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Salvanis May 13, 2007

I hope this isn't too late to help, but while I haven't played it myself, near-universal consensus among even Transformers fans is that it's pretty much unmitigated crap. The CG may look nice in cutscenes, but the gameplay is godawful. Here's a review that may come in handy:

In short, stay away. Far away.

avatar! May 13, 2007

Very dissapointing to hear... you would think that in the past twenty some years someone somewhere would have developed a decent Transformers game!!


brandonk May 14, 2007 gotta wonder why such a good license went to such a waste...And why are there no pictures of the actual game play in the review..(just a side jab)

I'm pretty sure after the movie comes out, there will be a game, that gets at least a 4 out of 10 score...At least I could check that out...This other game ounds like pure garbage

avatar! May 14, 2007

The more I know about the film, the less I like it! Starscream, one of the coolest Transformers  has totally been butchered! According to Wikipedia, here's what he looks like in the movie (prepare yourself):

Looks to me like a certain "director" has been watching Terminator too many times... bleh!


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