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Magical Penguin Jan 10, 2008 (edited Jan 10, 2008)

Basically, I'm looking into most of the out of print/obscure Sonic [the Hedgehog] soundtracks that have come out over the years I've been collecting RPG/Strategy-related soundtracks. I'm both willing to buy the soundtracks or trade for them, assuming you're interested in RPG/Strategy-related soundtracks. As for what I have to trade, I've covered most RPG/Strategy series, some harder-to-find soundtracks and a lot of reprints as well. Since there are less Sonic soundtracks than what I have currently in my collection, I am willing to take the short end of the stick on most trades.

I don't think many people are interested in straight-up trades, though, so I'll just throw out a FEW series I have soundtracks to instead of listing everything:
Phantasy Star
Summon Night
Parasite Eve
Fire Emblem

Thanks for your time 'n consideration.

Er, you can contact me here or through a personal message, which I think is possible through this site.

Bernhardt Jan 11, 2008

Well, if you're interested in more recent Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks, I have:

$17 Shadow the Hedgehog  (WM-0518) PHOTO

$17 Sonic Riders  (WM-0525) PHOTO  ... SAMPLES

E-mail me at

if you're interested.

avatar! Jan 11, 2008

I have some older ones, if you're interested drop me an email.



Magical Penguin Jan 11, 2008

Bernhardt, I'll get back to you on the Sonic Riders one since I don't remember seeing that one as much as some of the other soundtracks like the Shadow the Hedgehog, so I may buy that one off of you.

Avatar, I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly.


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