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Namorbia Jan 27, 2012

Hey all. I would like to discuss and hear thoughts about VGM fan culture in Japan. I mean for example VGM music played live and the people who attend (atmosphere), and also Japanese's taste in VGM. And how the western fan culture differs from the Japanese. Of course one can't generalize, but I'm sure some people here have experienced the VGM fan culture in Japan.

Thomas Böcker told me in an interview that the audience at Tour de Japon (5000 people) started and stopped clapping at exactly the same time (and with a uniform clapping style). They also sat like obedient schoolboys, but did express their excitement, when Battle on the Big Bridge from FF V was announced.

I've only experienced one concert in Japan, the Final Fantasy VI concert by Littlejack Orchestra, which was also very quiet and still during the performance. Or maybe I was just too amazed by the music to notice anything else. Can't remember the clapping at all. Anyway, I guess the Japanese don't express their excitement as much as westerners. That's also what the Earthbound Papas said in some interview at MAGFest.

By the way, are there clubs in Japan, where video game music is played (besides live acts)?

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 28, 2012

In my experience, the super quiet and polite audience is not unique to VGM concerts in Japan.  That seems to be the norm for a lot of performances.  Japanese people tended not to even laugh out loud much at all during movies I saw there.

jb Jan 28, 2012

Unrelated but that's what bothers me about western concerts. Inappropriate clapping is a complete detraction from the music and experience.

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