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SSteele1994 May 29, 2016

Hi All,

Posted below are the current available CD's I am selling. I've been collecting for many years, but family circumstances have called me to part ways with my collection. I am intending on letting go of the majority of my physical CD's. There are 25 below, which is just a small fraction. There will be more coming in the next several weeks(I'll continue to update regularly),

I have not posted on here in years. My former handle was "MoonRaiser" for those who may recall me. (I couldn't even begin to remember my original login information).

In any case - a few notes on the general condition: Everything is either in very good to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted. Unfortunately, I never kept the OBI's, in most cases. The prices here are what I'm asking, but can be adjusted/negotiated slightly, if the offer is right.

As for shipping - if you buy multiple CD's, I can condense. Otherwise - I will try to stick with Media Mail / First Class($3.00) as much as possible.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review what I have.

1. 20th Anniversary: A tribute to game -sounds for music- CD / AYCM-610 -- $20.00

2. "Arc the Lad" Soundtrack Complete[2 CD] / VRCT-4002~3 -- $35.00 (very thin, short hairline crack on upper front right of case)

3. Arc the Lad III Original Game Soundtrack / VRCH-5002 -- $25.00

4. The Bouncer Original Video Game Soundtrack / TPCD 0204-2 -- $20.00 (This is the US single disc version release by Tokyo Pop Soundtrax)

5. Bushido Blade 2 - Original Soundtrack / SSCX-10019 -- $45.00

6. Chaosfield - Original Soundtrack / STRV-001 -- $30.00 (Very thin 2 inch hairline crack on front of CD case)

7. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness - Prelude of Revenge / KMJ-00050 -- $20.00

8. Dead or Alive for Playstation / PCCB-00314 -- $20.00 (extremely small hairline cracks on lower right front of CD case)

9. Dance Revolution Volume II: Battle Arena Toshinden 2 / VOCR-5012 -- $40.00 (1 inch hairline crack on upper left of front CD case)

10. Kagero: Deception II / PCCB-00351 -- $25.00

11. Dragon Quest Suite / BY30-5121 -- $25.00

12. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Original Soundtrack(2 CD) / SSCX-10083~4 -- $30.00

13. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - White Melodies of / SVWC-7172 -- $20.00

14. Gunstar Heroes Sound Collection / SCDC-00470 -- $15.00

15. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty: Original Soundtrack / KMCA-127 -- $10.00

16. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sons of Liberty Soundtrack 2: The Other Side / KMCA-144 -- $15.00

17. Muv-Luv Original Soundtrack / LACA-5103 -- $20.00 (2 inch hairline crack on front lower left of CD case)

18. Melody of Legend ~ Chapter of Dream / KICA-1242 -- $15.00

19. Melody of Legend - Chapter of Love / KICA-1241 -- $15.00

20. Arrange Sound from the Record of Lodoss War ~The Gray Witch~ --$25.00 (The liner booklet has some mild wear and folding from age)

21. Street Fighter Zero 3 Original Soundtrack(2 CD) / CPCA-1012~3 -- $15.00

22. Super Famicom Magazine November News Volume 9 - Special Supplement (Disc only; this was originally an audio CD included with the magazine publication - a generic case will be provided) -- $60.00

23. Technic Beat Soundtrack / SRIN-1040 (OBI is included) -- $20.00

24. Tommy Tallarico - Virgin Games Greatest Hits Volume I / 7243-8-28445-2-5 -- $20.00 (CD case is broken, and very badly damaged)

25. Tommy Tallarico Games Greatest Hits Volume II / TTGGHV02 -- $20.00

SSteele1994 May 30, 2016

22. Super Famicom Magazine November News Volume 9 - Special Supplement (Disc only; this was originally an audio CD included with the magazine publication - a generic case will be provided) -- $60.00


Also, I updated the albums on VGM DB. I can't share the link - but, my handle there is: SSteele1976. More is on the way!


SSteele1994 May 30, 2016

Sorry about that! Not sure what I was thinking. tongue  You can reach me at:

SSteele1994 Jun 5, 2016

Hi folks:

Here is the latest update with my sales:

--The original lot of albums listed above has been discounted by $5.00 each. They are all available for sale save for the Superfamicom Magazine album(November issue). I had a few sales setup - but, they all mysteriously fell through at the last minute. Not sure if it's an E-mail/SPAM issue. But, in addition to my is my Pay Pal address) - I would alternatively request you CC my Pitt E-mail: when you inquire on a purchase. Thank you!

--I am happy to provide pics as necessary, if there is any information you would prefer to know on the condition of the CD's.

--I need to move these discs, so I am open to offers if you feel the price is not reasonable. But, if I don't get any firm commitments on this first batch within the next week - they will be released into the wild. (IE: eBay).

--I have updated my VGM DB page today, with the new prices. I also added 10 new discs that I am letting go. A few of these are definitely rarities. My handle on there is: SSteele1976. I will try to post a link to the sale page directly: … erid=10981

Here are the newest additions. Condition on everything is excellent, unless otherwise noted. There are no OBI's unless noted.

1. VICL-60845 - Gungrave OST ($40.00)

2. KICA-5047 - Maken X Original Soundtracks ($25.00)

3. D28B-011 - Daimakaimura -GSM Capcom 1- ($75.00 - first pressing)

4. KOLA-027 - Anubis: Zone of the Enders OST ($25.00)

5.  INTIR-012 - Rockman ZX Soundsketch "ZX Gigamix" ($15.00) - has OBI

6. WIC-8108 - The Nightmare of Druga Special Soundtrack ($15.00)

7. WM-0600 - Phantasy Star - Ambition of the Illuminus ($10.00) - has OBI

8. TIM-SFC10 - Super Famicom Magazine October News Volume Special Supplement - $100.00 (Disc only)

9. 276A-7702 - Star Trader - Music From ($75.00)

10. ARCJ-66 - Alundra OST ($75.00)

Thanks again for taking the time to look over my sale list! More to follow.....

SSteele1994 Jun 12, 2016

Hi all,

Just in case anyone is interested - I have a few game music CD's ending in auction on eBay tonight. These are CD's not originally listed above.

The CD's above still have no takers, so beginning tonight - I will post on average 5 to 10 CD's/per week on eBay. I plan to do this rotation of sales every Sunday.

Here is the link to my current profile on eBay with the active sales.

-Shawn … 7675.l2562

SSteele1994 Jun 18, 2016

Small update for this Sunday with 5 new additions:

1. KICA 1132~33  - Falcom Ending Collection 1987 - 1992  / $50.00

2. KICA 132 - Lilia ~From Ys~  / $25.00

3. NW10102410 - Ys: Heaven's Sanctuary Original Soundtrack ~ JDK Band / $25.00

4. NW10102420 - Ys: Heaven's Sanctuary Original Soundtrack ~ Electric Orchestra / $25.00

5. PCCB-00141 - Neo Selection: ~Neo-Geo Fighting Tournament Best~ / $15.00

The Tommy Tallarico CD's have sold! Everything else is up for grabs. Here is my current sale list at VGM DB: … erid=10981

Here is the current list of available CD's for sale on eBay: (ends tomorrow night). … 7675.l2562

Next update will be again , June 26! Thanks!

avatar! Jun 24, 2016

Got the TommyT CDs from Shawn and I'm very happy! A great price for two rare (and really excellent) CDs smile

SSteele1994 Jun 26, 2016

Great! Thanks for the positive comments, avatar! Glad you are enjoying them! smile

Hi folks - here is the latest selection of game soundtracks ending tonight on eBay. I believe there are nine CD's here - all of which are at the lowest price I'm willing to accept. … 7675.l2562

I have some new additions to add this week that were not previously listed for sale. I'll put them on VGM DB first later tonight and update again here.

Thanks so much!

SSteele1994 Jun 26, 2016

I have updated my sale list and reduced some of the pricing. I am not only in need of the sale, but also need to free up some space. Since I began doing this, it's been difficult to determine what a reasonable price should be on some of these. I do notice that a lot of people lately have also been letting their collections go. The younger generation can enjoy the bounty us gaming veterans collected in our hey day. smile

I have quite a few rare gems, but I'm still evaluating condition, price and value. These updates will occur weekly.

Here is the active sales list: … erid=10981

Here are the newest editions:

-Tench 3 OST (Wrath of Heaven) /  SVWC-7177~8 - $25.00

-SNK Character Sound Collection Volume 2 - Nakoruru / PCCB-00269 - $20.00

-SNK Character Sound Collection Volume 9 - Rimlulu / PCCB-00348 - $20.00

-Shin Sangokumusuou Kyuukyoku Onban / KECH-1206~7 - $25.00

-Project Sylpheed OST / SQEX-10080 - $15.00

-Raystorm / ZTTL-0002 - $20.00

-Raystorm -Nau Tanz Mix- / ZTTL-0005 - $25.00

Next update will be shortly after the July 4th holiday weekend. I will be out of town from July 2 - 4, and will be able to respond to messages on July 5th.

SSteele1994 Jul 2, 2016

Hi folks,

Here are the current listings on eBay that will be ending tomorrow night. There's been minimal interest in the soundtracks posted thus far, so I am pairing multiple CD's together at a flat rate to try and invigorate some attention. There's one set on there now; I will be doing more CD's like this in the coming weeks. No change to the VGM DB sale page - but, I'll be posting some new soundtracks for sale next week on there. … 7675.l2562

Thanks and have a good fourth!

SSteele1994 Jul 3, 2016

Thanks for the information, Alachest! I didn't realize how excessive this was. I have corrected the shipping options on that auction.

SSteele1994 Jul 9, 2016

More pricing adjustments to the existing group (link below). Street Fighter Zero 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 (TOS), Gunstar Heroes and White Melodies of Final Fantasy Advance are on hold. Everything else listed is still available: … erid=10981

I have more to list, but want to get some of these thinned out and moved.


SSteele1994 Jul 23, 2016

Hi all,

I moved some CD's this past week. The list is current once again as of tonight. I added in some more new selections in addition to adjusting prices on existing available discs that have not sold yet! Thanks to those who purchased - I do appreciate it!

Here is the current sale list:

My E-mail: -- Also, in case I didn't mention -- I mail via Media mail to keep costs down for the buyer.

More updates coming in another week!

SSteele1994 Jul 30, 2016

Several more CD's moved this week. Thank you so much! I added in some new selections and also adjusted prices once again! The main change is I updated the conditions on all the available CD's to avoid confusion. Please always feel free to address concerns or request pics of the CD's.

Here is the current sale list: … erid=10981

More is coming!

Zane Aug 5, 2016

Had a great transaction with Shawn recently. Awesome seller!

SSteele1994 Aug 6, 2016

Many thanks once again to those who have purchased this week! The CD's are starting to steadily move and I appreciate it!

This weekend's update is complete. New discs have been added. Present discs have been adjusted on price, once more! There are several as low as $5.

The updated sale list is here: … erid=10981

As always - more to come!

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