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Adam Corn Mar 7, 2018

With streaming music now the primary method of listening to music for a large part of the world, there's also now a wealth of great video game music to be found there as well. Even for people like myself who treasure their personal music collections, streaming services like Spotify are a great method of discovery.

Unfortunately it can be hard to keep track of everything that's out there, which is what this post is about.

First things first, the easiest way to find much of the great game music on Spotify is to simply check out STC's "Game Music Best" playlists. The Game Music Orchestral & Instrumental Best playlist has the largest number of tracks (and listeners) by far, but I encourage everyone to also have a look at the other playlists (jazz & fusion, game synth, modern electronic, and rock) for some great OST finds and lots of impressive official and fan arrangements.

All of these can be accessed from Soundtrack Central's Spotify profile page: (via Spotify app) (via Spotify web player)

Here's a sample of what's out there.

Western game music

- Most major studio OST releases from Microsoft, Activision, EA and more (Uncharted, The Witcher, Halo, Kameo, Viva Pinata, Dragon Age, Deus Ex, Horizon Zero Dawn)
- Several of the major Western-produced arranged albums (Final Symphony & Symphonic Fantasies, Distant Worlds, The Greatest Video Game Music)
- A huge number of indie OSTs (Shovel Knight, Journey, Braid, Ori and the Blind Forest, Dust, Shatter, Cuphead)
- A similarly large number of fan arrangements, many of which are released as singles instead of albums (STC's playlists are your friend here)

Japanese game music

- Just about every OST and arranged album from Falcom (Ys, Sorcerian, Xanadu, Zanmai, the Falcom Specials, you name it)
- An impressive assortment of Sega OSTs (Nights, Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, OutRun, Rez Infinite)
- Several Capcom OSTs (every main series Mega Man, Street Fighter II & IV, Dragon's Dogma, Resident Evil V & VII)
- A few random surprises (Winter's End: I Am Setsuna, The Last Guardian, We Are Rockmen)

Unsurprisingly the Japanese game studios have been lagging behind when it comes to streaming music, but with Spotify slowly picking up steam in Japan and Apple Music also released there, I expect several more Japanese publishers to eventually come around.

It's still quite difficult to keep up with all the new releases (to say nothing of old releases that get released for streaming at random intervals), so if everyone could post here with any favorites and noteworthy releases I've missed I'll do my best to update STC's playlists accordingly. The focus here has been on Spotify as it's what I personally use, but I welcome anyone to chime in on how Apple Music or other streaming music services fare as well.

Wanderer Mar 7, 2018

I've found Spotify to be a very handy resource for all sorts of music, especially classical. But video game soundtracks are definitely catching up, especially western ones. Just wish Square-Enix would jump into the fray.

(Think I'm gonna listen to Oath in Felghana today. Falcom knows what's up.)

Adam Corn Sep 30, 2018

The Spotify Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist is starting to pick up a following. Some of the new additions there since my last post:

- God of War
- Turrican II The Orchestral Album, Turrican Orchestral Selections, Chris Huelsbeck: The Piano Collection (very much enjoying all three of these)
- The Music of League of Legends
- Aragami OST (semi-ambient Japanese instrumentals)
- Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert

FuryofFrog Oct 1, 2018

SNK just recently had a massive dump of content on Spotify. It's nice to see all of that delicious fighting game music more easily accessed.

Moses Nov 28, 2018

The Spotify Game Music Orchestral and Instrumental Best playlist is awesome! For stuff that's not already there, I think you can add some Lind Erebros like his soundtracks for King's Bounty series, the Game Music album by Angèle Dubeau and some excerpts from Blue Dragon OST like Waterside for Piano and Orchestra.

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