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SonicPanda Jan 19, 2006

Don't believe I've seen anyone here bring it up, but I've fiddling with this the last week or so off and on and worked my way up to second place. I'm willing to bet someone here could do better. Throw down!...or something.

Amazingu Jan 20, 2006

Hmmmm. It's a shame I didn't hear about this before, cos some of those songs are expired now.
Not that I actually recognize most of them.

SonicPanda Jan 24, 2006

Amazingu wrote:

Hmmmm. It's a shame I didn't hear about this before, cos some of those songs are expired now.


I just checked and they're all still there. Did you register?

Amazingu Jan 24, 2006 (edited Jan 24, 2006)

Duuuuuh. I don't know what happened there, but you are absolutely right.

It's just that the rules state that each track will "eventually expire", which, apparently, they haven't. Hm.

On a side note: how on earth did you get 177 points!? I'm only at 79, and I thought I knew a lot of VGM sad

Ultrace Jan 24, 2006

Indeed. I only just managed to get to 102. I suspect my lack of knowledge of obscure or Japanese-only games has hurt me. Also, I'm actually not all that familiar with the music of the Secret of Mana/Evermore or Phantasy Star games, of which I'm sure there are a few in there... Now, if I hadn't screwed up and gotten Battle Arena Toshinden and Fighting Vipers mixed up... hmm

SonicPanda Jan 25, 2006

Don't be too impressed, guys. My score is more than half a combination of research and luck.

#42, for instance, was the exact same track from the game in question used in the May'n Event contest some months ago. Missed it then, got it now.

Only knew #81 and #114 because relative have been playing said games very recently. Both on PC, but the latter has actually been released on at least one console, as well.

But yeah, mostly - research, research, research!,, and are responsible for most of those points. I'm sure some of the others here with impossibly large collections could get much higher.

Kaleb.G Feb 2, 2006

I was in the Top 5 for a while, but now I'm hanging in 10th place.  It doesn't help that I've barely played any Sega system titles.

I like how I got 3rd place in the Mayn Event when I found out about it just two days before the deadline, and I have very little experience with fighting game soundtracks. lol

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