He pulled the trigger. Then, the great genius noted that "he messed up". Sadly, this world is full of Eatons.

avatar! Nov 8, 2016 (edited Nov 8, 2016)

"Mother blasts photo of officer smiling, giving thumbs-up next to her son’s dead body"

Misleading title, it should be -"mother and lawyer sue, because they can!" … dead-body/

"Stanton’s attorney, Antonio Romanucci, said he plans to file a lawsuit alleging negligent infliction of emotional distress within the next two weeks."

"negligent infliction of emotional distress"... what kind of bullshit is this?!

"He [Romanucci] also said he believes the incident was racially motivated." More bullshit. He has no evidence, but he pulls out the race card. Now, if this was racially motivated (and you would only know that after a real investigation) the officer should of course be held liable, but otherwise this is just hearsay and the attorney knows it. Hell, I would consider that libel. Sure, the officer was dumb to do this, and maybe he has done this for all such bodies, but dumb does not equate to malice.

"The station said the death has been ruled an accidental drug overdose" yes, and I agree the officer was wrong in that he should not have smiled nor had a thumbs up. However, this is a frivolous lawsuit. I'm sure they're suing for millions, in the hopes of getting hundreds of thousands. I hope this case is tossed.

raynebc Nov 8, 2016

Insensitive, perhaps.  I don't know why the cop would pose like that.  Maybe they had just found the body and a stash of drugs and were happy to rule out a homicide?  The mother has no legal basis to sue.

avatar! Nov 10, 2016

"Teen machete murder suspect seen crying, screaming at police in interrogation video" … ion-video/

Damn! some real psychopaths here!

"The group spent two weeks planning Guardado’s death, including digging a shallow grave in the woods near their school days before...ambushed him with a machete...In the interrogation video after her arrest, a handcuffed Strickland is seen demanding to be let free, screaming at a detective and crying hysterically, repeatedly saying “I have no involvement” and asking for her father...Strickland reportedly later removed screws from from an electrical outlet and used them to try and pick handcuffs and scratch words into the table, allegedly writing, “MPD go to hell!”

After the killing, the group allegedly buried Guardado and to hide evidence, burned belongings as well as their own clothes, according to police. Strickland has pleaded not guilty in the case.Investigators say all but Strickland and Arbelo went back to campus, and the duo allegedly stayed behind to have sex near where the murder took place."

avatar! Nov 11, 2016 (edited Nov 11, 2016)

This is more bullshit than failing, but anyway … ummit.html

"According to Ben Goertzel, AI researcher and entrepreneur who spoke at the Web Summit in Lisbon this week, intelligent robots in human-like forms will surpass human intelligence and help free the human race of work. They will also, he says, start fixing problems like hunger, poverty and even help humans beat death by curing us of all disease."

Well, if you need $$$, nothing gets it like ridiculous bullshite that sounds great but has no grounds in reality. He could also throw in any other sci-fi bullshit he wants and hey, prove him wrong, right? Wrong. If he was trying to publish in a real science journal he would get rejected right away.

In reality, I wouldn't be surprised if what happens is that we develop robots for manual labor and sex. Not saying that's wrong but as for saving humanity -please, that's a joke.

Ashley Winchester Nov 11, 2016

Can we make a "The Many failings of Microsoft" thread? I got onto my computer and on the password entry screen Microsoft was trying to boast that Microsoft Edge was faster than Chrome.

What part of me really cares at this point? Just give up already and just realize no one (except the uninitiated) gives a crap about your web browser. Changing the name doesn't change anything.

avatar! Nov 13, 2016 (edited Nov 13, 2016)

"Broken engagement leads to lawsuit over $125K diamond ring" … mond-ring/

"A week before the nuptials were scheduled, Bzura beamed on social media that she could not wait to be Mrs. Moss...But for reasons not explained in the suit, “the marriage did not occur.”...The suit calls for the return of the ring, or its value in cash, with interest, along with punitive damages determined by the court."

hehe, so much for love! big_smile
Sorry if I sound insensitive, yeah, I find this failing funny. At least no one was physically hurt. I can only imagine the reason the wedding did not occur is because of  the actions of a third body that was found out by one or more people and sure sounds like the end result is bitter herbs to put it mildly (punitive damages? dang...) Although who knows. Oftentimes young people rush into marriage only to regret it later. I'm actually quite serious when I tell people that if you really want love, go adopt a cat or dog.

avatar! Nov 13, 2016

Been a while since we had a "road rage" incident hmm

"18-year-old charged with murder in road-rage beating" … ating.html

"He had originally been charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily harm. He’s also accused of being under the influence of marijuana at the time of his arrest...One witness claimed to have seen Hillman kick a helpless McFarlan several times and then use an obscene taunt...Hillman told deputies he acted in self-defense after McFarlan grabbed his neck...Police said Hillman claimed to be an ex-heavyweight boxer and admitted he “lost his [expletive].” "

Well now, this sorry excuse for a human being is now going to lose his freedom for many a decade. Unless of course, he can get the affluenza defense or some shite like that.

avatar! Nov 19, 2016 (edited Nov 19, 2016) … tal-crash/

"DUI charges against 19-year-old woman dropped in Moss Landing double fatal crash"

"Lynnea Hernandez, 19, was driving a Lexus SUV...she threw a cigarette out the window and accidentally steered into a Mazda...The driver of the Mazda...was killed in the crash. Lillianne Scott, a 19-year-old from Colorado, was one of seven women in the Lexus SUV. Scott died in a hospital two days after the crash. Hernandez was severely injured."

"Six of the seven women in the SUV said they had smoked marijuana before the crash. Hernandez also told authorities that about 10 minutes before the crash she took hydrocodone that had been prescribed to her."

Well, you have to be a special kind of stupid to take an opioid or really any drug (including alcohol of course) and then try to drive. Hope they throw the book at her, but apparently her family is rich, so it's questionable whether there will be justice.

"Hernandez has remained free from the Monterey County Jail since she posted $3 million bail."

avatar! Nov 23, 2016

"Bay Area owners of slain dachshund file lawsuit against PetSmart" … 631356.php

"Peacock and Stefan Zier, her partner, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit Tuesday against PetSmart and the company groomer arrested on suspicion of killing Henry, citing “an alarming number” of serious injuries and sometimes deaths after appointments at PetSmart offices across the nation."

People that abuse animals should be put down. Seriously, I would support laws that allow us to dispose of such psychopaths that ultimately will never do any good in this world.

avatar! Nov 29, 2016

"Ohio State attacker said he was 'scared' to pray in public" … index.html

"He appeared frustrated at how the media portrayed his faith, and he complained to his mother about school...Investigators are still searching for a motive...The employee said Artan was "a nice, nonviolent person. He talked to everybody."

Ashley Winchester Nov 29, 2016 (edited Nov 29, 2016)

I know it will sound like I've had my head in the sand, but I ignored this story until I clicked your link. I wish I had ignored it.


In the article, Artan said: "I am a Muslim, it's not what the media portrays me to be."

No, you weren't. Then you picked up a knife and became that VERY caricature . Bloody ****ing brilliant. I thought people who went to "university" were smart.

Also, he "didn't know if there was a place to pray" on the university grounds? Dumb question here. Did he even ask anyone? College campuses are so paranoid about inclusion and PC they would have obviously accommodated you, either out of genuine good will or fear you'd make a stink over it if they refused.

This story just makes me want to plow my head into my desk...

Obviously he wasn't thinking clearly. I mean really think about this. Let's assume he prayed out in the open and SOMEONE, ANYONE harassed him. Do you know how damn quickly those harassers would be punished and or removed? It blows my freaking mind that he had WAY more leverage than he believed he had and didn't know it. Absolutely mind blowing.

All this being said it's sad that innocent by standers should have to suffer because you filled in all the blanks yourself without any actual context... and this is coming from someone who fills in blanks like that! It's not an excuse for violence.

avatar! Dec 8, 2016

"Shootout mannequin challenge leads to gun, marijuana arrests" … 51314.html

"the Madison County Sheriff’s Office were flabbergasted that people would have the audacity to film a mannequin challenge at the same location where they allegedly sell drugs."

haha! that's the thing about humans, never ever underestimate how stupid they are!!

avatar! Dec 11, 2016 (edited Dec 11, 2016)

"My hedge-fund boyfriend tried to bribe me to get an abortion: suit" … tion-suit/

"In addition to child support, Naymark is seeking a paternity test, full custody of the girl, health insurance for the baby, funding for private schools and summer camps, and a $5 million life-insurance policy listing herself and their daughter as beneficiaries."

Another man destroys himself with his penis... tongue
If this is his kid, as it sounds like it is, he needs to take responsibility for it. If he did not want a kid, use a condom, or just don't have sex. It's really not that hard a thing to understand. Otherwise, prepare for the consequences. Could she have wanted to get pregnant on purpose, just so he would take care of her? Maybe. After all, she wants "funding for priavte schools and summer camps" because heaven forbid your kid actually goes to a public school (oh, the shame of it!) Regardless whether it was an "accident" or not, he's responsible. He's also a moron. Put your penis away!

raynebc Dec 18, 2016

That this sort of thing is OK with Pakistan's people and government highlights why radical Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.

avatar! Dec 20, 2016 (edited Dec 20, 2016)

raynebc wrote:

That this sort of thing is OK with Pakistan's people and government highlights why radical Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.

Isn't any radical sect of a religion incompatible with Western civilization? Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington wrote about the "incompatibility" of Islam was the West decades ago in his magnum opus, "Clash of Civilizations" (1992) … ations.htm
The essay and subsequent book sure riled a lot of feathers, but overall it looks like what Huntington said is true. Most of the Islamic world does not share Western ideals. Again, that doesn't make them "evil" per say. However, once you try to integrate such people into Western society, and fail, you have violence. Once people are driven to religious madness and they see you as unfaithful (which in Arabic is known as "infidel") then you have tyranny. The Church of course was just as horrible hundreds of years ago as terrorists today. Yet, we should learn from history, not repeat it.

avatar! Dec 20, 2016

And now, for something funny...
Watch Jerry Lewis being a jerk, and being funny while not being funny
"Watch: 7 Painfully Awkward Minutes With Jerry Lewis" … 32676.html

Yeah, can't rightfully say this is a "humanity failing" but didn't feel like starting a new thread smile

ps I know some elder professors that are as cantankerous as Mr. Lewis. However, I also know elders that are not nearly as obtuse!

avatar! Dec 21, 2016

"Adultery is a crime, judge tells man suing wife for reading lovers' emails" … story.html

"We might compare Mrs. Epstein to a bounty hunter — a private person who promotes a governmental interest. She has uncovered criminal conduct hurtful to herself, and deserves compensation, such as a more generous settlement in her divorce proceeding."

Haha! Indeed smile
Moral of the story: don't sue someone whose "crime" is less than your own! I feel that this should be an Aesop fable...

avatar! Dec 23, 2016

Happy holidays all! And remember, you can't fix stupidity, so don't try. Example

"Speeder caught at 208 mph faces a year in jail" … -jail.html

"Fraire "became really apologetic and stated he ran because he was scared," and described him as a member of a “local racing club.”"

They are always apologetic after getting caught...

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