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Crystal Jan 21, 2006

Since Torino Winter Olympics is coming up, I thought I should share these.

I found some old clips of VGM in sports.
One is the old synch swimming duet routine choreographed to FF8 music.
The other is this really awesome kid skating to Super mario .

Both are worth watching.
It's a total of 100MB. One is MpG, and the other is WMV.

I taped the FF swim myself, and just renamed it to mpg.
Anyone who wishes to further edit the clip (to AVI,etc) is welcome to do so.
This event was a couple months after Athena olympics.
I think this was a Grand Prix or something in Yokohama.
Those newscasters kept jabbering.  The FF stuff kicks in after 2 minutes or so.

I used to be an avid figure skating fan.  not so much anymore. 
I'll be watching Torino's skating events.

But the skater's Super Mario program was awesome.  He's going to Vancouver olympics maybe.
I think he took the super mario 2 music from Estradaphere or something.  I loved when he did the sound effects from the game and stuck his thumbs out.

By the way, love the forums.

SquareTex Jan 21, 2006

How evil of you...I just HAD to download and watch those. wink

Of the two, I like the figure skating one better. That kid is AMAZING. He's got some great talent, and that was a wonderful, fun, and humorous routine he and his coach(es?) put together. GREAT stuff.

Thank you very much, and welcome to STC. smile

POPOBOT5000 Jan 21, 2006 (edited Jan 21, 2006)

Thanks so much for posting these! I'd heard about the FF swimming routine back during the Olympics and wished I hadn't missed it--I love recognizing music out-of-element (I remember hearing the Jurassic Park theme during the Olympics as well).

The Mario skating routine was particularly interesting because the guy is using at least one fan remix. I wonder if Estradasphere was approached for permission to use it, how he/she/they felt about its usage in either case, what Nintendo had to say about it (if anything), etc...

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