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XISMZERO Feb 1, 2017 (edited Feb 1, 2017)

And let the bidding begin!

I rarely see this one up, seemingly does not have stickers and I contend it's one of the rarest Nintendo albums already claiming over $300. I've noticed anything Kirby on CD has become very popular in Japan in the last year or so.

Can it beat Super Mario Land, Hot 3D Rally and/or Wild Trax?

Adam Corn Feb 1, 2017

Xismzero is not the first to post one of these here but can we post these in the Marketplace forum from now on? Thanks smile

Rrolack Feb 1, 2017

3D Hot Rally isn't actually super rare.  It comes up on YJA from time to time, and the last copy sold for 6,000 yen or so (it was in rough shape).

Rrolack Feb 1, 2017

For what it's worth, my guess on the final price is 55,000 yen.

This is an album I'm looking for, and I considered bidding on it.  In the end, I decided not to because of (1) missing stickers and (2) the obi looks a little faded on the spine (the "SRCL blue dot" looks more green than it should).

Rrolack Feb 2, 2017

In the end, the highest bid was 40,000, and that was less than the seller's reserve.  It's now been auto-relisted.

Crash Feb 9, 2017

The last two copies that sold on YJA went for 68,000 and 80,000 yen (though I know the second one was sealed). The last copy I saw on Suruga-ya was priced at 49,000 yen, and lasted less than a week.

I really regret selling my copy of this a few years ago.

Crash Feb 10, 2017

The first 8 tracks are arranged tracks with vocals, with the remaining tracks being original tracks from the NES game. The quality on the arranged tracks is really good, and most of the arrangements are very catchy. They're kind of reminiscent of the vocal tracks that would appear on the Falcom Perfect Collection albums.

It's not my very favorite album, but I like it quite a lot. I was never enamored of the original tracks, but the arrangements are top-notch.

Rrolack Feb 12, 2017

It looks like bidding is now over the seller's reserve, at 45,000 yen.  So it should sell this time.

Crash, thanks for your opinions on  the arranges.  I've never heard them, but hopefully one day I will (if I ever get a copy of this).

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