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Timt99 Jan 31, 2006

Good stuff Conn! I'll post some thoughts on specific songs later...tired right now. Thanks again, man!

layzee Feb 3, 2006

McCall wrote:

'Black in Truth' by Baroque Mode is an odd's the song used in the commericals for Baroque, as in, the creepy game by Sting. It also plays if you stick the PSX version of Baroque in a CD player, but this is the full version.

Might I also add that the song plays in the second intro if you leave the game on long enough. Interesting contrast between the pop song while the game goes around slaying macabre monsters in FPS view.

Oh, and I quite like the song myself.

Timt99 Feb 4, 2006

Very nice stuff. smile

They are definitely different styles from Hikaru. Baroque Mode sounds the most similar to Hikaru. Beyond Time sounds SO familiar, but the strange thing is, I think I heard from a game other than Legend of Heroes.....or my mind could be playing tricks on me. I like Murashita's "16 Stars" a lot. I'm used to female j-pop vocalists, but he sounds very good, I admit. Blue Sky Blue is, by far, my number one fav. smile

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