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Adam Corn Mar 7, 2018 (edited Jul 9, 2019)

With streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music now mainstays of the music industry, there's a wealth of great video game music to be found there as well. So much that it can be hard to keep track of everything that's out there, which is what this post is about.

I've compiled all the great game music on Spotify I can find on STC's "Game Music Best" playlists. The Game Music Orchestral & Instrumental Best playlist has the largest number of tracks (and listeners), but I encourage everyone to also check out the Chiptune & Game Synth Best and other playlists for great OSTs and impressive official and fan arrangements in all genres.

You can access everything from Soundtrack Central's Spotify profile:

Here's a sample of what's out there.

Western game music

- Most major studio OST releases from Microsoft, Activision, EA and more (Uncharted, The Witcher, Halo, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Dragon Age, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War)
- Several of the major Western-produced arranged albums (Final Symphony & Symphonic Fantasies, Distant Worlds, The Greatest Video Game Music)
- A huge number of indie OSTs (Shovel Knight, Journey, Braid, Ori and the Blind Forest, Shatter, Cuphead, Celeste)
- A similarly large number of fan arrangements, many of which are released as singles instead of albums (the playlists are your friend here)

Japanese game music

- Almost every Final Fantasy series OST from Square Enix (Spotify playlist here)
- Just about every OST and arranged album from Falcom (Ys, Sorcerian, Xanadu, Zanmai, the Falcom Specials, you name it)
- An impressive assortment of Sega OSTs (Nights, Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, OutRun, Rez Infinite)
- Lots of Capcom OSTs (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, more)
- A few dozen SNK OSTs, including Metal Slug and their fighting series
- The Metal Gear Solid OSTs and anniversary collections, and a good dozen Castlevania OSTs from Konami
- Some random surprises (Winter's End: I Am Setsuna, The Last Guardian, Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert)

Unsurprisingly the Japanese game studios have been lagging behind when it comes to streaming music, but with Spotify slowly picking up steam in Japan and Apple Music also released there, I expect several more Japanese publishers to eventually come around.

If everyone could post here with any favorites and noteworthy releases I've missed I'll do my best to update the playlists accordingly. The focus here has been on Spotify as it's what I personally use, but I welcome anyone to chime in on how Apple Music or other streaming music services fare as well.

Wanderer Mar 7, 2018

I've found Spotify to be a very handy resource for all sorts of music, especially classical. But video game soundtracks are definitely catching up, especially western ones. Just wish Square-Enix would jump into the fray.

(Think I'm gonna listen to Oath in Felghana today. Falcom knows what's up.)

Adam Corn Sep 30, 2018

The Spotify Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist is starting to pick up a following. Some of the new additions there since my last post:

- God of War
- Turrican II The Orchestral Album, Turrican Orchestral Selections, Chris Huelsbeck: The Piano Collection (very much enjoying all three of these)
- The Music of League of Legends
- Aragami OST (semi-ambient Japanese instrumentals)
- Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert

FuryofFrog Oct 1, 2018

SNK just recently had a massive dump of content on Spotify. It's nice to see all of that delicious fighting game music more easily accessed.

Moses Nov 28, 2018

The Spotify Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist is awesome! For stuff that's not already there, I think you can add some Lind Erebros like his soundtracks for King's Bounty series, the Game Music album by Angèle Dubeau and some excerpts from Blue Dragon OST like Waterside for Piano and Orchestra.

Adam Corn Jan 2, 2019 (edited Jan 2, 2019)

Nice mention of SNK, FuryofFrog, I'll add them to the top post. I've been enjoying their recent mobile game OST Metal Slug Attack actually (several tracks are in the Chiptune and Game Synth Best playlist). I fully intend to delve into their selection of classic titles from the Neo Geo era onward.

And thanks for the artist and album mentions, Moses (and the compliment!). I'm catching up on all the 2018 releases at the moment but will most definitely give those a listen soon.

On that note, I've added a ton of great 2018 late-year additions to the Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist:
- Detroit: Become Human (the Kara disc specifically)
- RuneScape: The Orchestral Collection
- Moss
- Fallout 76
- Prescription for Sleep: Celeste

And here are some additions to the Game Music Electronic Best playlist:
- Celeste OST (it feels more like modern [albeit retro inspired] electronic than classic game synth to me)
- Beat Saber
- Rez Infinite (2017)

I've also added a few other tracks from Prescription for Sleep: Celeste (the sax ones) and the remastered Prescription for Sleep Vol. 1 to the Game Music Jazz, Funk & Fusion playlist.

Lastly, I'm rounding up ALL the VGM album releases from the year that I can find on Spotify in the Game Music 2018 playlist. If I've missed anything major please let me know!

Moses Feb 13, 2019 (edited Feb 13, 2019)

Adam Corn wrote:

Several Capcom OSTs (every main series Mega Man, Street Fighter II & IV, Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil V & VII)

Recently Capcom Sound Team released many of their soundtracks on Spotify. Most of album and song titles are in Japanese, but judging by album covers there is Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Okami, Breath of Fire and others.

Adam Corn Apr 10, 2019 (edited Apr 10, 2019)

Thanks for the Capcom update, Moses. They have a much larger selection available now than they did before. Too bad no Dragon's Dogma anymore, though. I believe it's because Sumthing Else Music Works, which had licensed the OST in the US, is now defunct. (Among non-Capcom albums that means that the superb Kameo and Viva Pinata OSTs are no longer available either sad )

Quick update on STC's playlist additions while I'm posting:

Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best
- Metal Gear series OSTs & anniversary collection arrangements (new to Spotify - more Konami albums to come?)

Game Music Chiptune and Game Synth Best
- Astro Bot: Rescue Mission OST (love it!)

Game Music Electronic Best
- Crypt of the Necrodancer OST
- Spindash 1-3 (Sonic series fan-arranged electronic albums with a dash of chiptunes)

Game Music Jazz, Funk & Fusion
- A bunch of solid fan-arranged tracks (these genres are where many of the best fan arrangements are at)

Game Music Ambient Best
- New playlist featuring ambient & atmospheric tracks from Fallout '76, Horizon Zero Dawn, and more

Game Music 2019
- New playlist to round up 2019's game music releases on Spotify. Update us here on any major releases I miss!

Adam Corn Jun 6, 2019 (edited Jun 6, 2019)

It finally happened - Square Enix just posted just about every Final Fantasy OST to Spotify and Apple Music.

What's included:
- Final Fantasy I - Final Fantasy XV OSTs
- Direct sequels (FFXIII-2 & Lightning Returns), expansions (for FFXI, FFXIV), and spin-offs (Crisis Core FFVII)
- OST "Plus"s (FFIX, FFXI, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, FFXIII Lightning Returns)
- A few remakes (FFI & FFII PS, FFIII DS, FFXII Zodiac Age)
- Final Fantasy Tactics, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, Dissidia, and other goodies

What's missing (so far):
- FFX-2 & FFX HD Remaster
- FFVII Dirge of Cerberus & Advent Children
- FF Crystal Chronicles

Even with a few omissions, that's a LOT of great Final Fantasy music. As it can be a bit of a chore sorting through all the unofficial fan arrangements and "piano collections" to get to the official OSTs, I've compiled them all together into one Spotify playlist. … JltHa4geuA

Adam Corn Jul 9, 2019

Along with the Metal Gear Solid OSTs and MG anniversary collections, Konami have added a dozen Castlevania OSTs from 1997's Symphony of the Night to 2011's Harmony of Despair. The Castlevania albums are listed with Castlevania Sound Team as the artist.

And thanks for the update about the Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo albums, Moses. Listening to these I'm once again impressed by how good they are. I've added favorites from all four albums to the Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist for anyone who's missed out so far.

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