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Namorbia Jan 17, 2012

Similar threads we're made in 2011 and 2009. I was hoping someone could help in finding out what concerts are held in Japan this year!

I made the original thread back in 2009 (with an old account) and I'm heading towards Japan again this spring & summer. It has been really interesting to follow what concerts have been arranged in Japan, even when I was nowhere near the country. Thanks Carl, Adam Corn & others for your investigative skills!

Namorbia Jan 19, 2012

Feb 21: Rock & Dragon (Beatles, DQ etc) @ Kyoto
Feb 22: Nutcraker + Dragon Quest (Brass Quintet)

Mar 17-18: Fantasy Rock Fes 2012 (Uematsu, Hideki Sakamoto, IMERUAT)
@ Club Citta, Kawasaki (Between Tokyo & Yokohama) … 1324091917

Aug 12: Littlejack Orchestra - 9th regular concert (Final Fantasy?)
This is a fan orchestra doing a  concert every year in Yokohama.
The setlist for this concert seems to be:

Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy I-III Battle Medley
Awakening (FF11)
Liberi Fatali (FF8)
Other plans.

Amazingu Apr 7, 2012

I always use this site, although you'll need to be able to read Japanese:

I keep being surprised by the sheer number of Dragon Quest concerts EVERY YEAR.
Other things of note include:

Persona Music Live 2012 (April 8th, Tokyo, Live band)

Game Music Concert on Piano (June 16th, Aichi)

The Music Mages 5th Stage (October 27th/28th, Tokyo)
Uematsu on electone!

And I'm sure there'll be a Press Start 2012 as well at some point.

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