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Boco Aug 7, 2010

The current speculation is that these CDs aren't the complete original soundtrack, but just promo albums with only a couple tracks each. That makes the most sense given their low price (1,500 yen each). I'll probably buy them regardless though. XD

Jodo Kast Aug 8, 2010

I'm looking forward to FFXIV. FFXII was boring and I won't dare listen to FFXIII, since I can't stand Hamauzu.

When I listen to Lord of Vermilion, I am reminded of Extreme-G for some reason (I picture the racetracks in my mind, not the music). That's of course a very good thing (it sounds like shooter/racing music). LoV does not make me think of Final Fantasy in the least. If I did not know Uematsu was the composer, I never could have guessed.

Tim JC Aug 31, 2010

I had held off listening to the FFXIV soundtrack till now, but finally caved. I'm over halfway through it, and I like what I hear. It started off rather ho-hum, but there have been a number of tracks that I think are great, raising the face value of the whole thing in my mind. Lots of action/battle tracks in there; some are generic, others I totally want to fight a boss to. There seem to be intentional references to older FF themes. At times it reminds me of Lost Odyssey, but with rhythmic beats from FF8's Force Your Way or FF7's Bombing Mission thrown in. And even though this is the newer Uematsu, with all his orchestra and electric guitar combos, you still hear a lot of cool sounds that hearken back to the older Uematsu. I don't know, I think it works well outside the game for the most part. There's some soft wintry stuff, some Caribbean flavor, some brassy jazz. One theme sounds inspired by Edward Scissorhands, while the chocobo theme starts off with an altered intro of the "The Magnificent Seven" theme. Cowboy de Chocobo? I don't care for that long vocal song though. Some sections are nice, but other parts made me cringe.

Cedille Sep 26, 2010

Does anybody try the game? I passed it, but lately I've watching others playing the game for quite a long time while studying, and the music isn't so bad as most everybody says. They're not so memorable, but are fine backgrounds music.  Maybe there isn't another Ronfaure or Gustaberg, but I'm really digging the music of Limsa Lominsa. I even like it better than Bastok. The first numbered-FF I won't play after III, but the first soundtrack I'll pick up nonetheless.

Sami Sep 26, 2010

Jodo Kast wrote:

LoV does not make me think of Final Fantasy in the least. If I did not know Uematsu was the composer, I never could have guessed.

That's rather curious. You don't look back to "Dark Messenger" for the rock motifs, or perhaps "Dark City Treno" for the melodies, in Final Fantasy IX? There seems to be a very clear progression of Uematsu from IX to BD to LO to LoV as an evolution of that particular facet of Uematsu's style.

Boco Sep 27, 2010

Played FFXIV for a bit in the open beta and was impressed. The game lacked polish (and was ridden with bugs), but it had enough potential to hook me and so I pre-ordered the collector's edition. Now I'm playing the official version and it's pretty great! There's still a lot of fixes and improvements to be made, but I'm enjoying myself nonetheless. :3

As for the music... I'm loving all of it. It's pretty standard Uematsu and that's perfectly fine with me. In fact, several tunes in FFXIV are borrowed from his previous works (and that's besides the obvious rehashes like the Prelude, Final Fantasy, Chocobo theme, victory fanfare, etc.). Overall I find it to be a great blend of old and new that fits the game rather well. Definitely looking forward to complete soundtrack release.

Zealboy Sep 27, 2010

The music definitely works better in game than listened to outside of the game, but I often feel that way about unimpressive soundtracks.  Now that I'm playing I don't miss having Mizuta as much as I thought I would, but I still would have preferred it... and this does come from an Uematsu fan.

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