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JasonMalice Mar 27, 2014

I wasn't sure whether to post here, or in the marketplace, since I'm not actually selling anything.
Recently I sold a $400 item, and I ships it through the US post office with two day priority plus an additional insurance coverage for $400.

The item was tracked every step of the way up until it was at the local post office and checked "out for delivery"

From there, the item was not delivered, and now if you type in the tracking number, it shows all of the tracking off until out for delivery, but it now shows above that item information not available.

Needless to say, I am a decent human being and I did refund the money for the item. And I have learned that after 15 days, I can file for a insurance claim with the US post office.

Has anyone ever had to do this, and never had success with this? I have my receipts of shipping I have the insurance receipt, I have the bill of sale for the item which I had shipped; I have everything in my records as far as evidence. As a former government employee and a former subversive circumventing employee myself, I can just feel the game of red tape and bureaucracy that I may have to deal with.

My argument is simply that how can an item reach the destination post office, be checked out for delivery, and simply vanish. And I have called the post office there in Philadelphia, and they told me that the item has been lost. If I was a postal employee, and was delivering an item that could be about the shape of an iPhone, and insured for a decent amount of money what would I do if I was unethical?

My main question is, aside from that tangent which I apologize for, as has anyone dealt with the post office regarding warranty reimbursements?
Any advice is appreciated.
Thank you everybody.

– – Jason

Yotsuya Mar 27, 2014

I can't really help in your question, but I had a CD vanish at the post office once and I got the run-around for quite awhile until I told my neighborhood mailman who said it was probably misplaced within the post office and he ended up finding it, all that to say these things can happen from time to time.

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